10 Best Online Singing Classes, Courses & Music Lessons in 2021

In recent times, and with the popularity of the use of the internet, singers go online in search of the best online singing classes. In addition, to help improve their singing skills at a low cost and at their comfort zone. Freetutorialonline has decided to put up the 10 best online singing classes on Udemy.

Udemy is not only an excellent platform for educational purposes but also offers a variety of other courses and programs geared towards personal interest.

This list of best online singing classes is designed to help people expand their personal interests or follow their passion.

Udemy understands that singing, like other musical practices, includes several different genres and techniques. Therefore, each course offered on this list focuses on various aspects of singing.

Are the online singing classes on Udemy worth it?

If you are serious about improving your singing skills, attending singing courses is a valuable option for you. However, not all singing courses on Udemy are created equal. …

No matter if you are starting from scratch or already have a background in music and singing, online music or singing courses from Udemy are your ticket to success.

Also, the courses are taught by professionals in which you can draw experiences. So with that being said, the courses are worth it.

Also, for those who may be skeptical about the impact of Udemy singing courses on a supposed bad singer.

Certainly, anyone who can speak can learn to use a voice to sing, but not everyone will have a voice that sounds fabulous.

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Once the vocal instrument works, the ability to sing with good intonation depends on musical talent and performance. Most noteworthy, musical classes are an option regardless of age.

You can as well read my review on Udemy and it’s certification value.

Moreover, in this listing of the 10 best online singing classes on udemy, we will start from top down.

The 10 Best Online Singing Classes, Courses & Music Lessons in 2021

This list is basically for online singing classes on Udemy alone. We decided to make the list only courses from Udemy’s platform

But not to worry, this list makes up almost the overall best list of online singing classes you can find on any blog.

#1. BECOME A GREAT SINGER: Your Complete Vocal Training System

10 best online singing courses in 2020|Udemy

This singing course happens to be Udemy’s best-selling singing course to date. It also has high in-depth classes with a total of 23 hrs of learning and practicing. That allows the course to touch every aspect of singing, starting from scratch.

“I am a professional opera singer and I have found some exciting new insights in this course. Robert’s courageous foray into the realms of what we opera singers would consider being “extreme singing” ( similar to “extreme sports”) has given me new lenses through which to view vocal technique.” Belinda Metlitzky Silbert

“Hands Down- THE best vocal training ever…I can’t say enough about how well Robert Lunte explains and demonstrates the techniques and the theory behind the art of singing.” – Michael Rendon 

Benefits of this course

  • The MOST Successful Singing Course on Udemy.
  • Extend Your Vocal Range.
  • Learn How To Hit The High Notes! Guaranteed.
  • Learn Vocal Distortion & Vocal Rasp Techniques.

course rating – 4.2 (4,160 ratings) 45,104 students enrolled

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#2. How To Sing #1: Complete Vocal Warm-ups & Voice Physiology

10 best online singing courses in 2020|Udemy

Do you struggle with finding the time to learn how to sing, or maybe you can’t afford the cost of weekly lessons?

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced singer – this course can be your complete vocal system to help you be the best singer you can be. This is also a great course for church singers, church choirs, vocal groups.

First of all, all praise to God for bringing me to this course and for Roma herself! I wanted to improve my voice for my worship group and I found this course. Just 4 days into this daily warm-up and already I managed to hit the note that I have NEVER been able to hit. I am soooo ecstatically excited and happy with this. I still couldn’t believe it myself. I would really, really RECOMMEND all her classes if you’re looking into improving your voice. THANK YOU, Roma! God bless! Cindy Jane 

Benefits of this course

  • Understand voice physiology;
  • Learn the benefits of correct posture, breathing, and resonance
  • Understand breathing anatomy used for singing;
  • Increase vocal range without force or pressure whilst improving strength and tone;

Course rating – 4.5 (2,452 ratings) 20,283 students enrolled

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#3. Elite Singing Techniques – Phase I

10 best online singing courses in 2020|Udemy

Would you like to eliminate every struggle that you are faced with when singing?

This course is your “Professional Training” for singing. It is the most direct and to the point complete online singing course. The more you practice the better you will get. With the Right Practice style, you will be able to witness fast results!

Eric’s teachings are different than all of the other online teachers. He has made it super easy to be successful at singing. All you have to do is follow the videos in order and put together some good practice habits.

