11+ Best Animation Schools, Colleges & Courses in Canada 2021

When thinking of places to learn animation degree programs, Canada should be on your top 2 or top 3 list. Here, I will discuss in detail the top best animation schools in Canada. For instance, the universities and several colleges that offer animation schools in Canada.


For ranking Canada in your top 2 or top 3 when looking for the best countries that offer severe animation degree programs.

The reason has been that Canada is a country known for its large movie and entertainment industry. Such which they also chip in with a great mix of animation to the film industry, games, and VFX Studios.

Canada is a great country with amazing cities to visit for vacation and tour. Obviously, the universities in Canada are not left out as they boast many prestigious colleges.

However, the area of Universities in Arts are not left out either. As a matter of fact, there are lots of art schools in Canada.

But for the sake of intensity and quality, we’ll be looking into a few of the animation schools in Canada. Also, in this list, you will see some animation schools in Toronto and Ontario.

The animation colleges in Canada are very rich in such a way they can meet your pursuit of a higher degree program in Arts.

So, if you are a Canadian or within that region and you want to study animation, you will probably get one from the animation schools in Canada here.

So, with that been said, we will look into the best animation schools in Canada. But before that, let’s see a few animation tips.

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What is computer animation?

Computer animation can also be known as digital animation which includes all animation techniques that are done exclusively with computers.

With digital animation, you can perform 2D (two-dimensional) and 3D (three-dimensional) animations.

In summary, computer animation is the process used to create moving images digitally. The more general term computer-generated imagery (CGI) includes both static and dynamic images. While computer animation refers only to moving images.

Modern computer animation generally uses 3D computer graphics to create a 2D image. Although 2D computer graphics are still used for stylistic presentations, low-bandwidth, and fast, real-time displays.

Sometimes the focus of animation is the computer itself, but sometimes the film is too.

The Top 11 Best Animation Schools in Canada 2021


Some of the best art schools in Canada are also prevalent in animation schools in Canada.

Let’s see the list now!

#1. Max the Mutt College of Animation

Max the Mutt college of animation is one of the best and most unique universities you will find in Canada.

If you so desire to learn animation in an intensive manner, Max the Mutt offers you that and more.

The curriculum emphasizes the social aspect of the university, as professors and trainers from various fields come together to teach various programs.

So, you will not only be learning from professionals who are experts in the field but also building a strong network for the future.

Max offers a 4-year diploma degree course in Classical & Computer Animation and Production, Illustration & Storytelling for Sequential Arts, and Concept Art for Animation & Video Games.

Additionally, the Max the Mutt animation program curriculum includes 2D and 3D computer animation that you will learn in your third and fourth year, respectively.

The Bachelor of Arts in Classical and Computer Animation is based on a curriculum designed to incorporate Disney and Warner Bros. professional guidelines in animation.

Students will learn how to use industry-standard animation software, such as Maya, Toon Boom, and Flash.

Therefore, you will graduate from Max the Mutt with a solid portfolio, demo reel, cover letter and résumé writing skills, an online profile page, and the ability to act professionally in a job interview.

Location:Toronto, ON 

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#2. Sheridan College

Sheridan College’s Faculty of Animation, Arts, and Design (FAAD) is another unique comprehensive animation school in Canada.

The faculty offers a total of 37 programs that trains you to become, animators, filmmakers, designers, and artists.

This colloge offers you a great deal if you are in search for a degree in animation. They offer an animation major that has produced a lot of academy award winning aniamtors.

This program takes you on an intensive and interesting ride where you will learn from industry professionals who use a hands-on approach and allow you creative freedom.

You will also learn the classical principles of animation in various ways, including 2D and 3D.

One of the great things about this program is that you have the opportunity to learn in the industry with three-month job placement.

The intensive 4-year program instills in students total confidence and the ability to be part of the highest levels in the animation industry.

