Complete Python Programming Language From Basics To Advance Level

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This course covers basic and advanced topics in python + GUI programming, as this course is a MEGA course. So it starts from scratch explaining the python programming language. Though at a slow pace to benefit students who have just started programming. And also, move on to advanced topics like Object-Oriented Programming in Python. And also high-paced python GUI programming for better understanding.

First, this course, complete python programming language has all the basics steps and we also stated here the step by step procedure on how to start. Python programming language is actually a course most people are into and would want to know and grab every possible knowledge.

Table Of Contents

We also have the advanced python programming here, you can get it after taking this one. And also we have a tutorial on the basics of python 3. There are thousands of people currently on this course on Udemy. But we made it free for you here for download. So download the tutorial and start a full school now.

This course is divide into 3 major parts.

Benefits of this tutorial

  • Learning Python in detail (Basics + Advanced + Tkinter)
  • Object-oriented programming: layer and thing, inheritance, polymorphism, abstraction, and packaging
  • Loops (for a period), conditional (if-else), numbers and strings, lists, functions, group
  • GUI programming using Tkinter (Menu, Widgets, Ttk Module and more)
  • A detailed explanation of Tic Tac Toe from coding to a graphical user interface


  • No prior knowledge of python or programming is required.
  • Computer and Internet connection

Who this tutorial is for:

  • Those who want to learn Python Programming Language
  • People who want to learn Object-Oriented Programming
  • Students who want to learn GUI programming in python 3
  • Students who want to learn python Basics + Advance + GUI at one place

How to Download the File

First, install the latest uTorent Version. The Size of the file is quite heavy. You’re downloading the torrent file which helps you get the full version.

A Torrent file is a mirror file that gives you access to the main file. Here is the Official Link to download a torrent file

After installation, upload the file and start downloading the file. The file is up to 2.35 GB worth of videos. Start a full school


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