Benefits of this course

  • Free your voice & remove excess vocal weight
  • Eliminate strain and release into the upper range
  • Get rid of hoarseness, soreness, & vocal fatigue

Course rating – 4.7 (2,437 ratings) 9,293 students enrolled

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#4. SINGING SIMPLIFIED #1: The Fast-Track to Singing Like a Pro

10 best online singing courses in 2020|Udemy

SINGING SIMPLIFIED will get you on your way to becoming an excellent singer… faster than you thought possible! Believe it or not, you already have the “built-in” ability to be a great singer. You were born with a natural vocal range and I’m going to help you to tap into it – quickly and easily while having FUN of course!  We’ll combine the technique and everyday emotive sounds in your vocal training to help you understand that singing isn’t as difficult or scary as you thought it was. 

Also, we’re going to train your brain as well.  Your mindset and your emotions are so very important when it comes to singing.  You’ll learn how to let stress and fear fall to the wayside, and focus on the emotion of the song.

I love the course so far! As someone who struggles with following the instructions, I enjoy the way Steve very clearly explains everything, especially the exercises. 🙂 Personalised assessment was a nice surprise – I loved the feedback that I received. Lots of useful tips.Irina Zagorskaja 

Benefits of this course

  • You’ll be able to sing with much more control, confidence, consistency, and a better overall tone.
  • You’ll be able to sing much higher than you did before this course – with MUCH less strain.
  • You’ll be able to sing with much better technique – saving your voice from future damage.
  • You’ll be able to sing with MORE EMOTION.

Course rating – 4.7 (1,898 ratings) 15,376 students enrolled

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#5. How To Sing #2: Increase Vocal Range & Blend Registers

10 best online singing courses in 2020|Udemy

If you want to:

  • Sing higher, louder and stronger without vocal fatigue or difficult exercises;
  • Understand the most common singing terms and become a well-educated vocalist;
  • Ask questions and if the answer has not already be provided I will add a video to the course;
  • Download scales for you to use, in your vocal range…

Then this is the most important online course you’ll ever purchase! 

How To Sing #2: Increase Vocal Range & Blend Registers: Vocal workouts to get you singing higher, louder & stronger will help you increase your vocal range and find your own vocal range. How To Sing #2: Increase Vocal Range & Blend Registers is for every singer who wants to sing higher (or lower) with more flexibility,  but can’t find the right exercises. 

“I really enjoyed this course, Roma is so engaging, funny, positive and very easy to watch. I love all the valuable information, tips, and tricks for singers like myself. We never stop learning so I would recommend this to everyone who wants to further their knowledge in singing.”- Corrine

Benefits of this course

  • Increase Vocal Range
  • Blend Vocal Registers
  • Improve Voice Flexibility
  • Perform ‘Placement Imagery’ Exercises to improve voice quality

Course rating – 4.5 (531 ratings) 9,021 students enrolled

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#6. Phase 2 – Becoming A Natural Singer

10 best online singing courses in 2020|Udemy

You’ve mastered the techniques in Phase 1, and you’ve decided that you want to be more than just a “good” singer. You want the advanced skills necessary to be downright impressive – a dynamic voice that feels truly effortless. In Phase 2 “Becoming A Natural Singer”, you will discover a whole new dimension of vocal freedom!

Fact: Your body is designed to sing. The idea that amazing voices are reserved only for a chosen few has no scientific basis whatsoever. What I’ve discovered through years of research and experience is that most struggling vocalists (and even many “trained” singers) suffer from one major problem – a collapsed throat; this places excess pressure on the vocal folds, making the voice feel heavier that it really is. Sadly, I meet vocalists every day who have never had the incredible experience of singing with a truly released throat.

Benefits of this course

  • Discover how to make your singing feel effortless
  • Eliminate throat tension for good
  • Strengthen your diaphragm with an ancient breathing secret
  • Develop advanced vocal control

Course rating – 4.8 (434 ratings) 1,940 students enrolled

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#7. Vocal Warmups for Great Technique

10 best online singing courses in 2020|Udemy

Have you ever wondered what professional singers do to improve their vocal range, and how they learn to sing with consistent power and confidence? Do you struggle with the “break” in your voice, or experience tension in the throat while singing? Are you looking for a simple step-by-step set of warm-up exercises that will help to strengthen and free your voice and develop a solid vocal technique?

This course features a series of simple basic warmups for the singing voice, explained in detail by voice teacher and professional singer Robert Lischetti.

The warmups also serve as exercises to strengthen the voice and encourage the development of a solid and healthy vocal technique over time.

