Design Patterns For Game Programming In 2021

Hi, want to create code that is robust, optimized and reusable? Then you need to learn about game programming design patterns or game development patterns.

Game programming design patterns are templates for constructing standard symbols that are generally a repetitive solution to a mechanical application commonly used in computer games. They are general solutions not related to a specific problem that makes them reusable. One of them is the grouping of objects.

Whether the game needs an avalanche of zombies or bullets that are constantly fired from a pistol or asteroids to hit the player’s spaceship. The item group is a group of categories that can be reused, as-is, not just in these scenarios but also in a large group of others when in-game items require a build manager.

Moreover, in this course, Penny will take you through the top 12 game programming design patterns with C# and the Unity Game Engine using her internationally acclaimed holistic teaching style and expertise from over 25 years teaching, researching and writing about games.

This course, game programming design patterns, you will follow along with hands-on workshops designed to teach you these core programming concepts that will take your games programs to the next level.

Learn how to program and work with patterns such as:

  • Commands
  • Flyweight
  • Observer
  • Prototype
  • Singleton
  • States
  • Object pools
  • Game loops
  • Updates
  • Components

Contents and Overview

The game programming design patterns begin with a brief introduction and then go directly to hands-on exercises that work through each of the design patterns as described above. Also, there are a variety of scenarios in which you will work in both 2D and 3D. Then from the asteroid shooter to the radar object search system and the programmable prototype system.

Certainly, all of the unit’s beginner and asset files, including forms and scenes, are provided to you. All you need to bring is a copy of Unity 2019. Lastly, If you want to become a knowledgeable and skilled game developer then this course is for you.

Benefits of this tutorial

  • How to create robust, reusable modular code to use in-game programming.
  • How to implement redundant solutions to address common game programming problems.


  • Be able to program in C#.
  • Have used the Unity Game Engine at a Basic Level.

Who this tutorial is for:

  • Game programmers who want to better their understanding of programming constructs to improve their code.
  • Beginner’s learning game coding who want to get off on the right foot.

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