19 Best Selling Udemy Java Courses Online in 2021 [Free Download]

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Have you been searching for where to get a comprehensive list of the best selling Udemy Java courses? In other words, search no more because we will be listing not just the best java courses on Udemy. But the 19 best selling Udemy Java courses in 2021.

Note; We don’t have all the courses for free download. In other words, as soon as we have them all, we will surely update the content.

But not to worry, because when you buy from Udemy direct you will be sure to be certified upon completion of each course. We have previously written on Udemy 10 best selling courses in 2021. Also, we tried to meet what people are searching for on the web to write on the Udemy 17 best selling courses on web development.

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Why would you choose to learn Java?

The reality is that there is a lot of computer languages out there.  It’s in the hundreds. Why would you choose the Java language?

The number one reason is its popularity.  According to many official websites that track the popularity of languages, Java is either #1 or in the top 3. Popularity means more companies and their staff are using it, so there are more career opportunities available for you if you are skilled in the language.

The last thing you want to do is pick a language that is not in mainstream use.  Java came out in the 1990s and is still very popular today.

Let’s jump to the main business now!

The 19 Best Selling Udemy Java courses in 2021 Free Download

The unfortunate thing about taking the free courses is that you will not get a certificate after completing the course. But the paid courses are here also on the list from Udemy if you do need a certification.

Carefully review the courses below to get the particular java course that best suits your learning desire.

#1. Java Programming Masterclass for Software Developers

19 Best Selling Udemy Java courses in 2020

Are you aiming to get your first Java Programming job but struggling to find out what skills employers want and which course will give you those skills?

This course is designed to give you the Java skills you need to get a job as a Java developer.  By the end of the course, you will understand Java extremely well and be able to build your own Java apps and be productive as a software developer.

Lots of students have been success with getting their first job or a promotion after going through the course.

The core java material you need to learn java development is covered in the first seven sections (around 14 hours in total).  The Java Basics are covered in those sections. The rest of the course covers intermediate, advanced and optional material you do not technically need to go through.

For example section 13 is a whopping 10 hours just by itself and is aimed at those students who want to build desktop applications with graphical user interfaces.  JavaFX (which is the technology used in this section) is something that most java developers will rarely or never need to work on.  So you could skip that section entirely.  But if you are one of the few that need to build user interfaces, then the content is there and ready for you.   And there are other sections you can completely avoid if you wish.

Benefits of this course

  • Learn the core Java skills needed to apply for Java developer positions in just 14 hours.
  • Be able to sit for and pass the Oracle Java Certificate exam if you choose.
  • Be able to demonstrate your understanding of Java to future employers.
  • Learn industry “best practices” in Java software development from a professional Java developer who has worked in the language for 18 years.

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#2. Selenium WebDriver with Java -Basics to Advanced+Frameworks

19 Best Selling Udemy Java courses in 2020

This course covers Java Basics core + Selenium Webdriver + Advanced Selenium + Interview Preparation + Framework design ( TestNG, ANT, Pageobject, Maven, Jenkins, Excel Datadriven, Cucumber, log4j ) + Selenium Grid + DataBase Testing + Performance Testing on Selenium scripts + Mobile testing Basics + Resume Preparation including       ” Life Time Support (On-Demand skype sessions) + Material + Job Assistance- (US, India, Canada)

On course completion, You will be Mastered in Selenium Automation Testing and implementing Successfully in your workplace or you will land on High Paying Job.

Benefits of this course

  • By the end of this course, You will be Mastered on Selenium Webdriver with strong Core JAVA basics
  • You will gain the ability to design PAGEOBJECT, DATADRIVEN&HYBRID Automation FRAMEWORKS from scratch
  • in-depth understanding of real-time Selenium CHALLENGES with 100 + examples

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#3. Java In-Depth: Become a Complete Java Engineer

19 Best Selling Udemy Java courses in 2020

This Master Course has been meticulously developed for over 4 years and has over 40000 students from over 150 countries ranging from complete beginners to experienced Java professionals. Top companies like IntelPayPalPinterestWipro are actively using this course to upskill their employees. It has been consistently ranked as one of Udemy’s top 3 paid Java courses and has helped many students start their professional journey as “confident” Java programmers.