The information contained in these instructional videos is drawn from common sense knowledge of the basic fundamentals of good singing.

Robert Lischetti is an inspiring singer, and as a teacher, he demonstrates a rare and unique ability to show his students how to achieve their full vocal potential, regardless of their singing style, age, or previous experience. His patience and attention to detail are truly amazing.” – Virginia Hale

Benefits of this course

  • Learn an effective warmup technique that you can use daily to continuously improve the strength and performance of your singing voice
  • Eliminate vocal strain and increase your range
  • Sing through your break and more effectively connect your head voice with your chest voice
  • Sing with confidence

Course rating – 4.8 (385 ratings) 3,368 students enrolled

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#8. Extreme Singing: Grit & Screaming

10 best online singing courses in 2020|Udemy

Robert Lunte and Draven Grey have produced an intensive vocal distortion training system that not only shows you what to do but explains why and how with scientific and practical application.

This proven vocal distortion methodology was offered to private students only, but after raving testimonials and real success from students, Draven has finally decided to team up with Robert to release his method of building great vocal distortion here on Udemy to help even more vocalists like you achieve spectacular results without pain, grinding, or hurting yourself.

“Draven is an absolutely amazing coach! He has fixed my scream and opened up my singing range to a level I never could have imagined. If you are looking for a great vocal coach with outstanding knowledge of the craft and industry look no further.” –Tim G., Rozu

Benefits of this course

  • Use grit, rasp, and screams without hurting yourself
  • Add powerful screams to your singing toolbox
  • Add distortion, grit, and rasp to your singing without grinding your throat
  • Scream without pain or strain

Course rating – 4.5 (297 ratings) 2,443 students enrolled

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#9. Throat singing | Find your voice of Nature

10 best online singing courses in 2020|Udemy

In this master class I will explain to you how to learn throat singing. Practical exercises will help you learn the main styles of throat singing like Karrgyraa, Khoomei and Sygyt in a short time. You also get a special materials for your home learning and 24/7 support from your teacher.

“I took this course one year ago and since then I’ve been practicing daily. I’ve experienced the power that comes from the spirit world when I use them to meditate, and now I believe they have the key to bring spiritual energy quickly to fill our bodies promoting healing and the relaxation of our nervous system. Now I also share this knowledge with others in my community.” – Carlos Andres Perez

Benefits of this course

  • The student will be able to sing the main styles of throat singing
  • Student will be able to sing two notes at the same time (overtone singing)
  • You will learn how to sing in healing and relaxing frequencies
  • You can also choose the option online master class + 3 Skype (FaceTime) lessons with the teacher

Course rating – 4.6 (274 ratings) 1,249 students enrolled

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#10. Become a Better Singer: Lessons & Exercises for All Levels

10 best online singing courses in 2020|Udemy

Whether you are a trained singer looking to add new depth and freedom to your voice, or whether you are an inexperienced singer who’s looking for a total vocal makeover, this course is guaranteed to help you learn how to improve your singing voice. 

Step 1: Identify and learn about the most common mistakes vocalists make.

Step 2: Use our original exercises to replace your old technique with new healthy singing habits. 

That’s it!

This course will apply to those who want to sing with a classical tone, pop/rock/jazz stylings, or any kind of vocal style you wish. The same underlying principles are at work in all styles of singing.

Singing isn’t a talent you’re born with, it’s a skill you can learn, and here’s why: because every single day those with “natural talent” get surpassed by singers who work hard.

“This is the program that I really needed since I don’t know if I can sing and really just wanted to improve my singing voice in a decent way, and this program provides a lot of exercises to follow and practice.” – Wilfredo Monisit

Benefits of this course

  • Control vocal pitch more accurately.
  • Reach higher notes with more freedom.
  • Sing for longer periods of time without fatigue.
  • Sing with clearer, more even tone.

Course rating – 4.4 (242 ratings) 6,119 students enrolled


To conclude in this 10 best online singing classes on Udemy, these courses can make you a world class singer.

Definitely, this list has all the criteria you have been searching for in learning how to sing or to improve your skills in singing. Overtime, online singing courses have proving to make you better as a singer if you can do all the tasks.

Certainly, each course here will surely be of great impact in your singing career. Lastly, Udemy singing classes are really worth it.

Also, Udemy has the most courses on singing and voice training online.

Now, how do you intend going on your singing career after now? Please share with us. Or any concern, we’ll be glad to guide you as well.


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