12 Best cheerleading colleges in 2022 | Full List

  When it comes to cheerleading colleges, there are different types of experiences, even within the same unit level.  Most colleges offer programs for students, while some offer all girls and others have both.  Some programs also have a team-level structure, similar to JV and Varsity, where only a high-level team competes.

Are there cheerleading colleges?

  With more than 250 colleges offering support programs in NCAA Division 1, Division 2, and Division 3, as well as NAIA and junior colleges, there are a variety of opportunities for student-athletes who want to join a collegiate team.  However, there are several key aspects that distinguish each school, and recruits need to research support colleges carefully to determine which ones are right for them.  This section provides a complete list of cheerleading colleges and a narrow list of the best programs in the country.

How can one join National Cheerleaders Association?

  If a student athlete is interested in competing in college, he or she will have to further narrow their options by deciding whether they want to go to school within the National Cheerleaders Association or the Universal Cheerleaders Association.  The NCA tends to cheer more for all-stars, focusing on dancing, stunts and acrobatics.  Cheerleaders who have competed in all-star competitions typically thrive in NCA-competing schools.  UCA is closer to traditional cheerleading, and routines are mostly focused on tricks and actual applause.

Are there benefits for cheerleading?

  Numerous colleges and universities offer more benefits for their cheerleading and dance teams.  These benefits typically include free uniforms, shoes, sports equipment, free transportation and accommodation during training and competition trips, and free meals.  Scholarships may also include a scholarship to feed on-campus student-athletes, book benefits and tuition discounts, and credit hours credited to their transcripts.

  In fact, cheerleading scholarships are quite small compared to full and partial sports scholarships awarded to other student-athletes.  But if you are passionate about cheerleading, these scholarships are welcome!

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Best cheerleading colleges in 2022

1.    University of Kentucky

  The University of Kentucky cheerleading team is one of the most successful student programs in the world.  No other college cheerleading team has dominated the World Fans’ Championships like Kentucky.  Fans of the University of Kentucky won their 22nd national championship at the Universal Cheerleaders Association on Sunday in Orlando, Florida.  Cheerleaders regularly attend the University’s Athletics Association and Alumni Association events.  They also represent the university at many charitable and community events.


2.    University of Minnesota

  The mission of the University of Minnesota’s Spirit Squad coaching staff is to serve its student-athletes and guide them to academic and athletic skills.  Due to their various qualities and characteristics, they will bring sincere care and guidance to their teams.  Their ultimate goal is to create smart, genuine, and selfless ambassadors for Minnesota.  University of Minnesota Golden Gophers Spirit Squads is a cheerleading organization on the campus of the University of Minnesota’s Twin Cities.  The University of Minnesota, being the first program ever created worldwide, is considered the “birthplace of cheerleading.”  The Co-Ed and Small Co-Ed Cheer teams are made up of both men and women, although the sizes vary from year to year.  The All-Girl Cheer team consists of all women. 


3.    Concordia University

  Concordia University cheerleaders is considered one of the best cheerleading colleges as they disburse scholarships for sports support in various amounts depending on students’ qualifications, abilities and experience, among others.  These sports scholarships are renewed annually provided that the student-athlete remains relevant.  Athlete students may also apply for academic scholarships in addition to their sports scholarships.

  The former are usually determined and awarded in the admission process, and they are usually based on merit.  There are also several needs-based grants that fans can apply for.  Each student-athlete must be part of one of the competitive teams of the university, namely – girls and students of NAIA.  Pre-competition evaluation will be conducted for the purpose of placement.  At the discretion of the head coach, movement between teams may also be required.


4.    University of Alabama

  Cheerleading teams at the University of Alabama are among the best in the country each year.  Their cheerleading program consists of two teams: All Girl and Coed.  The All-Girl team supports women’s basketball, volleyball, gymnastics and home football games.  The Coed team supports all home and away football matches and men’s basketball.  Both teams compete annually in the UCA national tournament in January.  Fans are expected to schedule their classes according to the time set by the coaches.  In addition to practice, fans are required to attend weekly workouts.


5.    University of Hawaii

  The University of Hawaii really cares about its fans!  The school offers 12 to 14 full-time scholarships exclusively for members of its support team.  These scholarships cover the full cost of training both in-state and qualified out-of-state fans.  In addition, the university also offers a second scholarship for its fans from other countries!  Fans from outside the state who meet the requirements will pay only half the cost of training and this is really a significant relief.

