World Machine Tutorial; 6 best Courses & Tutorials Online in 2021

Well, you might have seen the list of best world machine tutorials elsewhere. But this list will totally be a different list altogether. However, we have curated the best courses on world machine from different MOOC platforms which will help you have the required and best knowledge on the subject.

First of all, let us see some brief stuff about world machine.

What is World Machine?

World Machine allows you to create realistic 3D terrain. Powerful and flexible, World Machine combines procedural terrain creation, nature simulations, and interactive editing to create realistic-looking terrain quickly and easily.

Asa result, you can create and export high-resolution elevation fields, textures, and grids for your game or rendering software.

Also, World Machine is a tool for the creation of 3D terrain with realistic geological effects utilizing block schemes and quite a number of math functions.

Ok, having gotten a brief understanding of World Machine and what it does, let us quickly jump to the list of best World Machine courses. Interestingly, these World Machine tutorials are bound to give you the best you ever wanted in a world machine tutorial.

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Ultimate List of 6 Best World Machine Tutorials Online with Certificates [2021]

Certainly, this list contains all the necessary resources to help you explore and learn World Machine. It is also suitable for beginners, intermediate and advanced users or experts. So, get on any world machine tutorial on the list and start learning.

#1. Top World Machine Courses (Udemy)

Udemy offers many beginner and advanced World Machine courses that you can browse to gain a deep understanding of the topic.

For instance, the instructors for these courses are renowned professionals in the global machine industry.

These courses are perfectly designed to teach you best practices in procedural terrain generation. No prior knowledge of using World Machine is required.

However, it would be helpful to have a basic understanding of the subject. Introduction to World Machine, World Machine: Terrains from NASA Satellite Imagery, Creating Massive Worlds with MEGA Terrains in World Machine, etc. are some of the most prominent courses on offer.

Benefits of the course

  • You will learn to find real satellite images of NASA, import them, and use them to create realistic terrains of your own.
  • Learn to develop terrains using real-world data, color images, and clip arts.
  • Learn to build highly detailed, and high-resolution grounds for game development, and renderings.
  • Understand the values of the nodes and which node to put in use to achieve the desired result.
  • All the course facilitates on-demand videos, readings, downloadable resources, self-paced learning options, lifetime access, and course completion certificate.

Course rating: 4.5 out of 5

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#2. Building a Landscape from the Ground up in World Machine (Pluralsight)

In this Pluralsight World Machine tutorial, you’ll learn how to create a great, detailed landscape from scratch.

In this tutorial, you will learn not only how to use World Machine, but also how to use other applications such as Unreal Engine and Geoglyph.

Dylan Yarbrough, a passionate and highly experienced 3D artist, is the instructor for this course and also a well-known trainer in the 3D industry. Availability of World Machine, Unreal Engine, and Geoglyph software is a prerequisite for participating in this course.

Benefits of the course

  • Learn to build detailed landscapes using World Machine, and then reuse the scene in other applications.
  • Learn to make different high-resolution 3D objects of real-world locations using the digital elevation models.
  • Get to know the best practices of distributing textures across a landscape using the splat map in the Unreal Engine.
  • Certainly learn to apply filters, establishing flow control and parameters, generating erosion, and implementing selectors.
  • Understand the usages of different World Machine devices and plug-ins to achieve the desired output.
  • Also, learn to export the landscapes in several file types without harming the landscape details.

Course rating: 4 out of 5

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#3. Matte Painting: Environments for Film (LinkedIn Learning – Lynda)

This LinkedIn Learning world machine tutorial is one of their unique tutorials that will teach you how to create movie environments using World Machine.

The creator of this course, Danny Janevski, is a world-famous matte paint artist best known for his work on the Iron Man, Transformer, and Star Trek films.

It teaches the secrets of world-class modern matte painting, multidisciplinary art. The course is best suited for intermediate to professional level students. A good understanding of VFX would help to understand the concepts more quickly.

