17 Best Selling Web Development Courses on Udemy 2022

Hello and welcome to this comprehensive and updated content on the 17 best-selling web development courses on Udemy 2022 currently trending online today 2022 that will give you an easy and also stress-free pick.

Have you been searching for the best web development courses on udemy online? Search no more because we have compiled here 17 best-selling courses on udemy for you to pick easily.

These 17 best selling web development courses will be listed here and also they will have their various purchase links for easy access for you to buy and independently learn and become an expert in web development.

Here is a list of the 17 best selling web development courses on Udemy 2022.

1. Python

On the first list of the best selling web development courses on Udemy is PYTHON. This course covers basic and advanced topics in python + GUI programming, as this course is a MEGA course. So it starts from scratch explaining the python programming language.

Though at a slow pace to benefit students who have just started programming. And also, move on to advanced topics like Object-Oriented Programming in Python. And also high-paced python GUI programming for better understanding.

First, this course, complete python programming language has all the basics steps and we also stated here the step by step procedure on how to start. Python programming language is actually a course most people are into and would want to know and grab every possible knowledge. That is why it is on top of the best selling web development courses on udemy.

Benefits of learning Python

  • Learning Python in detail (Basics + Advanced + Tkinter)
  •  Object-oriented programming: layer and thing, inheritance, polymorphism, abstraction, and packaging
  •  Loops (for a period), conditional (if-else), numbers and strings, lists, functions, group
  •  GUI programming using Tkinter (Menu, Widgets, Ttk Module and more)
  •  A detailed explanation of Tic Tac Toe from coding to a graphical user interface

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2. Data Science

If you have been searching for a free data science course 2020 for Beginners to Advance, then you are at the right place at the right time.

Free data science course 2022 will equip you in some courses like Mathematics, Statistics, Python, Advanced Statistics in Python, Machine, and also Deep Learning. The data science course is the 3rd out of the 17 best selling web development courses on udemy today.

Data science is one of the most suitable professions to succeed in our world today. This course is digital, programming-oriented, and also analytical. It is therefore not surprising that the need for data scientists in the labor market has increased.

All you require is Microsoft Excel 2003, 2010, 2013, 2016, or 365 and also Anaconda. This course is meant for beginners as it starts from the basics and gradually increases your skills and also data scientist or someone who wants to learn something about the field.

Benefits of free data science course 2020

  • The course offers all the toolbox you need to become a data scientist.
  •  Fill your curriculum with the data science skills you need
  •  Impress interviewers by showing an understanding of the field of data science
  •  Learn how to preprocess data
  •  Understand the math behind machine learning (an absolute necessity that other courses don’t teach!)
  •  Start coding in Python and learn how to use it for statistical analysis.
  •  Perform linear and logistic regressions in Python
  •  Perform cluster and factor analysis
  •  You can create machine learning algorithms with NumPy, statistical models, and Scikit-Learn in Python.
  •  Apply your skills to real business cases
  •  Use state-of-the-art deep learning frameworks like Google’s TensorFlow.
  • Develop business insight while coding and solving big data tasks
  •  Unleash the power of deep neural networks
  •  Warm your fingers to apply what you have learned here to increase real situations

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3. Web Development

Hello and welcome to this exciting HTML web development tutorial online now. learn how to create websites and web applications for the internet.

Do you want to create websites and web applications for the internet? Learn how to develop with HTML? Then this HTML web development tutorial is here for you, it will show you how to create websites and web applications for the internet.

This tutorial is a step-by-step approach to how to create websites and it will also show you the concepts of HTML and how to setup.

You will have an understanding of HTML programming, Web programming, Basic/essential HTML tags, Website basics, Integrating media into a website and also Basic CSS and JavaScript.


HTML is one of the most used programming languages today, and it is vital for any web development journey. Your knowledge of HTML will give you an edge over others in the industry.

In this HTML web development tutorial, You will be provided with the full source code to aid in development during and after this course. The source code is free to use in as many projects like you.

