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Yes! This is the list of the best selling geometry courses and classes with certificates, thoroughly and extensively researched to be able to meet your demands and serve you better.

Have you been searching for the best online high school geometry course? online geometry course for college credit, online homeschool geometry course, or one of the best online high school geometry course summer? Search no more, because this content on the best selling geometry courses and classes with certificates has got you covered.

Furthermore, this topic covers both khan academy geometry, geometry math, and also the best online math courses available in 2020.

A team of highly trained experts in the geometry field has come together to assemble a list of the best selling geometry courses and classes, tutorials, training, and certificates programs available online in 2020. Moreso, the list contains both paid and free resources to help you effectively and efficiently understand geometry. Also, this course is suitable for beginners, intermediate learners, and experts.

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Before you dive deeper into the list of the best selling geometry courses and classes, let’s take a look at some of the frequently asked questions as regards geometry.

What is Geometry?

Geometry is a branch of mathematics that deals with questions about the shape, size, relative position of figures, and the properties of space. A mathematician who works in the field of geometry is called a geometer.

What are the 3 types of Geometry?

In 2D there are 3 geometries:

  • Euclidean
  • spherical
  • hyperbolic

How do you master geometry?

  1. Diagram for success
  2. Know your properties and theorems
  3. Understand Euclid’s postulates
  4. Learn the language of math
  5. Know your angles
  6. Know your triangles
  7. Figure out what you want and what you’re given

What is the hardest geometry problem?

The problem is known as Langley Adventitious Angles and was raised in 1922. It is also known as the most difficult simple geometry problem since it can be solved using elementary methods, but it is difficult and tedious. You can find out Watch the video to find a solution.

What Are The 10 geometric concepts?

  • points
  • Lines
  • Planes
  • Angles
  • Parallel Lines
  • Triangles
  • Similarity
  • Trigonometry
  • quadrilaterals
  • transformations,
  • circles and areas.

Is Geometry useful in real life?

Yes! It is useful in our everyday life such as measuring circumference, area, and volume when you need to build or create something. It is also important in recreational activities, such as video games, sports, quilting, and food design.

What are the Methodologies and terminologies of geometry?

  • Absolute geometry.
  • Affine geometry.
  • Algebraic geometry.
  • Analytic geometry.
  • Archimedes’ use of infinitesimals.
  • Birational geometry.
  • Complex geometry.
  • Combinatorial geometry.

What are the Best Online Math Courses?

  • Become an Algebra Master by Udemy.
  • 8th Grade Math by Khan Academy.
  • School Yourself by Harvard University.
  • Introduction to Mathematical Thinking by Stanford Univesity.
  • Algorithmic Design and Techniques by UC San Diego.
  • Linear Algebra and the Study of Spaces by Udemy.
  • Probability — The Science of Uncertainty and Data by edX.

How Difficult is Geometry?

Geometry can be difficult depending on the mathematical background. Mathematics is a sequential subject. For example, if you don’t understand the basics of algebra 1 and 2, geometry may be a problem. It also depends on your teacher’s ability to easily explain geometry in class.

Is Geometry Needed for Algebra 2?

Geometry was meant to be registered before algebra 2 with trigonometry and after algebra 1. However, this raises some concerns that in one year of geometry your student will forget everything they have learned about algebra.

With all that been said, here is a comprehensive list of the best selling geometry courses and classes with certificates available online in 2020.

Best Selling Geometry Courses and Classes with Certificates available in 2020.

1. Become a Geometry Master (Udemy)

Udemy has made available one of the best selling geometry courses on its platform. This course has a video and also a text explanation of everything about Geometry. Furthermore, it includes quizzes and also an additional workbook for practice, to help you test your understanding along the way.

You will understand how to use lines, triangles, polygons, Quadrilaterals, like rectangles, squares, and parallelograms, Circles, including arcs, inscribed angles, and chords, and Area and perimeter for two-dimensional figures. Enroll in this course and set your career on the right track.

Benefits of this course

  • Quadrilaterals, triangles, and circles, including calculations of angles, perimeter, and area
  • Three-dimensional geometry, including prisms, pyramids, cylinders, cones, and spheres
  • Transformations of figures, including translating, rotating, and reflecting
  • Logic and proofs, including conditionals and converses
  • Lifetime access to Become a Geometry Master
  • Friendly support in the Q&A section
  • Udemy Certificate of Completion available for download
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

Click on the image below to get the discounted price of the course

2. Introduction to Geometry (edx)

This is an introductory course on geometry that teaches you how to measure angles, prove geometric theorems, and discover how to calculate areas and volumes. Before this course ends, you will be able to learn how to calculate geometric shapes easily, learn various ways to find the area of a triangle, and also get your own estimate for the size of the earth.

Finally, you will understand some geometrical concepts, theorems, proofs, and formulas for various types of calculations and geometric functions. Get the course today and master geometry from scratch.

Benefits of this course

  • How to measure angles and rulers to determine when angles are congruent
  • Test and apply the properties of triangles, quadrilaterals, and other polygons
  • How to calculate the areas of polygons, circles, ellipses and other complex shapes

3. High School Geometry (Khan Academy)

This is a course provided by Khan Academy for students who want to learn the very core basics of geometry that form a part of the High School curriculum. 

This course was well documented in a very easy and understandable language with easy explanations of geometrical concepts via demonstrations, this course helps students visualize geometry that includes various shapes and their transformations, trigonometry, and analytical and solid geometry.

Benefits of this course

  • Mainly for high school level entries
  • Master different types of geometrical theories through pictures and creative visuals
  • Narrates everything about geometry right from its origin

4. Honors Geometry (John Hopkins)

The sole purpose of this course is to help students develop their critical thinking ability, develop mathematical reasoning, and also problem-solving techniques to investigate and explore geometry.

In this course also, you will be introduced to some software tools, GeoGebra, through projects that will be created. Additionally, students are invited to participate and ask questions in an open Help Room guided by instructors.

Benefits of this course

  • You will learn deductive and inductive reasoning with the proofs of various theorems
  • Understand the various concepts of congruence and similarity along with parallel lines
  • Understand the calculation of perimeter, area, and volumes of various shapes
  • Learn a software tool for geometry, GeoGebra


We have come to the conclusion of the compiled list of the best selling geometry courses and training with certificates available online in 2020.

Get one of the courses today and set your career on the right course.  I hope this information was helpful to you, I wish you the best of luck. Enjoy!!!! Please, drop a comment in the comment session to tell us how you feel about the courses and some questions as well.

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