Benefits of the course

  • Learn to build imaginary worlds, matte painting the mountains and sky using photoshop and world Machine.
  • Learn to concept frames, import, separate, and laying out the geometries in Clarisse and ZBrush applications.
  • Get to know how to create top-down renders and shaders in Clarisse and renaming the components.
  • Learn to create nodes, adjust resolution, using erosion, adding color, advanced macros, rendering, and file conversions.
  • Learn to set up Lookdev, creating layered, rock and sand shaders using masks, and textures.
  • Get lifetime access to the self-paced course videos, project files, and a course completion certificate at the end of the tutorial.

Course rating: 4.5 out of 5

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#4. World Machine: The Premier 3D Terrain Generator (World Machine)

Unlike traditional brush-based terrain editors, World Machine uses a procedural approach. Shape the terrain using basic building blocks such as fractals… then hit them with simulations of nature to create realistic features.

From the texture of the course, you will be able to create superb texturing by using information gathered during erosion.

You will aslo get nice results quickly by using some of their built-in macros and presets, or dive in deep and create sophisticated texturing networks of your own.

Whether megatexture or splat-map based, you’ll create some awesome texture coverage for your terrain model.

Benefits of the course

  • Load from a file, or guide mountains with our tools
  • Detail with fractal noise, then erode the results
  • Sketch the location of major rivers and have them carve river valleys.
  • 70+ tools available for your use.

Course rating: 4.3 out of 5

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#5. Introduction to World Machine (The Gnomon Workshop)

In this world machine tutorial, Dax Pandhi introduces the basics of procedural terrain generation with World Machine. Dax addresses the essential building blocks of the digital terrain and demystifies the apparent complexity of function graphics.

The course unfolds through a range of increasingly sophisticated terrain development techniques that use procedural noise generators and collapse geometric shapes through stochastic erosion, thermal weathering, coastal erosion, and snowfall. Some examples are a dry mountain range, a volcano, a snowy peak, and a coastal cliff.

Dax then goes through texturing techniques to create straightforward bitmaps for immediate use and erosive masks.

During the course of these exercises, Dax explains the complexities of realistic results and practical techniques such as ad hoc masking, selective erosion, combining multiple forms of erosion, and intersection filters to create complex and credible effects.

However, this talk was developed for the artist who is new to World Machine. Provides an invaluable resource from an experienced industry professional.

Benefits of the course

  • The instructor, Dax has over 18 years of experience in CGI
  • You will know the basics of procedural terrain generation with World Machine.
  • How to use filters to create complex and credible effects

Course rating: 4.5 out of 5

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#6. Introduction to World Machine (Udemy)

This course Introduction to World Machine covers everything you need to put you on a solid foundation to construct your own high quality terrains for film or video games.

I guarantee you this is one of the most comprehensive basic overview of the World Machine online toolkit. The instructor will explain the implications of each node and how it’s used.

And also, he will cover design generators and advanced Perlin and building macros specifically. Here, there is no philosophy or long explanations; Just functional and practical instructions to help you achieve your goals.

Once you’re done, you’ll also learn how easy it is to take World Machine creation, texture, and integration with the Unity 5 engine.

Lastly, when you finish the course, you will not only learn World Machine, but you will also understand how you can benefit from other procedural texturing systems.

Benefits of the course

  • Create high resolution, highly detailed terrains for rendering or game development.
  • Texture terrains based on World Machine’s masking and coloring devices.
  • Gain confidence in which node achieves the desired result.
  • Assemble macros to simplify terrain construction and keep graphs clean.
  • Understand what all the values within all the nodes actually do to the terrain.

Course rating: 4.7 out of 5

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You have seen our ultimate list of best World Machine courses online. So, What do you feel about the list? Tell us by using the comment section.

For a quick reminder, World Machine allows you to create realistic 3D terrain. Powerful and flexible, World Machine combines procedural terrain creation, nature simulations, and interactive editing to create realistic-looking terrain quickly and easily.

We actually put in great effort to see that you are presented with the best courses on World Machine. Conseqently, if our list of best World Machine courses online met your need, you might just share with friends on social media.


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