10+ Best Selling Courses On Udemy in 2021 free Download [Updated]

Welcome to this compiled and comprehensive list of the 10 best selling courses on Udemy in 2021. We decided to put up these courses here to enable you to know the popular and most downloaded courses on Udemy.

Probably you might want to know these courses for an easy pick. Also to know the Udemy courses that are on high demand especially for job seekers.

These courses also have a link for the free download as well. So I will be listing them from the top to the last sequentially.

Are these Udemy courses worth taking?

Yes, I said it because Udemy is offering a lot for a cheap pay-per-course here, compared to other E-learning platforms. Certainly, in Udemy you are sure to get your desired course as low as $11 or even cheaper. Moreover, I have seen a course of about $5.

However, Udemy can decide to put some courses for free access for a limited time. But these free courses are usually basic courses. Then you can migrate to the advanced with the paid course. Then, you have gotten the fundamentals of that particular course.

Also, one of the benefits of taking Udemy courses is that you get to have a conversation with the instructor for questioning.

Interestingly, the instructors offer you a money-back when you feel the course didn’t meet your expectation. Probably, they never addressed your case.

Most noteworthy, in the Free Tutorial Online list of 10 best selling courses on Udemy in 2021, we provided you a free download to all the courses here.

Lets go!

16 Best Selling Courses On Udemy in 2021 [free Download]

#1. Python

10 Best Selling Courses On Udemy 2020| Free Download

On the first list of the best selling courses on Udemy is PYTHON. This course covers basic and advanced topics in python + GUI programming, as this course is a MEGA course. So it starts from scratch explaining the python programming language.

Though at a slow pace to benefit students who have just started programming. And also, move on to advanced topics like Object-Oriented Programming in Python. And also high-paced python GUI programming for better understanding.

First, this course, complete python programming language has all the basics steps and we also stated here the step by step procedure on how to start. Python programming language is actually a course most people are into and would want to know and grab every possible knowledge. That is why it is ontop of the best selling courses on udemy.

Benefits of learning Python

  • Learning Python in detail (Basics + Advanced + Tkinter)
  •  Object-oriented programming: layer and thing, inheritance, polymorphism, abstraction, and packaging
  •  Loops (for a period), conditional (if-else), numbers and strings, lists, functions, group
  •  GUI programming using Tkinter (Menu, Widgets, Ttk Module and more)
  •  A detailed explanation of Tic Tac Toe from coding to a graphical user interface

Start a full school now by downloading it here free

#2. Microsoft Excel

10 Best Selling Courses On Udemy 2020| Free Download

On the second list of the 10 best selling courses on Udemy is MS EXCEL. Do you think you know Microsoft Excel too well? The Latest Microsoft Excel Tutorial free for Beginners and Advanced will tell you that you need more work to be a Ms. Excel Pro. Let me introduce you to a Free Microsoft Tutorial that will help you become a Professional.

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet program. This means that it is used to create text grids, numbers, and also formulas by specifying calculations. This is extremely useful for many companies who use it to record expenses and income, plan budgets, collect card data and also briefly report financial results.

Sign up now to switch from Excel beginner to advanced user. This course guides you through a thorough understanding of the most popular Excel processing tools on the market and also gives you an edge over others in the industry. Microsoft Excel for beginners will help you in your quest to master Microsoft Excel.

Meanwhile, the instructor has more than 15 years of Microsoft Office training to guide you step by step in developing your knowledge of Microsoft Excel. Even if you are an experienced Excel user, you will be surprised at the techniques and tools you can use to make Excel more productive and efficient.

Benefits of Microsoft Excel course

  • Master Microsoft Excel from beginner to advanced
  • Build a solid understanding of the basics of Microsoft Excel
  • Learn about the most common Excel functions in Office
  • Take advantage of the power of Microsoft Excel by automating your daily tasks using macros and VBA
  • Keep large Excel records in a list or table
  • Create dynamic reports by mastering one of the most popular tools, PivotTables
  • Wow, your boss, unlock dynamic formulas with IF, VLOOKUP, INDEX, MATCH and more.
  • Access to a professional instructor with over 10 years of Excel training

Start a full school now by downloading it here free

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#3. Data Science

10 Best Selling Courses On Udemy 2020| Free Download

On the third list of the best selling courses on Udemy is Data Science. Data science course will equip you in some courses like Mathematics, Statistics, Python, Advanced Statistics in Python, Machine and also Deep Learning.

