8 Best Real Estate Photography Classes & Courses Online with Certificates 2021

For you to stumble on this blog post, you must have needed it so badly. You might need to know that this list of Best Real Estate Photography Classes Online has been extensively researched. In addition, the compilation of this list of the best courses, tutorials, training, and certification programs for real estate photography online in 2021 includes paid courses as well.

This list offers the best learning resources to help you master real estate photography. All of these courses are suitable for beginners, advanced and experienced photographers.

Free Tutorial Online has provided online learners with lots of free courses to take, as well as certification courses, to enable create value in their resume or CV for an advantage in search of a job.

Why you need a real estate photography course

Firstly, real estate photography is a challenging but entertaining and potentially lucrative job. It can be a big additional income or a full-time career if you chooses to make it a business.

There are lots of real estate photography jobs one can take up as a professional in the business.

At first glance it may seem simple: just take photos of houses and rooms and get paid simply as that right? Yes!

Real estate photography salary

As of Jun 30, 2020, the average annual salary for a Real Estate Photographer in the United States is $60,520 a year.

Real estate photography jobs

According to ZipRecruiter, due to the recent job offers, the job market for real estate photographers in and around Lagos, NG is very active.

People who work as real estate photographers in their area earn an average of $60,520 a year, or the same as the national average annual salary of $60,520.

Who pays a real estate photographer?

Above all, it should be your real estate agent who pays the photographer and the photographs. The listings and accompanying pictures are part of the marketing of your house and as such are the responsibility of your real estate agent.

Also, you can charge your clients based on what you feel is good. The average charge of a real estate photographer is $200 for daytime photos and $250 for twilight.

The usual payment for real estate photography is $190 for buildings less than 3,000 square feet, $230 – more than 3,000 square feet.

Below shows you how much photographers charge per hour or per image mostly in the US and the UK.

In fact, the usual price list for real estate photography starts at $500 per individual list.

Now, let’s take a look at the 8 Best Real Estate Photography Courses Online.

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The 8 Best Real Estate Photography Classes & Courses Online with Certificates in 2021

#1.  Real Estate Photography: How to Get Started (Udemy)

On my first list of the best real estate photography classes online is Real Estate Photography: How to Get Started from Udemy.

Unlike other courses that focus only on teaching photography. This Udemy course guides you through the basics of starting a business around real estate photography.

The instructor of this course, Greg Gottfried, has shared his secrets to finding the best ways to build a highly profitable real estate photography business.

You do not need photographic skills to register for this course. The course is perfect for aspiring real estate photographers and real estate agents to improve their real estate no-how.

Benefits of the course

  • Learn the camera settings that you need to take fantastic property photos to impress the clients.
  • Get to know about the best photo editors that will help you to enhance the pics you have taken.
  • Learn to ask the right questions to the clients to gather as much information as possible before booking a photo shoot.
  • Know about the best photography equipment that falls under your budget.
  • Learn to prepare electronic invoices, and deliver photos to your clients with a free-to-use hyperlink.
  • The self-paced course facilitates on-demand video lessons, downloadable resources, and course completion certificate.

Course rating: 4.6 out of 5

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#2. Mastering Architecture and Real Estate Photography (Udemy)

This Udemy Real Estate Photography course is perfect for real estate photographers and job seekers in the same niche.

The instructor for this course, Charlie Borland, is an extremely experienced photographer who is well known for his great work.

In order to register for this course, you must have an adequate understanding of the photo equipment, techniques, and photoshop. However, you can use your favorite photo editing tool if you don’t feel comfortable with Photoshop.

The course offers a comprehensive learning experience for builders, architects, and real estate agents.

Benefits of the course

  • Learn the best practices of photographing real estate architectures and properties with the proper use of strobe and flashlights.
  • Learn the difference between setting up perfect interior and exterior lighting.
  • Get to know the photographing techniques for different types of properties like commercials, residential, hotels, etc.
  • Understand and manage the right angles, light sources, reflections, colors, compositions, shadows, and highlights.
  • Learn to adjust the HDR effect and disappearing lighting techniques for taking amazing architecture photos.
  • Master the methods of processing images with the help of downloadable practice photo files.

Course rating: 4.4 out of 5

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#3. The Real Estate Photography Course (Great Photography Courses)

This real estate photography course from Great Photography Courses, is one of their many high-end tutorials to help you master real estate photography.

Whether you are a contractor, broker, or architect, the need for great architectural photography is everywhere.

The instructors will show you how to take amazing photos with the right equipment and techniques. This tutorial is ideal for advanced and professional photographers and requires prior knowledge of photography and Photoshop editing.

Benefits of the course

  • You will learn the advanced lighting techniques like types of light, interior, and exterior lighting, highlighting features, etc.
  • Learn the difference between real estate and architectural photography, and the best practices to capture both.
  • Build your photography gear arsenal with the suggestions on choosing budget equipment and their usages.
  • Learn to balance colors, correcting weak colors, HDR mode, disappearing lighting techniques, and excellent composition practices.
  • Discover the storytelling angle for every picture that emotionally connects to the viewer.
  • The course facilitates 12 hours of video lessons with a lifetime access facility.

Course rating: 4.5 out of 5

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#4. Real Estate and Architectural Photography (Creative Live)

The instructor for this course, Mike Kelley, is a renowned Los Angeles architect and photographer. Who will teach you how to become a real estate photographer and improve your photography business.

