8 Best Online Robotics Courses, Classes & Tutorials with Certificates in 2021

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For you to have landed here, then you must have sought for this course so badly. It might interest you to know that this list of best Robotics courses and certification was thoroughly and extensively researched.

Furthermore, the compilation of this list of the best Robotics courses, tutorials, Robotics courses training, and Robotics certification programs available for this course in particular in 2021 includes paid and free courses.

This list offers the best learning resources to help you master Robotic courses for high school. All of these courses are suitable for beginners, advanced, and experienced Robotics Engineers.

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What is Robotics?

Robotics is known as the area of computing and engineering that deals with the layout, construction, operation, and application of robots. … robots will train specialists in skills such as technology design, programming, repair and installation of machine equipment, etc.

This course on the best Robotics courses and certification will give you an insight into the things you need to know about Robotics Engineering.

What is Robotics Engineering?

Robotic engineering is the act of developing robots and automated systems that can perform tasks that humans cannot or prefer to complete.

Through his creations, the robotics engineer helps make jobs safer, easier, and more effective, especially in the manufacturing industry.

This content on the best Robotics courses and certification helps engineers design a plan relevant to build a Robot. Also, they create some computer codes necessary to effectively run a Robot.

What Does A Robotics Engineers do?

Robotics engineer designs models, create and experiment machines, and creates software that controls them. They are also conducting research to find the safest and most cost-effective process for manufacturing their automated systems.

Which Engineering is best for robotics?

Engineering courses like Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering. Also Computer science, Mathematics, design and technology, and lastly computing and programming.

How can I become a Robotics Engineer?

  • Take Exceptional Math and Science Courses in High School. …
  • Obtain a Bachelor’s Degree.
  • Finish an Internship.
  • Get a Job as a Robotics Engineer.
  • Receive a Master’s Degree.

How many years of college do I need to become a robotics engineer?

Four years Bachelors Courses (Four years duration): Tech) in Robotics Engineering. Bachelor of Engineering (BE) in Robotics.

What is the average salary of a Robotics engineer?

The average salary of a Robotics Engineer is $101,832 per year.

Now, here is a full list of the best Robotics courses and certifications available online 2021

The 8 Best Online Robotics courses and certifications in 2021

best online robotics courses

#1. The Robotics Certification by Penn – University of Pennsylvania (edX)

In our world today, Robots have done immensely well in the world of Engineering. They make life and work easy. They have proffered solutions to our pressing and tactical needs today.

The University of Pennsylvania is one of the many Robotics Engineering institutions that can help develop the technical skill necessary to proffer new solutions to real-life problems.

There are a series of challenges throughout the week that will help you improve your knowledge of the fundamental issues and demonstrate your skills in finding effective solutions.

After taking these best Robotics courses and certification, you will have an in-depth knowledge of Robotics Engineering and deal with the tactical challenges that come with Robotics Engineering and Robotics Certification.

Benefits of this course

  • A video session that leads you through a host of concepts one by one with important illustrations and symbols.
  • The lessons are composed comprehensively which aids you to learn new skills in a little period of time as well as obtain the necessary hints and best practices.
  • Develop robots with guidance from the lectures to get a practical overview of concepts covered in the lessons.
  • The program is divided into a series of 4 courses and taught by experts with years of experience.
  • Understand the visual intelligence that enables robots to explore complex environments.

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#2. Modern Robotics Certification: Mechanics, Planning & Control (Coursera)

Coursera will show you the most important concepts of Robotics which is the study of the kinematics, dynamics, motion planning, and control of mobile robots and robot arms.

This course covers almost all the concepts of Robotics. This course is specially designed for intermediate level learners with little experience in Robotics.

This major presents a definite method of spatial movement and solid body dynamics and employs descriptions of modern IUD theory and exponential formula products.

Your idea and knowledge about mathematics and computer science as a student will help you develop a Robotic software that will be tested on the latest free multi-platform robot simulator, allowing every student to have an original robot programming experience with industrial robot manipulators and mobile robots without having to buy expensive robots.

There are 6 courses available in this major, and it is recommended that you take the courses in order, because one is a pre-requisite to the other. At the end of the course, you will complete a project before you will earn a certificate.

Benefits of this course

  • Sharing specialization and course certificates and Robotics training courses
  • The option to learn at the speed that suits you best
  • Videos and session readings
  • Practice competitions
  • Qualified tasks with peer reviews
  • Qualified questionnaires with comments
  • Graded programming tasks

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#3. Robotics Certification by The University of Pennsylvania (Coursera)

Robotics as a skill is a very good edge and advantage you can get as an individual. Robotics Engineers are sought after all over the world with their annual salary worth over $100,000. This particular Coursera course is meant for beginners who do not have prior knowledge about Robotics.

You will learn some interesting topics like robot flight and movement, how robots make their environment and how they adjust their movements to avoid obstacles, navigate difficult terrain and perform complex tasks such as construction and disaster recovery.

You will understand the roles of Robots in disaster situations and controls, and also the roles of robots in human health care and what their future capabilities will be.

Enroll in this course today and become a better Robotics Engineer.

Benefits of this course

  • A great course to start using robots without any previous experience.
  • Divided into 6 parts, the certificate covers each critical topic one by one at an ideal pace.
  • Several exercises to apply the knowledge gained during the lessons.
  • You will also learn Motion Planning, Matlab, and Estimation.