In this tutorial, we will explain the benefits of the free data science course, the requirements and also who this course is meant for. Take your time and read through, believe me, you won’t regret it.

Data science is one of the most suitable professions to succeed in our world today. This course is digital, programming oriented and also analytical. It is therefore not surprising that the need for data scientists in the labor market has increased.

Benefit Of Data Science

  • The course offers all the toolbox you need to become a data scientist.
  • Fill your curriculum with the data science skills you need
  • Impress interviewers by showing an understanding of the field of data science
  • Learn how to preprocess data
  • Understand the math behind machine learning (an absolute necessity that other courses don’t teach!)
  • Start coding in Python and learn how to use it for statistical analysis.
  • Perform linear and logistic regressions in Python
  • Perform cluster and factor analysis
  • You can create machine learning algorithms with NumPy, statistical models, and Scikit-Learn in Python.
  • Apply your skills to real business cases
  • Use state-of-the-art deep learning frameworks like Google’s TensorFlow.
  • Develop business insight while coding and solving big data tasks
  • Unleash the power of deep neural networks
  • Warm your fingers to apply what you have learned here to increase real situations

Start a full school now by downloading it here free

#4. Web development

10 Best Selling Courses On Udemy 2020| Free Download

On the fourth list of the 10 best selling courses on Udemy is Web development. If you wish to advance from a beginner to a professional in web development, then this is for you. Relax and go through this post till the end and you will not regret the time spent here.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to advance from a beginner to professional in web development, and also learn all the technical skills Senior Web Developers know in 2020.

Benefits Of Web development course

  • You will learn skills that you can use to apply for jobs in the following roles: web developer, software developer, front-end developer, Javascript developer, or full-stack developer
  • Add a fully functional image recognition application to your portfolio that will delight any employer.
  • You will no longer feel like a junior developer
  • Managing Technical Projects as a Senior Developer
  • Learn about the technologies that will be used behind the largest technology companies in 2018.
  • Master advanced and modern web development basics
  • Use React and Redux to create large and complex applications.
  • Improve the performance of any web application (code sharing, load balancing, caching, code optimization, and more)
  • Use SSH on a remote Linux server and generate SSH keys
  • Use Webpack 4 and Parcel to set up a project and group your files.

Start a full school now by downloading it here free

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#5. JavaScript

10 Best Selling Courses On Udemy 2020| Free Download

On the fifth list of the 10 best selling courses on Udemy is JavaScript. We have a HD java tutorial video for you here that will show you everything you need to get started with JavaScript, a popular programming language used to make websites interactive.

During this course, your instructor will introduce you to running basic JavaScript programs. You learn the basics of the language (syntax, strings, data types) and understand the use of loops and conditional statements as well as working with arrays. This course also explains how to use various functions, including scope, callback, callback, and anonymous functions.

This tutorial also explains the meaning of JavaScript objects and the properties associated with them. You will also learn details about the Document Object Model (DOM), a programming interface that can be accessed via JavaScript.

By the end of this course, you will be sure you have the basics necessary for effective JavaScript programming.

Benefits of JavaScript course

  • Run basic JavaScript programs
  • Use primitive data types
  • Basic program syntax including strings, operators, and numbers
  • Using conditional statements and loops
  • Arrays, multidimensional arrays, array methods, traversing arrays
  • Functions, area functions, automatic and anonymous calling functions, callback functions, functions that return functions
  • Work with objects
  • The module standard
  • Document Object Model
  • Event handlers and event listeners

Start a full school now by downloading it here free

#6. Machine learning

10 Best Selling Courses On Udemy 2020| Free Download

On the sixth list of the 10 best selling courses on Udemy is Machine learning. Do you wish to build models for historical data? Or you wish to forecast future events with an acceptable level of reliability? Do you wish to learn predictive analytics? Then this machine learning tutorial is here for you.

The history of data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence is a long one, but it is only recently that technology companies – startups and technology giants around the world – have been excited about machine learning.

Why? Because it works now. With the advent of cloud computing and multi-core machines, we have enough computing power to process large amounts of data and eliminate hidden patterns in these mountains of data. this machine learning tutorial will give you an edge over others.

The technology of machine learning or machines comes in handy when handling big data because most companies today, deal and accumulate big data- this is where machine learning algorithms come into the picture.

These machine learning algorithms use all the collected “past” data to learn patterns and also predict results or insights that help us make better decisions backed by actual analysis.