This course has been developed to just not teach core Java skills, but with a larger goal of helping you become a complete & professional Java engineer right by the end of this course. To realize this, it takes a holistic approach to teach Java programming. For you to ensure that you master Java language, the course has been developed to be highly comprehensive covering most of the Java language features and discussing them at a very in-depth level.

In addition, to further ensure you are industry-ready and can write well-designed, professional code, tons of best practices & design principles are explained and demonstrated in code. Towards this end, you’ll also implement an instructor-led Java EE Web application using professional coding conventions with Eclipse as IDE.

Benefits of this course

  • Gain an in-depth understanding of core & advanced features of Java including JVM internals
  • Master design principles, best practices and coding conventions for writing well-designed, professional Java code
  • Get real-world experience by developing an instructor-led Java EE-based Web application using technologies like JSP, Servlets, and MySQL
  • Set firm foundation in Java for the rest of your career. That’s a promise.

#4. Java Programming for Complete Beginners

19 Best Selling Udemy Java courses in 2020

Zero Java Programming Experience? No Problem.

Do you want to take the first steps to Become a Great Java Programmer? Or do you want to Learn Java Step By Step in a Fail-Safe in28Minutes Way? Do you want to Learn to Write Great Java Programs? Take this course!

Java is one of the most popular programming languages. Java offers both object-oriented and functional programming features.

We take a hands-on approach using a combination of JShell and Eclipse as an IDE to illustrate more than 200 Java Coding Exercises, Puzzles and Code Examples. This course assumes no previous ( beginner ) programming or Java experience. If you’ve never programmed a computer before, or if you already have experience with another programming language and want to quickly learn Java, this is a perfect course for you.

Benefits of this course

  • You will Learn Java the MODERN WAY – Step By Step – With 200 HANDS-ON Code Examples
  • You will Understand the BEST PRACTICES in Writing High-Quality Java Code
  • You will Solve a Wide Range of Hands-on Programming EXERCISES with Java
  • You will Learn to Write AWESOME Object-Oriented Programs with Java

#5. The Complete Java Certification Course

19 Best Selling Udemy Java courses in 2020

Welcome to Master Practical Java Development.  This course is designed to help you master the most in-demand and critical components for becoming a Core Java developer. Especially if you’re going for a job interview or have a Java Project that needs your best performance. This course assumes no prior java experience so  prior Java so it will take you from zero to hero!

The topics covered include Object Orientation which I think is not stressed enough in other Java courses so I’ve got a special focus on that throughout the lectures.

You’ll get plenty of practice writing classes and interfaces as well as countless methods with loops and if-else statements, exception handling and file processing as well as how to debug software using Eclipse. You’ll also be mastering the collections framework and diving deep into java generics.

You will learn all there is to know about multi-threading and the JDBC API for working with a MySQL database. There are also practical projects scattered throughout the course so that you can practice the concepts as you learn them. For example one of the projects is related to a car dealership management system and another assignment involves processing files with stock market data. So as you can see, I tried to keep the projects professional and industry-relevant rather than cloning a game like flappy bird.

Benefits of this course

  • How to write Java Programs from scratch and have loads of fun in the process
  • Go from zero to hero in writing industry-ready Java programs
  • Gain enough experience to pass a core Java Programming interview and perform well on the job
  • Be prepared to take the Java Certification Exam for OCAJP 1Z0-808

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#6. Android O & Java – The Complete Android Development Bootcamp

19 Best Selling Udemy Java courses in 2020

Welcome to the world’s best Android app development course. This Android with Java course is based on our in-person app development bootcamp in London. We’ve perfected the curriculum over 4 years of in-person teaching. So we know all your questions before you even ask them!

Our complete app development courses teaches you how to code using Java and build beautiful Android apps for phones and tablets. 

Even if you have ZERO programming experience.

The course includes hours and hours of HD video tutorials and builds your programming knowledge through making real world apps.

By the end of this course, you will be fluently programming in Java and be ready to make your very own apps or start a freelancing job as an Android developer.