College graduates continue to work for companies such as Electronic Arts, DreamWorks, Walt Disney, Lucas Films, Pixar, Studio B, Cookie Jar, and many more. Other important studies.

Location: Oakville, ON

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#3. Visual College of Art and Design of Vancouver

The Visual College of Art and Design of Vancouver is also known as VCAD. It is known in Canada as an artistic and innovative school with creative roots stretching back several decades.

VCAD programs incorporate teachings from all creative walks of life, developing a holistic education for all students.

VCAD’s animation program is the 3D Modelling Animation Art and Design.

This program grooms you to be a 3D Texture Artist, 3D Character Artist, 3D Character Animator, and 3D Lighting Specialist who is in hot demand.

Every course includes classes on animation disciplines, interior design, graphics, and fashion.

Most noteworthy, VCAD’s reputation in 3D animation makes it one of the best 3D animation schools in Canada.

Your diploma program takes you through 4 years of educational game development, staging scenes, game environments, storyboards, and 3D character design and animation using industry-standard software.

However, the focus on 3D modeling animation enables students to understand the nuances of 3D modeling, both in video games and in film animation.

Location: Vancouver, BC

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#4. Capilano University

On my 4th list of the best animation schools in Canada is Capilano University.

They have an impressive track record of developing students who move on to work in large companies in the animation and film industry.

Industries like Radical Entertainment, Big Sandwich Games, 20th Century Fox, Nerd Corps, Aardman Animation, Mainframe Entertainment, Electronic Arts, and more.

If you want to become an expert in 2D and 3D computer animation, then you should be choosing Capilano University.

Capilano offers a two-year 2D Animation & Visual Development Diploma as well as a two-year 3D Animation for Film & Games Diploma program.

Capilano 2D program takes you in animation and animation design, after which you will find promising careers in television animation like some of the school’s graduates.

On the other hand, the 3D animation program will provide you with the technical skills you need for a satisfying career in the computer graphics and animation industries.

Lastly, Capilano University consistently produces students who continue to be the best in their fields.

Thanks to the curriculum that allows them to focus on specialized areas, including character manipulation, art direction, installation and lighting, character and environment modeling, animation of characters, and concept art.

By focusing on specific skills, students become highly specialized in their area and can regularly beat their competitors for jobs at highly rated companies.

Location: Vancouver, BC

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#5. Seneca College

The animation program offered at the Seneca Animation Arts Center allows students to specialize in games and visual effects, film and television, digital animation, or the arts of animation.

The curriculum focuses on teaching students storytelling, theories of motion and time, and transforming them into industry-ready graduates.

Students will learn to use traditional animation theories in conjunction with contemporary animation problems, and to produce animation with the latest software and technology including storytelling and technology.

Consequently, Seneca College is one of the places where you can convert your passion to a profession. Its Arts, Animation & Designs programs are one of the best in Canada. 

Seneca’s 3D Animation program is a certificate program that will develop your skills in animation, modeling, rigging, lighting, rendering, and composition.

The animation program is a three-year advanced diploma program.

Seneca’s Game Art and Animation program is an eight-month graduate program in addition to film and television visual effects.

You will also be taught 3D computer-based modeling and animation. The college provides post-diploma programs in Animation as well.

Location: Toronto, ON

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#6. Vancouver Institute of Media Arts

At Vancouver Institute of Media Arts (Vanarts), you have the privilage to releash and hone your creativity in animation.

This is an arts college in Vancouver that ensures its students study to become the best creatively, intellectually and emotionally in preparation for a fulfilling career.

However, Vanarts offers only one animation program with a duration of twelve (12) months.

Firstly, students in the Animation program at VanArts, Vancouver Institute of Media Arts, are allowed to focus on the specific skills they want to break into their preferred positions and industry.

Vanarts 2D/3D Character Animation is a full-time game-changing program for you. The graduated students continues to produce innovative screen animations.

For instance, some of the Varnarts’ alumni featured in the popular Spider Man movie.