The answer is a new cloud service from Microsoft called Azure Machine Learning.

Azure Machine Learning is a cloud-based data science and machine learning tutorial or service that is easy to use and, like other Azure cloud services, is robust and scalable.

It also provides visual and collaborative tools to create a ready-to-use predictive model for web services without having to worry about the hardware or VMs that do the calculations.

Benefits of machine learning course

  • Learn more about Azure Machine Learning
  • know about various machine learning algorithms supported by Azure Machine Learning
  • how to create and run a machine learning experiment with real data sets
  • understand how to use classified machine learning algorithms
  • knowledge on how to use machine regression learning algorithms
  • Learn how to integrate the Azure ML machine learning API into a web application

Start a full school now by downloading it here free

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#7. Ethical hacking

10 Best Selling Courses On Udemy 2020| Free Download

On the seventh list of the 10 best selling courses on Udemy is Ethical hacking. I know you have been searching for where to get a full tutorial on ethical hacking. Search no more because, in this tutorial, we are going to teach you all you need to know on ethical hacking.

Therefore, if you would like to learn ethical hacking this year, you will certainly love this tutorial. First of all, we will be covering the following;

  • How to set up a Kali Linux system
  • Essential Linux system commands
  • How to create a secure penetration testing environment
  • Footprinting
  • Scanning
  • Website penetration testing
  • WPA2 wireless network cracking
  • Man in the middle attacks
  • System hacking
  • Python programming fundamentals
  • Writing our own pen-testing tools (reverse shell, keylogger and bruteforcer)
  • Tips for building a career in cybersecurity

Also, this tutorial is designed for beginners, so there is no need for ethical hacking knowledge about hacking or programming. Secondly, English subtitles are available and all lectures can be downloaded for offline viewing. It also, Support 1 to 1 for the tutorials can be found in the discussion forum.

Certainly, in this ethical hacking tutorial, we offer you the best among what is on the internet. Thanks for the interest you showed in this ethical hacking tutorial, see you as you get the full tutorial.

Benefits of Ethical hacking course

  • Linux Commands
  • Kali Linux
  • Creating a Secure Environment
  • Footprinting
  • Scanning
  • Website Penetration Testing
  • Wireless Cracking
  • Man in the Middle Attacks
  • System Hacking
  • Python Programming Fundamentals
  • Coding Custom Pentesting Tools
  • Tips for Building a Career in Cyber Security

Start a full school now by downloading it here free

#8. Java

10 Best Selling Courses On Udemy 2020| Free Download

On the eighth list of the 10 best selling courses on Udemy is Java.

Do you wish to know more about java programming using Intellij? Are you a beginner and you want to improve in java? If you answered yes to those questions then your wait is over, free java tutorial will take you from beginner to advanced in coding.

In this free java tutorial, you will be shown step by step and also a practical example of how to code with Intellij. It will help you get started as a java programmer from scratch (Java for beginners).

Are you looking to become an android developer? You need java programming and free java tutorial comes in handy here.

In this free java tutorial, we have 20 benefits that will give you an edge over others and also each and every step/concept is clearly and accurately explained in just about an understandable manner.

If you are a beginner in java, relax don’t panic, after taking this course, you will be able to code from scratch. Enroll now and move from beginner to expert in java.

You can check out other posts related to this free java tutorial HERE

Benefits of the Java course

  • Write Java programs with confidence
  • Installation + configuration of Java and Intellij Idea
  • Learn and write object-oriented programs with Java
  • Understand what Java is and how it works
  • Learn what variables are and how to use them
  • Understand the different types of data in Java and how to use them effectively
  • know the different types of operators in Java and how to use them
  • You will understand how to use different types of conditional statements in Java
  • Use different types of Java loop instructions
  • Learn what the methods are in Java and how to use them
  • Learn several object-oriented concepts in Java
  • Understand more about abstraction, polymorphism in Java

Start a full school now by downloading it here free

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#9. React

10 Best Selling Courses On Udemy 2020| Free Download

On the ninth list of the best selling courses on Udemy is Rect. With the vast growth and importance of interactive UIs, React has taken over the affairs of building strong user interfaces, and also websites and apps.

Since JavaScript is one of the most popular languages for websites and applications, it is not surprising that many people try to create libraries and structures to increase their reach. And React tutorial for beginners is one of the most popular programs you can use to create custom HTML elements that allow you to develop powerful applications in a short time.