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#4. Electricity & electronics – Robotics, learn by building (Udemy)

This is a beginner course that requires a basic knowledge of mathematics, and it is aimed at brooding students who have a passion for electronics to help them understand the bases that will be useful for building electronic circuits and making electronic components from scratch.

In this Module 1 course, you will also learn about Electricity, soldering skills, and basic analog electronics.

You don’t need any knowledge about electricity or electronics to take this course, however, by the end of this course, you will have developed functional electronic circuits like flashing lights and sound effects and also controlling the best friend of the robotics engineer, the servo motor, which is a spinning motor to a specific address under your command.

The best Robotics courses and certification is Arguably one of the best courses online today, you will understand how to build analog electronics circuits. Get the course today and set your career on the right track.

Benefits of this course

  • Development and construction of analog electronic circuits
  • you will build multiple circuits, from sound noise to electronics, where we will actually control a servo motor by reading signals from his muscles
  • 54 Lectures + Full lifetime access + 1 Article

Click on the image below to get the discounted price of the course

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#5. Digital Electronics: Robotics Course (Udemy)

This is an intermediate level course. It is advisable to take Module 1 of this course directly above this course to gain the knowledge of Analogue electronics before embarking on this one.

Digital electronics have phased out the Analogue. In our modern world today, Digital Robotics and Electronics are very vital as most of our automobiles are fully digital electronics. Your knowledge about this will give you an edge over your competitors in this field.

In Module 2, you will learn how to build digital circuits, use and program micro-controllers like PIC and Arduino, and connect them with the real world.

You will need a good understanding of basic electronics (that is, you have completed Module 1 of this course), some basic math skills, a computer, and you are cool to go.

At the end of this best Robotics courses and certification, you will learn how to design and build digital electronic circuits, and use microcontrollers to control real-world items like the robots they build!

Benefits of this course

  • Design and build digital electronic circuits, and use microcontrollers to control real-world items like the robots they build!
  • You will be able to program microcontrollers like the PIC and Arduino.
  • The theoretical and practical content is well balanced.

Click on the image below to get the discounted price of the course

#6. Robotics Certificate Course by Columbia University (edX)

This course covers the fundamentals of robotics, focusing on both the mind and the body. The usefulness of Robots can’t be overemphasized. Robots tend to do work effectively, tirelessly, repeatedly, and intelligently with little or no flaws.

This course discusses succinctly about 2 classes of Robots namely Kinematics chains and mobile bases Robots.

You will learn how to use the Chain set of Robots to model the task of delivering a payload to a specific location. And also, use mobile base Robots to introduce concepts of independent navigation in the presence of obstacles at the end of the course.

Class projects will make use of ROS – the open-source Robot Operating System widely used in both research and industry.

Benefits of this course

  • Two-dimensional and three-dimensional spatial relationships represent smooth coordinates
  • Robotic arms manipulation: kinematic chains, front and back kinematics, differential kinematics
  • Programming and navigation using portable robots: robot graphics, maps, and motion planning
  • Complete robot systems planning
  • Develop current and future applications for robots.

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#7. ROS – Robot Operating System Course (edX)

Do you wish to learn how to program a complete real-world robotic system with ROS? Build strong Robotic applications? Take this course today and you won’t regret it.

(ROS) is a computer software that allows you to quickly create robotic applications by accessing a wide range of open-source tools and programs. Over the years ROS has become an essential tool for robots. A large community surrounds ROS and there has been a wide contribution from industrial users in developing these tools.

Many of the new advanced robot capabilities for manipulation, perception, and navigation have been developed using ROS. Companies such as Airbus and Boeing are using ROS for several of their applications.

You will learn to use different ROS tools to create a complete robotic application at the end of the course. 

Benefits of this course

  • How to use ROS communication tools (topics, services, and procedures) to exchange information between functional units
  • Visualize and create a personal environment with Android.
  • Robot mapping and mobile robot navigation.
  • How to implement the function of capturing and dropping with the arms of industrial robots

#8. Become a Robotics Software Engineer Nanodegree Program (Udacity)

Learn how to create a simultaneous mapping and positioning app with ROS and C ++ packages. You will do this by combining map algorithms with what you have learned in localization lessons.

In this course, you will need experience in C++ or similar object-oriented language and mathematics. 

Start your exploration in the world of robotics software engineering with a practical, system-focused approach to robotics programming using ROS and C ++ Framework. In addition, you will learn applied algorithms engineering robotics programs such as location, mapping, and navigation.

Start a full school today. Get the course and become a certified Robotics Engineer.

Benefits of this course

  • Introductory classes provide trainers and essential elements for robots.
  • Learn about the tools needed throughout the lessons.
  • Learn the various algorithms of navigation and route planning.
  • Personalized learning plan and easy monthly payments to make it a comfortable and rich experience.
  • Lessons have flexible deadlines that can be taken at your convenience.


We have come to the end of this wonderful piece on the best Robotics courses and certification available online in 2021. The use of Robots in our everyday life has helped in many sectors especially in Engineering.

Robotics Engineering is the real deal, get one of the courses listed above today and take your Robotics Engineering career to the next level.

Enroll in one of the courses listed above and set your career on the right track. I hope this information was helpful to you, I wish you the best of luck. Enjoy!!!!

The list of the best Robotics courses and certification are there for you, ensure you sign up for one of them today.

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