Also, a local animation studio selected 19 Vanarts graduates to work on the Pokemon: Detective Pikachu movie.

If you have a knack for success in animation, then Varnats one year program is your ladder to fame and relevance.

Their 2D/3D animation program focuses on character animation through body mechanics and performance.

As well as strong foundation training in modeling, lighting, character building, and art direction. Of course, you’ll be using industry-standard software and learning from award-winning faculty.

Interestingly, the professors who will guide and mentor the students are past and current professionals in the animation industry.

Also, you find most of them working for popular animation studios such as Walt Disney Animation Studios, DreamWorks Animation, and Light and Magic.

Students are taught in 3D stream and Maya and learn the foundations of animated character design.

Location: Vancouver, BC

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#7. The Art Institute of Vancouver

The Art Institute of Vancouver or the LaSalle College Vancouver is one of the best colleges in Canada for an animation degree program. 

The Canadian animation school has produced some exceptional alumni though, they do not proud of their success.

Although one of their alumni, Calista Chandler works with Disney on Various Disney XD production.

With the great alumni from the school, it’s great and an ideal school for students looking to break into the industry once they graduate.

This why the school made this list of best animation schools in Canada.

However, the Animation Art and Design degree also incorporate 3D Modeling for Animation and Games. Allowing students to begin a career in the visual effects, animation, and game industries.

In this program, you’ll begin with a foundation in drawing, color, design, and computer applications then progress to 2D animation, 3D animation, modeling, acting, and pantomiming.

Graduates of the Art Institute of Vancouver’s Animation program take up animation entry level jobs as a 3D animator, 2D Animator, Motion Capture Artist, e.t.c.

Location: Vancouver, BC

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#8. Vancouver Film School

Have your search been on several kinds of animation? Just have a stop at Vancouver Film School.

Vancouver Film School (VFS) is one of the best art schools in Canada that prepares you for a glittering career.

Specifically in acting, animation, film & TV production, screenwriting, programming, makeup, sound, interactive, or game design.

The interesting thing about VFS is that it offers several animation courses, which makes you a genius in one aspect.

However, you can choose from 3D animation, visual effects, 2D animation, and animation concept art.

VFS 3D Animation & Visual Effect is a 12-month diploma program that trains visual effects and modeling.

The Classical Animation program is also a 12-month diploma program that delves into the fundamentals of drawing, animation, and basic art direction.

VFS Animation Concept Art is also a 12-month diploma program. However, this program trains the creation of characters and real-world animation.

VFS is up there in the best animation schools in the world.

Location: Vancouver, BC

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#9. Ontario College of Art and Design

This college made this list of the best animation schools in Canda because it’s the largest and most comprehensive art, design, and media university in Canada.

OCAD University is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to degree prorams in arts.

However, OCAD University offers only a Bachelor of Animation program. But because it is a comprehensive 4-year program and it’s worth it.

Meanwhile, OCAD ranks as one of the best medical schools in Canada.

Similarly, OCAD University’s Digital Painting and Expanded Animation program have a four-year duration.

In this program, you will take basic drawing and painting lessons, but you will also try stop motion techniques, 3D animation, and 2D visual effects for animation and painting.

Finally, at the end of this OCAD’s animation program, you’ll graduate with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree (BFA).

But the best part of the program is that you will graduate with great experience in animation. Such that gives you an advantage in entry level animation jobs.

Location: Toronto, ON

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#10. Emily Carr University of Art and Design

Emily Carr University of Art and Design has the distinction of creating an exciting and stimulating environment for its students learning media, design, and visual arts.

This Canadian university is a purely art higher institution with four faculties providing leading art, design, and media degree programs, certificates, continuing education courses, graduate studies, and research opportunities.

However, on animation, Emily Carr offers the 2D + Experimental animation major and the 3D computer animation major.

These two are 4-year programs that provide graduates with a Bachelor of Media Arts. The 2D+ Experiential Animation includes diverse animation media and creative practices.