React tutorial for beginners has been designed to help you breakdown difficult concepts, making it a lot simpler to understand even by the beginners who are just entering the development sector.

This react tutorial has so many topics that are related to React such as JSX, looping, ES, Bug Fixing, States, Props, libraries, Actions, Redux, and so much more.

Your wait is over, enroll now for you to start a full school on React tutorial for beginners.

Benefits of React course

  • You will get to know the main concepts of React JS
  • Understand the concept of JSX, event loop and data processing
  • Learn more about Redux
  • Create a complete application from scratch
  • Learn how to program professional developers.

Start a full school now by downloading it here free

#10. Drawing

10 Best Selling Courses On Udemy 2020| Free Download

On the tenth and last on the list of the 10 best selling courses on Udemy is Drawing. The Ultimate Drawing tutorial will show you how to create advanced art that will stand out as professional work. This tutorial will enhance or provide your skills in the design world.

The tutorial is your way to obtain drawing skills as you always knew you should have! Whether for your own projects or to draw for others.

Ultimate drawing tutorial will help you have little knowledge in drawing, create advanced art and have a deep understanding of the fundamentals of drawing. Meanwhile, in this tutorial, you will create more than 50 different projects that will take you from beginner to expert!

The ultimate drawing tutorial is designed so that you can quickly draw in many different styles step by step. You will also be equipped with the knowledge to create impressive drawings and illustrations.

You’ll certainly get access to the 11 sections of the tutorial that will teach you the fundamentals of drawing from the ground up. It also supported with over 11 hours of clear content that will walk you through each step of the way.

Benefits of Drawing course

  • Draw objects out of your head
  • Understand the basics of art
  • Draw drawings in perspective
  • Draw the face and the human figure.
  • How to draw an eye
  • Line fundamentals
  • Shape and form fundamental
  • How to use value and contrast
  • Space and perspective
  • Still life drawing
  • Creating texture
  • Drawing animation styled art

Start a full school now by downloading it here free

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#11. Digital Marketing Course

VIP Digital Marketing Master Course: 31 Courses In 1

Of course, you can learn Instagram Marketing, Facebook, SEO, Google Ads, Youtube, E-Mail & Mailchimp, WordPress and much more in this VIP master course for digital marketing.

The VIP Digital Marketing Master course is a complete package for people who want to learn digital marketing. And also, earn money selling their own product or working as a freelancer for other companies. Creating their own social media marketing agency as well.

  1. Facebook Advanced advertising:
  2. Get Clients:
  3. Email marketing
  4. Google Ads
  5. SEO (search engine optimization)
  6. Google analytics.

#12. Modern React with Redux [2021 Update]

Thousands of other engineers have learned React and Redux, and you can too.  This course uses a time-tested, battle-proven method to make sure you understand exactly how React and Redux work, and will get you a new job working as a software engineer or help you build that app you’ve always been dreaming about.

The difference between this course and all the others: you will understand the design patterns used by top companies to build massively popular web apps.

React is the most popular Javascript library of the last five years, and the job market is still hotter than ever.  Companies large and small can’t hire engineers who understand React and Redux fast enough, and salaries for engineers are at an all-time high.  It’s a great time to learn React!

Benefits of this course

  • Master the fundamental features of React, including JSX, state, and props
  • From square one, understand how to build reusable components
  • Dive into the source code of Redux to understand how it works behind the scenes
  • Test your knowledge and hone your skills with numerous coding exercises
  • Integrate React with advanced browser features, even geolocation API’s!
  • Use popular styling libraries to build beautiful apps
  • Master different techniques of deployment so you can show off the apps you build!
  • See different methods of building UI’s through the composition of components

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#13. Data Analysis

1. Learning Python for Data Analysis and Visualization

This course gives you the resources to learn Python and effectively analyze and visualize data! Start your career in data science!

Also, you will gain a thorough understanding of programming with Python and how to use it. In conjunction with scientific computing modules and libraries to analyze data.

You also get lifetime access to over 100 Python codebooks, new and updated videos, and future additions from various data analysis projects that you can use for a portfolio to show future employers!

Benefits of this course

  • Have an understanding of how to program in Python. 
  • Know how to create and manipulate arrays using NumPy and Python. 
  • Know how to use pandas to create and analyze data sets. 
  • Know how to use Matplotlib and seaborn libraries to create beautiful data visualization. 
  • Have an amazing portfolio of example python data analysis projects! 
  • Have an understanding of Machine Learning and SciKit Learn!
  • With 100+ lectures and over 20 hours of information and more than 100 example python code notebooks, you will be excellently prepared for a future in data science! 