In addition to photographic skills, this Creative Live course will teach you the best practices in dealing with your real estate clients. Also, the course is more of an architectural photography course. Meaning that it is more suitable for architects.

You can take this course with a basic understanding of photography.

Benefits of the course

  • Best practices of bidding on jobs, finding clients for your photography business, and convincing them to hire you.
  • You will learn all the techniques to realistically representing a picture or embellishing the features of an object.
  • Explore different lighting options, staging, composition, etcetera, to develop a unique photography style of your own.
  • Learn to set up a process to finely execute photoshoot planning, shooting, editing, and client delivery.
  • Get to know the best photography gears at your budget that help you to build an impressive portfolio.
  • Learn light editing, cloning, finishing touches, and Moire effect fixing in photoshop.

Course rating: 4.7 out of 5

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#5. Best Real Estate Photography Courses (Udemy)

Udemy offers several real estate photography classes that cover almost every aspect of perfect real estate photography.

The instructors of these courses are highly recognized photographers and experienced course creators. You need basic knowledge and means of photography and photo editing to register for one of these courses.

Also, some of the notable courses on this list are drone videos for the real estate master class, real estate photography for the broker, how to make money with Enfuse for real estate photography, etc.

Benefits of the course

  • Learn to operate drones the right way and film cinematic drone videos with a touch of emotion that impress your clients.
  • Also, learn the best practices of representing your properties to potential clients to convert them into buyers.
  • How to install one of the best photography software, Enfuse, and its usages in real estate photography.
  • Discover budget real estate equipment to enhance every photo you take.
  • Learn mobile photography techniques and the best tools to edit pictures taken using mobile cameras.
  • These courses are self-paced and facilitate video lectures, downloadable resources, and course completion certificates at the end of each course.

Course rating: 4.8 out of 5

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#6. Real Estate Photography for the Real World (Darren Miles Photography)

If you want to turn your hobby into your career, you will learn the best practices in this Darren Miles Photography course.

The instructor for this course, Darren Miles, is an experienced real estate photographer who photographs more than 1,000 houses each year.

Darren believes that great property photos play an important role in property sales. Whether you are a runner, an architect, or a photographer. Excellent photography skills will take you far in this industry.

Benefits of the course

  • Get to know about the necessary photography gears that suit your budget and the best place to buy.
  • Learn the best practices of property-specific composition, colors, and lighting techniques to enhance the effectiveness of the photographs.
  • Get the opportunities to hear from the real clients about their expectations from a photoshoot.
  • Learn the art of image processing from the very basic editing level to advance editing for feature-rich homes.
  • Work on live projects that take you to actual photoshoots for photographing different parts of a house.
  • Learn the secrets of getting clients that pay well for your service.

Course rating: 4.5 out of 5

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#7. Real Estate Photography Classes for Beginning Photographers (fixthephoto)

It is no secret that the real estate image market has grown rapidly, especially for professional photographers.

In this sense, more and more young people want to connect their lives to this genre of photography. And also, the demand for real estate photography workshops is growing.

And on the Internet you can find many different courses for real estate photography. But how can you decide which is the best? Obviously, this you can choose any course on our list here.

Fixthephoto said since all courses are different from each other and each has its advantages and disadvantages, they decided to group all real estate photography classes depending on the following criteria:

  • Location
  • Cost
  • Level
  • Suggested program

Benefits of the course

  • The art of composition;
  • What you should do to achieve high real estate photographer rates;
  • You will understand the concept of light quality;
  • Get professional pieces of advice on real estate photo editing

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#8. Mastering Real Estate Photography: From Zero to Expert (Sleeklens)

Matthew Stallone, a Canadian real estate photographer, has spent years honing his skills to produce some of the most impressive photography ever seen. His Stallone Media photo and videography company has been amazingly successful.

And now, Matthew has worked with Sleeklens to develop the perfect course to help those looking to jump into real estate photography.

The Mastering Real Estate Photography course shows all the basic skills needed to get started and gradual editing in Lightroom and Photoshop for the best possible results.

This course covers all the general questions that many new property photographers have when it comes to getting started.

First, Matthew talks about the basic flashes and transmitters required to achieve his distinctive style. It then covers the basics of on-camera flash and the basics of composition when taking photos of a house.

Matthew then covers the basic principles of combining flash photography with ambient shots and how different this style is compared to HDR (High Dynamic Range) photography.

At the end of the interior, Matthew shows all the techniques with which he can not only photograph a room. But also create an environment with light painting.

Benefits of the course

  • You will learn flashes and transmitters
  • Composition
  • Combining flashes and ambient exposure
  • HDR vs Flash
  • Light painting
  • Editing in both lightroom and photoshop
  • Simple twilight photography
  • Creating LR presets

Course rating: 5 out of 5


So, you have seen the 8 best real estate photography classes and courses online in 2021.

In general, if you want to kick start your career on real estate photography, you are sure to be making pretty cool money. Also, these courses listed here will be a steping stone to that vision.

As I said earlier, as of Jun 30, 2020, the average annual pay for a Real Estate Photographer in the United States is $60,520 a year. The usual price list for real estate photography starts at $500 per individual list.

Lastly, I believe you saw what you are looking for in this real estate photography courses above.

How do you see real estate photography? Is it worth choosing as a career? Let’s discuss…

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