Students develop as creative animators and critical thinkers. In addition, they explore forms of narrative storytelling through classical animation in both traditional and digital drawing methods.

Though, Emily Carr’s 3D Computer Animation Major, on the other hand, brings animation to life.

Certainly, the program offers students a hands-on animation production experience. One that will prepare them for life after school, whether as commercial artists or independent filmmakers.

Emily Carr alumni have amazed a lot of achievements along the road as well. The award-winning “Late Night” animation and the CGI Animated Short Film, “Lucky” was developed by Emily Carr’s students.

Lastly, they heavily emphasize the flexibility of their curriculum. They put efforts in almost yearly to create the most updated and relevant educational experience.

The Animation degree allows students to explore a variety of choices and concentrations.

Location: Vancouver, BC

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#11. Vancouver Animation School

To wrap up this list of best animation schools in Canada, is Vancouver Animation School.

They are one of the leading educational institutions devoted to educating aspiring artists in the diverse disciplines that form the Animation, Visual Effects, and Video Game industries.

The Video Game Design Diploma is a program that ensures budding developers can easily enter the world of game creation, especially using tools like the Unity Game Engine.

In addition to learning basic and advanced Unity tactics, students will learn theory, improve gameplay, and level design.

Video game lovers who want to delve deep into the nuts and bolts of what makes the game industry tick are the target audience. But with emphasis on a passion for creating and exploring.

The programs they offer are 3D Character Animation, 2D Computer Animation, and Animated Short Films.

The three programs have a duration of 12 months, but the first two have an introductory course for 3 months.

The admission requirements are as follows:

  • High school graduate, or 19+ years old
  • Successfully passing an assessment test, which includes reading, writing, and English skills
    • International students need to verify proficient oral and written communication skills
  • Submitting a portfolio or completing an introductory course in its place
Location: Burnaby, BC.

If you are finding it difficult to enroll in the programs based on the fees, below is a list of online animation courses. If you are going for animation courses in Canada, the courses below might be of help.

Online animation courses

  • Animation courses online (Udemy)
  • Complete Animation Course by Aaron Blaise
  • Introduction to Classic Animation with Ryan Slater
  • 12 Principles of Animation with Justin Harrison
  • Character animation: Fundamentals with Chris Kirshbaum
  • Learn 3D animation online with CG Spectrum
  • Stop Motion Course with Chuck Duke
  • Animation Basics with Animation Mentor


As you have seen the list of the best animation schools in Canada, it’s up to you to make your choice.

I believe the animation schools above meets your need, but if not, the online animation courses might help.

Animation is now every use in the film industry. There are a lot of opportunities when you are an animator.

Like I said earlier, Canada is a great Country for learning arts. Most of the universities I listed here occupy a place in the world’s university of Arts ranking.

Lastly, if this list of best animation schools in Canada is of help to you, just share with your friends.

Do you have a question for us? Please use the comment section, I will respond ASAP.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the main difference between 2D and 3Dd animation?

In 2D animation, the characters and objects used for processing consist only of two dimensions of height and width.
While 3D animation consists of processing characters and objects with three dimensions, height, width, and depth, and is more realistic compared to 2D characters.

What are the 5 main types of animation?

The main types and kinds of animation are;
1. Cel (Celluloid) Animation.
2. 2D Animation.
3. 3D Animation.
4. Motion Graphics.
5. Stop Motion.

What is animation?

Animation is a method of representing successive drawings, models, or even dolls to create the illusion of movement in a sequence. However, in traditional animation, images are drawn or drawn on transparent striped papers to represent them.

What is traditional animation?

Traditional animation is otherwise known as classic animation, fluid animation, hand-drawn animation, or just 2D or 2D animation. It is an animation technique in which each frame is drawn manually.
This technique was the predominant form of animation in films until the advent of computer animation (3D animation).

What is the entry level animation jobs?

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