Benefits of this course

  • Build any Android app you want
  • You’ll have a portfolio of apps to apply for jr. developer jobs
  • Build apps for your business
  • You’ll be able to work as a freelance Android contractor

#7. The Complete Android & Java Developer Course – Build 21 Apps

19 Best Selling Udemy Java courses in 2020

Android App Development will open many doors for you, especially if you are looking to becoming a full-fledged app developer. 

If you’re looking to boost your income as an Android Developer? Maybe you have a lot of app ideas but don’t know where to start? Or you are seeking a career in Android Development and Java Programming that will finally give you the freedom and flexibility you have been looking for?

Build a strong foundation in Android Development, Android Studio, and object-oriented Java Programming with this tutorial and complete course.

  • Build Android apps from scratch using Android Studio and Java Programming Language
  • Upload your apps to Google Play and reach Millions of Android users

Benefits of this course

  • Learn Android development, Java programming and Android studio from scratch
  • Learn Java programming from a professional trainer from your own desk
  • Create fun, engaging and real-world Android apps (using Java) you can show to your friends and family
  • Learn how to work with APIs, web services and advanced databases

#8. Complete Step By Step Java For Testers

This course assumes that you have no programming background. If you have some experience then, it’s just a bonus point. You have never code, have some experience or have a lot of experience in any other programming language, this course is a one-stop place for you.

Java is one of the most and useful programming languages to learn You can build the back-end of web applications and build a robust test automation framework. Especially for Selenium WebDriver GUI automation, Java is the most popular choice and has the largest community.

You will get the best in class support from the instructor for any question you have related to the course.

Benefits of this course

  • Understand the concepts of Object-Oriented Programming Language
  • You will be able to EXPLAIN, DESIGN and IMPLEMENT efficient java Programs
  • You will be able to understand all Java concepts required for Selenium WebDriver or any other Automation tool

#9. Complete Java SE 8 Developer Bootcamp – OCA Prep Included

19 Best Selling Udemy Java courses in 2020

Java is one of the most popular programming languages used in professional application development. As such, there is an extensive job market available to those who master its syntax. However, mastering a language as complex and vast as Java requires a developer to start with a solid programming foundation.  This class provides that foundation.  

Those who are looking to start a career in software development, or developers who are looking to increase their marketability by learning the nuts and bolts of Java, will benefit from taking this course. To start the student on the “right track,” the lectures and labs go beyond basic syntax by including best practices and object-oriented programming idioms.

Benefits of this course

  • Read and write basic command-line programs in Java
  • Know how to use an Integrated Development Environment (Eclipse) to develop and debug programs
  • Generate HTML based documentation (Javadoc) for code
  • Gain a solid understanding of the topics covered in the exam to become an Oracle Certified Associate, Java SE 8 Programmer (Java SE 8 Programmer I 1Z0-808)

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#10. Java 8 New Features In Simple Way

19 Best Selling Udemy Java courses in 2020

Java 8 is one of the major and more prestigious versions from Java. In this video tutorial, we covered every topic in detail on the board and on the system with live execution. Definitely you can feel like you are learning in the classroom directly from the instructor. As part of this course we are covering the following 11 topics.

1. Lambda Expressions
2. Functional Interfaces
3. Default methods in Interface
4. Static Methods in Interfaces.
5. Predicate
6. Function
7. Consumer
8. Supplier
9. Method Reference & Constructor Reference by Double Colon(::) Operator.
10. Stream API
11. Date & Time API ( Joda API)

Benefits of this course

  • Student can learn complete picture about new features introduced as the part of Java 1.8
  • 1. Lambda Expressions 2. Functional Interfaces 3. Default methods in Interface 4. Static Methods in Interfaces. 5. Predicate 6. Function 7. Consumer 8. Supplier 9. Method Reference & Constructor Reference by Double Colon(::) Operator. 10. Stream API 11. Date & Time API ( Joda API)

#11. Java Memory Management

19 Best Selling Udemy Java courses in 2020

This is a course for Java professionals (or aspiring Java professionals) who need an in depth understanding of how memory works in Java. In this course you’ll learn what kinds of memory leaks are possible in Java, and how to avoid them.

In addition, I’ll show you tools you can use to analyze how your applications are performing, and detect inefficient memory use, such as objects which are taking up too much memory, or problems causing inefficient garbage collection. And we’ll see how to fix these.