Benefits of this web development tutorial

  • Create websites
  • Use web features
  • Over 15 lectures
  • Use the console to debug their website
  • Create cross-platform websites

This tutorial only requires your basic computer skill and also this course is meant for Individuals looking to start their web development career and also beginners in web development

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4. Javascript

If you have been looking for a javascript tutorial for beginners, then you are in the right place. We have an HD java tutorial video for you here that will show you everything you need to get started with JavaScript, a popular programming language used to make websites interactive.

Java is a widely-used programming language that was developed specifically for use in distributed Internet environments. It’s the most popular programming language for Android smartphone apps, and it’s also one of the most popular for developing edge devices. Javascript is the 4th out of the 17 best-selling web development courses currently on Udemy.

Java was developed with the appearance of the C ++ programming language, but is easier to use and imposes an object-oriented programming model. Java can be used to create complete applications that can run on a single computer or be distributed between servers and clients on a network. It can also be used to create a small application module or applet for use as part of a web page.

Benefits of javascript tutorial

  • Run basic JavaScript programs
  •  Use primitive data types
  •  Basic program syntax including strings, operators, and numbers
  •  Using conditional statements and loops
  •  Arrays, multidimensional arrays, array methods, traversing arrays
  •  Functions, area functions, automatic and anonymous calling functions, callback functions, functions that return functions
  •  Work with objects
  •  The module standard
  •  Document Object Model
  •  Event handlers and event listeners

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5. Machine Learning

Here is another opportunity to have in-depth knowledge of the latest machine learning tutorial for beginners which is the basics of azure machine learning.

Do you wish to build models for historical data? Or you wish to forecast future events with an acceptable level of reliability? Do you wish to learn predictive analytics? Then this machine learning tutorial is here for you.

The history of data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence is a long one, but it is only recently that technology companies – startups and technology giants around the world – have been excited about machine learning tutorial.

Why Machine Learning?

Why? Because it works now. With the advent of cloud computing and multi-core machines, we have enough computing power to process large amounts of data and eliminate hidden patterns in these mountains of data. this machine learning tutorial will give you an edge over others.

These machine learning algorithms use all the collected “past” data to learn patterns and also predict results or insights that help us make better decisions backed by actual analysis. Machine learning is the 5th out of the 17 best selling courses on Udemy today.

Azure Machine Learning is a cloud-based data science and machine learning tutorial or service that is easy to use and, like other Azure cloud services, is robust and scalable.

You will require access to a free or paid account for Azure, Basic knowledge of building the IT infrastructure, and also a Desire to learn something new and continuous.

Benefits of this tutorial

  • Learn more about Azure Machine Learning
  •  know about various machine learning algorithms supported by Azure Machine Learning
  •  how to create and run a machine learning experiment with real data sets
  •  understand how to use classified machine learning algorithms
  •  knowledge on how to use machine regression learning algorithms
  •  Learn how to integrate the Azure ML machine learning API into a web application

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6. Java

Free java tutorial is one of the best tutorials on the internet today and this tutorial has been carefully recorded to give you the very best.

In this free java tutorial, you will be shown step by step and also a practical example of how to code with Intellij. It will help you get started as a java programmer from scratch (Java for beginners).

Are you looking to become an android developer? You need java programming and free java tutorial comes in handy here. Java is the 6th out of the 17 best selling web development courses on Udemy.

If you are a beginner in java, relax don’t panic, after taking this course, you will be able to code from scratch. Enroll now and move from beginner to expert in java.

Benefits of java tutorial

  • Write Java programs with confidence
  •  Installation + configuration of Java and Intellij Idea
  •  Learn and write object-oriented programs with Java
  •  Understand what Java is and how it works
  •  Learn what variables are and how to use them
  •  Understand the different types of data in Java and how to use them effectivelyYou will understand how to use different types of conditional statements in Java
  •  Use different types of Java loop instructions
  •  Learn what the methods are in Java and how to use them
  •  Learn several object-oriented concepts in Java

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7. React

Do you wish you to build custom HTML elements which can develop a mobile application within a short period of time? Then this React tutorial for beginners is here for you.

With the vast growth and importance of interactive UIs, React has taken over the affairs of building strong user interfaces, and also websites and app.