2. Data Analysis with Pandas and Python

Welcome to the most comprehensive Pandas course available on Udemy! An excellent choice for both beginners and experts looking to expand their knowledge on one of the most popular Python libraries in the world!

Data Analysis with Pandas and Python offers 19+ hours of in-depth video tutorials on the most powerful data analysis toolkit available today.

Moreover, Data analysis with Pandas and Python introduces you to the popular Pandas library, which is based on the Python programming language.

Pandas is a powerful tool that lets you do anything with colossal data sets: analysis, organization, classification, filtering, pivot, aggregation, munging, cleanup, calculation, and more.

Benefits of this course

  • Perform a multitude of data operations in Python’s popular “pandas” library including grouping, pivoting, joining, and more!
  • Learn hundreds of methods and attributes across numerous pandas objects
  • Possess a strong understanding of manipulating 1D, 2D, and 3D data sets
  • Resolve common issues in broken or incomplete data sets

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#14. Complete C# Unity Developer 2D: Learn to Code Making Games

This course started as a runaway hit on Kickstarter and became the most popular and popular Unity game development course ever seen on Udemy. The course has full English subtitles everywhere.

Eventually, you will Learn how to create video games with Unity, the world’s leading free game development tool.

We started off super easy, so you don’t need any previous knowledge of Unity or coding. With our online tutorials, you will be amazed at what you can achieve from the first moment when the course starts.

Benefits of this course

  • Learn C#, a powerful modern language, from scratch. No prior programming experience is necessary.
  • Become excellent at using the Unity game engine.
  • Build a solid foundation for game design and game development that will help you build your own games.
  • Learn how object-oriented programming works in practice.

#15. Complete C# Developer Course|Learn C# And Object-Oriented Programming

Do you wish to learn the fundamentals of programming using C# 7? Master the object-oriented programming (OOP)? Learn how to create variables and convert their data types in different ways? Don’t worry this Complete C# Developer course will answer all these questions for you.

This is a collection of many courses put together to help you learn C# and use it efficiently. And also, this Complete C# Developer course is a comprehensive course on C# online today because it will teach you almost everything about C# language.

It starts with zero programming experience and ends with object-oriented programming until you get to the advanced C # concepts and topics.

In addition, it will help you learn programming languages other than C# later. Knowing that the course covers almost all programming concepts and, of course, C# implementation.

Benefits of this course

  • Learn the basics of programming with C# 7.
  • Master Object-Oriented Programming (OOP).
  • Learn how to create variables and convert your data types in different ways.
  • Use of DateTime and TimeSpan.
  • Includes loops (For, Foreach, While, and more).
  • How to edit strings (replace, delete, insert, substring, etc.).

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#16. Adobe Photoshop CC Tutorial – Full Guide

If you have been looking for a tutorial on the Latest Adobe Photoshop CC then you are at the right place. This Photoshop Tutorial is for Beginners to Advanced.

It doesn’t matter if you have no experience at all, this course was designed to teach you Photoshop in the most effective means necessary.

Adobe Photoshop CC is useful for many careers, industries, and hobbies. It doesn’t matter whether it is photography, graphic design, web design, social media, user interface design, advertising, painting, printing, or video/animation. This course covers tools that can be used in any niche.

Each section describes the features or tools shown so you can use them yourself.

Benefits of this course

  • You will have expert level knowledge of Adobe Photoshop CC in this course, whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or have no previous knowledge of Photoshop.
  • Also, will create a real-world project to give you a general understanding of Photoshop and the different functions that you can do with it.
  • You will also be given a major overview of all of Photoshop’s tools, filters, features, and workspace so that you can quickly begin working on your next project.


This list of best selling courses on Udemy will help you navigate through making a choice and to know the top-rated courses on Udemy to learn. Although these courses on Udemy demands money.

But here, you are getting it free because it has been paid for. These best selling courses on Udemy shows that over 70% of it is basically on web development.

Lastly, after you have taken one of the best selling courses on Udemy we listed above, you are sure of job opportunities. Because persons who learn them are in high demand now with the influx of web development, app development, art, and data collection.

What will be your reason not to take any of the courses we listed above? We want to know and see how we can help.

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