You don’t need to be a Java Expert to do this course, but you should be able to confidently create basic Java code before you start.

Benefits of this course

  • The best Java programmers have a deep understanding of how memory works in Java and use this to influence how they create their code. This course will give you that understanding, together with the tools that you will need to investigate when things go wrong.
  • By the end of this course, you’ll understand important concepts like the stack and the heap, limitations of the final keyword, and how garbage collection works.

#12. Master Object-Oriented Design in Java – Homework + Solutions

19 Best Selling Udemy Java courses in 2020

Just because you learned how to use a hammer doesn’t mean you are ready to construct a building. Similarly, It’s not enough to just understand a programming language. That’s just a tool that can be used to develop various programs. The real craftsmanship is in software DESIGN

This course is designed to take a junior-level programmer with limited knowledge about object orientation to a competent level object-oriented software designer! I expect you to understand the basics of loops, methods, and conditionals in Java. You’ll be completing hands-on HOMEWORK Exercises throughout the course! I have provided detailed video solutions to the exercises so that you can check your answers and get step by step instructions of how to tackle the object-oriented design assignments. 

Benefits of this course

  • Advance your programming skills from a junior level newbie to a competent intermediate level object-oriented software developer
  • Design and develop software using best practices in Object-oriented programming
  • Apply the 5 crucial object-oriented design principles using Java
  • Apply design patterns such as Strategy, Observer, Template Method, Factory, and Builder

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#13. Absolute Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming in Java

19 Best Selling Udemy Java courses in 2020

This course is designed to be slow-pacedsimple and rich in demystifying the question: What really is an object in computer programming? These few lectures serve as a crucial foundation for OOP (Object Oriented Programming).

If you’ve ever written a java class before and ran the program in eclipse but didn’t quite understand what’s going on behind the scenes, this course is for you. By the end of these videos, you will understand the difference between a class, and an object.

You’ll know how objects are constructed and what exactly happens when the program is run. We’ll also go over important OOP techniques such as inheritance and polymorphism.

Benefits of this course

  • You will understand the basics of Object-Oriented Programming
  • Understand class inheritance and what it means for objects

#14. Design Patterns in Java

19 Best Selling Udemy Java courses in 2020

This course provides a comprehensive overview of Design Patterns in Java from a practical perspective. This course in particular covers patterns with the use of:

  • The latest versions of the Java programming language
  • Use of modern programming approaches: dependency injection, reactive programming and more
  • Use of modern developer tools such as IntelliJ IDEA
  • Discussions of pattern variations and alternative approaches

This course provides an overview of all the Gang of Four (GoF) design patterns as outlined in their seminal book, together with modern-day variations, adjustments, discussions of intrinsic use of patterns in the language.

Benefits of this course

  • Recognize and apply design patterns
  • Refactor existing designs to use design patterns
  • Reason about applicability and usability of design patterns

#15. Java Interview Guide: 200+ Interview Questions and Answers

19 Best Selling Udemy Java courses in

How about quickly revising all the Important Java Concepts in about 6 hours before an interview?

Preparing for Java Interview is tricky. You would need to get a good understanding of new features and revise the concepts you used in your preparation. This course helps you Prepare for Java Interview with hands-on code examples covering 200+ Java Interview Questions and Answers on a varied range of topics.

Benefits of this course

  • You will understand what kind of questions are asked in Beginner Java Interviews
  • You will be able to Answer questions on Java Platform, Wrapper Classes, and Strings
  • You will be able to quickly revise all Your Java Concepts with Awesome Examples
  • You will Understand New Features in Java 5, Java 6, Java 7 and Java 8

#16. Java for Complete Beginners

19 Best Selling Udemy Java courses in 2020

You will learn the fundamentals of Java. We will initially learn about variables, conditions, loops, arrays, operators, and user input. Then we will take a closer look at classes, objects and methods. Finally we will go over fundamentals concepts of Object Oriented Programming: Inheritance, Encapsulation, Polymorphism, and Composition

We will not merely glance over these topics but get a thorough understanding of what they are, how they work with each other, and what role they play. The videos will compromise of two parts: paper and computer. We will not directly dive into coding but rather gain an understanding of what the concept is and why it is important (on paper). Then we will move to the computer where I will lay out the syntax of the concept for you and give you ample examples and mini-challenges to strengthen your understanding of the concept. 