  Fans can also access several WUE scholarships and tuition fees if they meet the qualification requirements.  The Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE) is a scholarship agreement under which more than 160 participating public colleges and universities provide tuition savings for their students.


6.    University of Central Florida

  At the University of Central Florida, the organization of teams, the UCF cheerleading team usually consists of 16 men and 16 women.  UCF is widely considered one of the leading programs throughout the cheerleading college.  The team represents the UCF at all home and away football games, men’s and women’s basketball games, all home volleyball games and serves as the ambassador of the University of Central Florida in numerous community appearances each year.

 The UCF Cheerleading team travels to all away football games and post-season conference championships and tournaments.  Scholarships ranging from $ 1,000 to $ 2,000 per year are awarded to the 16 best new prospects and returning team members each year.  The team is sponsored by Nike, and thus students are provided with all training clothes, uniforms, shoes, warm-ups, bags, etc. free of charge.


7.    Delaware State University

  The cheerleading team of the University of Delaware won its second consecutive national championship in the Open Division I of the Universal Support Association in February 2020.  Indeed, the team of fans has come a long way to success!  If you want to be part of the team, you will also get access to support scholarships.  You can get up to $ 7,500 if you live in Delaware.

  These scholarships are managed and awarded by the Department of Interuniversity Athletics on the basis of academic and athletic success of each student-athlete.  The department adheres to the NCAA’s rules and regulations regarding sports scholarships and grants.  The amounts awarded to cheerleaders will also vary.


8.    University of Mississippi

  The University of Mississippi is looking for dedicated candidates who can positively represent Ole Miss on the game day, on social media and in the community.  This will include high performance on the day of the game, ability to manage the crowd, attitude / work ethic, professionalism / speaking skills, physical training, academic performance, inhibition and appearance.  All candidates must be accepted, currently enrolled, or have an application to the University of Mississippi before the mock exams.


9.    Oklahoma Panhandle State University

  Athletes at the University of Oklahoma Panhandle (OPSU), known as Aggie, with the exception of football teams and rodeo teams, are encouraged by his strong and sophisticated fans.  The University also offers generous cheerleading scholarships to its student-athletes within and outside the state.  The amount can reach 10,500 US dollars for a qualified student.

  Qualification requirements include a minimum of three years of residency in Oklahoma for state students and a 2.5 GPA.  Like their NCAA-recognized university sports counterparts, scholarship-minded fans are expected to meet high academic standards and meet athletic requirements.


10. University of Southern California

  USC Cheer brings cheerleading into the world of competition.  Their main goal is to represent the University of Southern California at competitions across the country.  As a team representing USC, they are focused on maintaining a strong work ethic, a sense of commitment and tradition at their university in a fun and inspiring environment.  Requires experience in cheerleading.  You must be enrolled as a full-time student for the academic year (s) you intend to be on the team.  All members are expected to support a minimum of 2.5 GPAs.


11. University of South Carolina

  South Carolina fans love supporting Gamecock Athletics and the University of South Carolina!  Cheerleaders work hard throughout the year to present the traditions and spirit of South Carolina!  There are two very talented teams, Co-ed and All-Girl, which can be seen at football games, men’s and women’s basketball games, volleyball games and numerous university and community events throughout the year!  In addition, each spring, both teams showcase their talents at the NCA National Championships.


12. Oklahoma State University

  OSU Sports Department is the sole director and sponsor of OSU Spirit Group.  The OSU brass band consists of: student university fans (approximately 30 members), Varsity Pom team (approximately 20 members) Pete Pistol (2 mascots).  The purpose of OSU Spirit Group is to support OSU sports teams, encourage crowd participation, set a positive example to follow, communicate and communicate with alumni and fans, and attract positive attention to the university.  The benefits you get from your OSU experience are too many to list, but one of the most important things to know about the program is that you don’t pay for anything related to cheerleading.


Cheerleading colleges FAQs

Is cheerleading considered as a sport?

The question of whether or not to consider cheerleading as a sport is highly controversial. Traditionally, it is not classified as a “sport” because it is not considered a competitive activity. However, this has begun to change as cheerleading competitions are becoming more common.

Are cheerleaders required to take gymnastics?

Most cheerleaders, especially the one who compete, are encouraged or required to attend gymnastics and acrobatics classes. These classes help fans improve strength, flexibility and learn tricks and techniques such as hand jumping, rounding, stretching, handstands, somersaults and somersaults.