Since JavaScript is one of the most popular languages for websites and applications, it is not surprising that many people try to create libraries and structures to increase their reach. And React tutorial for beginners is one of the most popular programs you can use to create custom HTML elements that allow you to develop powerful applications in a short time.

This react tutorial has so many topics that are related to React such as JSX, looping, ES, Bug Fixing, States, Props, libraries, Actions, Redux, and so much more.

Benefits of react tutorial

  • Get to know the main concepts of React JS
  •  Understand the concept of JSX, event loop, and data processing
  •  Learn more about Redux
  •  Create a complete application from scratch
  •  Learn how to program professional developers.

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8. C#

Hello and welcome to this Complete C# Developer course online today that will teach you C# and also object-oriented programming.

Do you wish to learn the fundamentals of programming using C# 7? Master the object-oriented programming (OOP)? Learn how to create variables and convert their data types in different ways? Don’t worry this Complete C# Developer course will answer all these questions for you.

This is a collection of many courses put together to help you learn C # and use it efficiently, and also this Complete C# Developer course is a comprehensive course on C# online today because it will teach you almost everything about C# language. It starts with zero programming experience and ends with object-oriented programming until you get to the advanced C # concepts and topics .

Benefits of the tutorial

  • Learn the basics of programming with C # 7.
  • Master Object-Oriented Programming (OOP).
  • Learn how to create variables and convert your data types in different ways.
  • Use of DateTime and TimeSpan.
  • Includes loops (For, Foreach, While, and more).
  • How to edit strings (replace, delete, insert, substring, etc.).
  • Use of arithmetic operators.
  • Decipher logical operators.
  • Work with comparison operators.
  • Understand the structures and enumerations and how to use them.
  • The differences between classes and structures.
  • With C # you can easily read and write files.
  • Understand inheritance, encapsulation, polymorphism, and abstraction.
  • Become familiar with composition, aggregation, and association.
  • know how to encrypt and decrypt your data with C #.
  • Create the Caesar encryption (encryption and decryption) yourself.
  •  how to create different types of methods.

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9. Unity


Here is a great opportunity to learn how to build and market video games with unity 3D, no programming required-just build and market your vidoe games from scratch.

In two courses in the first part, you will learn step by step how to use the Unity game engine to clone your game and send your own version to the Apple App Store. After submitting your game to the App Store, the second part of this course will show you how to promote the game using the social media version so that you can place it at the top of the list of iTunes apps.

Benefits of this course

  • Learn how to get your iOS developer license
  •  how to create your own iPhone game without having to write code
  •  the basics of Unity 5 for iOS development
  •  Find out how to configure the ad network in Unity
  •  Learn to change and create your own game graphics for non-artists
  •  Understand how to find free or cheap sound effects for games
  •  Learn how to publish your own iPhone game in the iTunes App Store in one afternoon
  •  How to outsource, hire and deploy virtual assistants
  •  Learn how to use social media to market your game once it’s developed

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10. Angular

This Angular tutorial starts from scratch, you neither need to know Angular 1 nor Angular 2. In this tutorial, you will master Angular 9 (formerly “Angular 2”) and build awesome, reactive web apps with the successor of Angular.js

Angular 8 simply is the latest version of Angular 2, you will learn this amazing framework from the ground up in this course.

From Setup to Deployment, this course covers it all. You’ll learn all about Components, Directives, Services, Forms, Http Access, Authentication, Optimizing an Angular Applications with Modules and Offline Compilation, and much more – and in the end: You’ll learn how to deploy an application.

But that’s not all. This course will also show you how to use the Angular CLI and feature a complete project, which allows you to practice the things learned throughout the course.

Angular is one of the most modern, performance-efficient, and powerful frontend frameworks you can learn as of today. It allows you to build great web apps that offer awesome user experiences. Learn all the basics and fundamentals you need to know to get started developing Angular applications right away.

