Best Magic Courses and Classes Online Fully Updated 2020

Magic they say is an art of the mind. This content on the best magic courses and classes online will show you how to harness and also channel your mind in performing some magical tricks.

After taking this course, you will be able to entice and also amaze your audience with some magical tricks you will learn from this course.

After extensive research, we compiled this list of the best magic courses, classes, tutorials, training, and certification programs fully updated and available online for 2020.

This list includes paid and free courses that allow you to learn and perform amazing magic tricks. It is also ideal for beginners, advanced, and experts.

Best Magic Courses & Classes Online Fully Updated 2020

  • Penn & Teller Teach The Art of Magic (Masterclass)
  • Top Magic Courses Online (Udemy)
  • Online Magic Classes (SkillShare)
  • Aaron Fisher Magic (Aron Fisher)

1. Penn & Teller Teach The Art of Magic (Masterclass)

After many years of experience and performing together, Penn & Teller’s shows sold out worldwide, received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and created a record of the longest-running act in Las Vegas. Now, these two magicians will teach you basic magic courses, tricks, and psychological tools that will amaze your audience while performing on stage. Broaden your perception of what’s possible.

Key Objectives of this course

  • You will learn from the experts of magic, Penn and Teller
  • You will understand the concepts of magic and also perform magical methods like French drop, card magic, coin magic, string tricks and many more
  • Learn how to amaze your audience with strategies and steps they never expected.
  •  Bonus chapters on some of the famous magicians’ routines

2. Top Magic Courses Online (Udemy)

Udemy has the perfect magic courses that can help you entice, amaze, and trick your audience and also earn you extra bucks. Whether you want to do stand-up magic tricks or live performance on a stage or even in Halloween parties, Udemy has the right courses to set you on course.

Several courses have been listed on their website for you to enroll in any course of your choice. Learn cool card tricks to surprise your audience with concerts and parties or to have your show.

You will know how to play with people’s general perceptions and how to manifest the art of mental maneuvering after completing the course. If you are a beginner, don’t worry because the courses are tailor-made and take into account all levels. You can start with the most basic principles of magic.

Key Objectives Of The Course

  • Learn the art of magic through tricks that play with perceptions
  • Know how to do tricks with cards and coins
  • Perform magic on paid shows to get additional source of income
  • Understand magic to amaze people

3. Online Magic Classes (SkillShare)

If you want to understand the concepts of street magic, object transformation, card magic, a study of the sun’s role in astrology, tarot, sleight hand of magic, welcoming witchcraft into all area’s of your life then Skillshare has all of them in their archive.

The lessons are aimed at beginners to advanced and remain easy to understand. Log in as you choose and create illusions and magic that blind people who are watching.

Key Objectives Of The Course

  • Instructions on magic tricks and illusions.
  • Learn to play with people’s perceptions and trick their minds
  • Perform card tricks and magic to entertain at parties
  • Learn street magic techniques to make a living
  • Understand reading the tarot and sun signs

4. Aaron Fisher Magic (Aron Fisher)

You will have the opportunity to learn from the world’s leading magician Aaron Fischer who invented the Miracle Man Method[MMM], which is a proven, step-by-step process that shows you how to master the mysteries of wonder in record time. These are the secrets he teaches his/her customers so that they can take their magic to the next level.

Everyone can learn and do magic through the simple and quick steps of the training. Aaron has helped many CEOs and celebrities, and this training is designed to educate and help people who want to learn magic and earn money.

Key Objectives Of This Course

  • A guide to learning magic and tricks to surprise the public
  • Lifetime access to the online community of 3M to get queries answered
  • Six coaching calls with the instructor to get your magic machine up and running
  • Bonus videos with updates on tricks and magic hacks


We have come to the end of this wonderful session on the best magic courses and classes fully updated for you. If you want to revive your magic career or take your magic career to the next level then these 4 magic courses and classes is important for you. After taking these courses, it will set your career on the right path. Enjoy!!!


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