Benefits of this course

  • The core skills needed to program any application
  • Have a concrete understanding of the fundamentals of JAVA
  • Be able to build simple but useful applications
  • Have a very well-rounded knowledge of programming

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#17. Java Programming: Complete Beginner to Advanced

19 Best Selling Udemy Java courses in 2020

Would you like to learn real world programming skills that will help you get your first java programming job?

Java is one of the most popular programming languages used to create Web applications and platforms. It was designed for flexibility, allowing developers to write code that would run on any machine. So it’s your time now to take advantage of loads of jobs and freelance opportunities that are available for java programmers out there.

This course is provided by CodeIn Academy Instructors who are Oracle Certified professionals with many years’ experience in java programming

The course is very comprehensive and will be constantly updated. Once you have gone through this course you will be able to understand Java 8 features very easily. So, this course covers each topic in detail and is focused to break down topics with simplified examples. Thus, it is for anyone who wants to learn java programming, and no previous programming experience is required.

Benefits of this course

  • Learn core Java skills from complete beginner to advanced features

#18. Apache Spark 2.0 with Java -Learn Spark from a Big Data Guru

19 Best Selling Udemy Java courses in 2020

This course covers all the fundamentals about Apache Spark with Java and teaches you everything you need to know about developing Spark applications with Java. At the end of this course, you will gain in-depth knowledge about Apache Spark and general big data analysis and manipulations skills to help your company to adapt Apache Spark for building big data processing pipeline and data analytics applications.

This course covers 10+ hands-on big data examples. You will learn valuable knowledge about how to frame data analysis problems as Spark problems.

Together we will learn examples such as aggregating NASA Apache weblogs from different sources; explore the price trend by looking at the real estate data in California; write Spark applications to find out the median salary of developers in different countries through the Stack Overflow survey data; develop a system to analyze how maker spaces are distributed across different regions in the United Kingdom.

Benefits of this course

  • An overview of the architecture of Apache Spark.
  • Work with Apache Spark’s primary abstraction, resilient distributed datasets(RDDs) to process and analyze large data sets.
  • Develop Apache Spark 2.0 applications using RDD transformations and actions and Spark SQL.
  • Scale-up Spark applications on a Hadoop YARN cluster through Amazon’s Elastic MapReduce service.

#19. The Complete Java Developer Course

19 Best Selling Udemy Java courses in 2020

This course for anyone who wants to be Java programmer from scratch, We will start by discus all Java fundamentals that you need to start programming Android, Java web, or Java Desktop apps. We will start first by installing the development environment then you will run your first Java app, and understand how program flow works in Java.

Then we will talk about variables and Math operation and priorities. Then we will take about logic and making a decision, then we will talk about loops. Also, we will talk about functions and OOP concept that you need to use when you program apps with Java, then we will talk about multi-processing and how you could run multi-process at the same time and how to avoid Deadlock.

We will also talk about Databases, then we will talk about collections and which type collection you have to use for better performance depend on your app. Then we will talk about Java 8 new features, then we will talk about building desktop GUI application with JavaFx.

Benefits of this course

  • Build your First app in Java
  • Build a Complete game like Tic Tac Toy
  • Understand the programming foundation
  • Understand the programming logic, condition, and control

Java courses for free download


Hope you now have a lot of free java course to download and start learning. But as I said, you may want to go for the certification courses instead, that’s ok.

I often advise or recommend taking the certification courses when going for an online course. The certificate gives you a great boost as an employee or job hunter.

Nevertheless, the udemy best courses on Java are worth spending your money on.

Let us know the java course you love most and the reason.



Are all Java courses on Udemy paid?

No! Not all java courses are been paid for on Udemy. Some intructors make their courses free, to enable them get more students. And for a while, might switch the course to paid.

Java or Kotlin. Which one should I learn first?

I would say Java, because of its popularity and demand in the market. Also learning Java first will help you faster in understanding Kotlin.

Would learning Java get me a job?

Probably it will, depending on the employer’s need. Also, it’s and advantage which can help you being promoted on your current job.


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