Benefits of Angular tutorial

  • Develop modern, complex, responsive, and scalable web applications with Angular 8
  • Fully understand the architecture behind an Angular 8 application and how to use it
  • Use their gained, deep understanding of the Angular 8 fundamentals to quickly establish themselves as frontend developers
  • Create single-page applications with one of the most modern JavaScript frameworks out there

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11. Data Analysis

Data Analysis and Business Intelligence in 2020 is making a heavy flow of the labor market. Becoming a Data Analyst requires great skills like SQL which stands for Structured Query Language. The Course has a lot of promising packages for any learning.

Benefits of this tutorial

  • Become an SQL expert
  • Learn to program in SQL
  • Improve your resume by learning a frequently asked skill
  • Creation, design, and operation of SQL databases
  • Start MySQL: the database management system.
  • Prepare for vacancies from SQL developers, database administrators, business analysts, and business intelligence
  • Apply professionally tested SQL best practices
  • Get theoretical knowledge about relational databases
  • Work with a sophisticated database throughout the course.
  • Prepare yourself optimally for database management
  • Expand your skills with analytical data tools
  • Develop your business intuition while solving big data tasks
  • Learn the theory of relational database management that you need at your workplace every day.

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12. Android Development

This is an opportunity to learn the latest android developer tutorial from beginner to advance because in this course you will learn how to build and develop Android Applications for smartphone and beyond.

The latest android tutorial for beginner 2020 will teach you how to develop basic Android training apps that suggest exercises depending on the user-selected option to give you an idea of how Android apps work. We also learned how to add animation and transitions to the application to make it more attractive to the end-user.

We then moved on to intentions and from there we examined the threads and their use in developing Android applications. The next part contains concepts such as intent, services, and list views. We have also examined them in detail.

Benefits of this tutorial

  • Create your own Android apps from scratch!
  •  Understand the concepts and techniques used in building applications.
  •  Learn how to use databases to store data from Android apps
  •  Deploy apps you have developed on Android devices.
  •  Learn how to develop games with Libgdx on Android.
  •  Learn how to create user interfaces for Android applications.

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13. iOS Development

Hello and welcome to this interesting iOS Machine learning tutorial in which you will learn how to master and also build smart apps iOS swift 4.

Do you wish to build professional, career-boosting mobile apps? Then this iOS machine learning course is one of the courses that will take you to the next level and also give you an edge over others in the market.

Machine learning is a rapidly growing field that is revolutionizing many industries, with technology giants like Google and IBM taking the lead.

In this iOS machine learning course, you’ll use the most advanced iOS machine learning technologies to add a level of intelligence and improvement to your mobile apps.

This course is also full of practical use cases and real-world challenges that you can use to practice what you learn.

Benefits of this course

  • Build smart iOS 11 & Swift 4 apps using Machine Learning
  • Use trained ML models in your apps
  • Convert ML models to iOS ready models
  • Create your own ML models
  • Apply Object Prediction on pictures, videos, speech, and text
  • Discover when and how to apply a smart sense to your apps

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14. C++

Here is an opportunity to learn C++ programming that will improve your programming skills. Do you wish to learn the language of a real programmer? Have you been searching for a way to improve your skill in C++? Then search no more, because here is a tutorial for you to learn c++ programming to improve your skills in c++.

C++ for beginners will help you develop a crystal clear understanding of all the concepts discussed, it will also help you build your programming career from the very basic level to advanced.

This c++ programming tutorial is meant to cover beginners, intermediates, and advanced-level learners.  It might interest you to know that this c++ video program is hands-on, a bite-sized video tutorial for most beginners, and also it contains c++ programming construct that every c++ programmer must know. C++ is the 14th out of the 17 best selling web development courses today.

In this course, we have the benefits/what you will learn in C++, the requirements for this course, and lastly, who this course is meant for.

Benefits of this course

  • Write your own C ++ programs according to the requirements
  •  Deep knowledge of OOP concepts
  •  Students are ready to review all C ++ programs and make changes
  •  Ready to make your operator in the software industry
  •  Write hardcore programs using C ++
  •  Discover the world of software language.
  •  Helps develop a deep understanding of C ++ in detail
  •  Helps to create a solid foundation in C ++
  •  Understand the C ++ implementation for each standard
  •  Understand object-oriented C ++ functions
  •  Helps a lot in the programming career according to the demand in the programming world

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15. Google Flutter

Do you want to create a complete social mobile application like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter? Then this is the course for you. Udemy learns flutter and Dart to create iOS and Android apps.

What will we build? For now, use the best in Flutter and Firebase to build a complete personal organization from scratch to send it a FlutterShare call that you can download from the Google Play Store or iOS App Store. We will be looking at what flutter and firebase is respectively.


Lynda.com said Flutter is an open-source, mobile development framework created by Google. You write your app in the Dart programming language which gets compiled to run on both Android and iOS. Creating mobile apps with Flutter gets you the best of both worlds. 

You only need to write your app once instead of maintaining two code bases: one for Android, one for iOS. Unlike other cross-platform solutions, which use a bridge to connect your code with the underlying platform, Flutter code gets compiled directly into machine code eliminating the performer’s bottleneck from the bridge. Google flutter is the 15th out of the 17 best selling web development courses on Udemy.

Flutter gives you a native performance and native look and feels with a single code base, which means that you get to build apps quickly, and they run quickly as well. Next, we will take a look at Firebase.

Benefits of this tutorial

  • How to build a social network with Flutter and Firebase
  • A Complete Masterclass on Firebase/Firestore with Flutter
  • Know on building amazing apps
  • Darts programming knowledge

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16. PHP

Hello and welcome to this exciting tutorial we have for you here, the complete PHP MYSQL professional course with 10 projects that are currently trending online now.

Do you wish to learn PHP MYSQL? Do you want to become a full-stack back-end developer? Have you ever wondered why there are so many PHP MySQL courses that offer very little practical skill?

Then this complete PHP MYSQL tutorial is here for you.

Long courses on Udemy offer just 1 big project and also beginners find it difficult to understand the long project right after learning basics due to lack of practice.

In addition, broad courses feature only projects where students can never see their real content. You won’t be scammed.

Benefits of this course

  • All basic PHP fundamentals and components with practical implementation in projects
  •  Validate forms securely using regular expressions
  •  Dynamic websites with different PHP techniques
  •  CRUD application of the employee management system in PHP from scratch
  •  Complete CMS (content management system) with administration panel
  •  Start using Bootstrap 4 FrameWork from scratch, without using a boot template
  •  Use PHP sessions in a more complex way and simply pass information to different project modules
  •  Stunning Blog with Commenting functionality
  • Powerful Web Forms which will be Free of Hack
  • Build Professional CRUD
  • CMS Based Projects
  • Full Coding Exercises
  • Login Logout Admin System
  • Tips / Tricks
  • Sending Email using PHP
  • Bootstrap 4.2.1
  • PDO
  • URL Tracking
  • Security Techniques on Public pages

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17. Swift

Learn how to use Swift, a language that is created by the world’s largest company “Apple”. Certainly, Swift programming tutorial is the ultimate guide to Mac And IOS development.

Learn about the fundamentals that make the amazing iOS and Mac applications we use on a daily basis. A step by step process is used to show everything from setting up to all the crucial Swift and software development features.

Gain a good understanding of the following concepts:

  1. Swift programming
  2. Desktop programming
  3. Software development
  4. Cross platform development
  5. Basic Swift knowledge
  6. Mobile development and design

Swift is increasing in popularity immensely and as the world’s largest company Apple grows, this will continue even further.

Benefits of this tutorial

  •  Use Swift to program
  • Create software applications
  • Skills to create iOS and Mac applications
  • Advanced programming and Swift
  • Create cross-platform applications

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These 17 best selling web development courses on Udemy will help you navigate through making a choice and to know the top courses on Udemy to learn. Although, these best selling web development courses on Udemy demands money, here, you are getting it free because it has been paid for.

These 17 best selling web development courses on Udemy are the best of them all. You can’t get it better anywhere.

Lastly, on this list of 17 best selling courses on Udemy, you are sure of job opportunities. Because persons who learn them are in high demand now with the influx of web development, app development, art, and data collection.


What are the best selling web development courses on Udemy

Data science
web development
machine learning
Data Analytics
Android Development
iOS Development