How to get free textbooks online pdf in 2021 | Full Guide

Free textbooks online pdf is now easy to find as students look for alternatives where they don’t break down and still get a good grade.  Whether you need books on medical, business, psychological, or literary topics, you can find everything with just some magic of the Internet.


Recently, technological progress has changed a lot.  Textbooks have not been left out of this technological revolution.  Textbooks weighing 5 – 10 pounds have been digitized and can now be placed in a regular smartphone as a PDF file.

What is the cheapest way to get college textbooks?

Reading books is important because it can expand your knowledge and make you smarter.  It also helps you grow mentally, emotionally, and psychologically.  However, some countries cannot afford to provide textbooks to all their students. 

So other students prefer to look for textbook websites in PDF format rather than buying paper copies.  Access to soft copies is easier and more practical.  Having said that, here are the websites you can use.  By the way, if you can get a free PDF reader, just click.

Wondering how to download free textbooks online pdf?  The textbook in PDF format refers to the digitized, interactive function of the creative content of the textbook, reflected in scientific and intuitive visual, audio, graphic, and textual materials using the textbook for reading electronic media. 

Since the advent of the Internet, many common activities have been transferred to the Internet.  The same goes for textbooks.

Because of the current Covid-19 virus, many schools choose to conduct online lessons at home.  Then e-textbooks are needed by many students. 

Under these conditions, you can download the textbook in PDF format.  Using textbooks in PDF format is not only environmentally friendly but also saves you money.

Can I get free textbooks online PDF?

With the development of the Internet, more information becomes available at the touch of a button.  Some of this information includes books, articles, and magazines.  This means that the process of obtaining a favorite publication is greatly simplified. 

The authors also place their work on online platforms to reach a wider audience.  Some of these works are free, while others require the reader to make a purchase before gaining access.  There are a number of websites that give readers a platform to search for textbooks in PDF format on the Internet.

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Top 16 websites for free textbooks online pdf download

#1. Open textbook library

The free textbooks online pdf on the website focus on college students’ materials; it contains about 12 subjects, including education, business, technology, etc.  Find the book you are looking for. 

The Open Textbook Library website contains funded and published books licensed for free; you can also share them or adapt them without consequences.  The most interesting thing is that you can also print books at a low cost.

The website also allows users to edit or modify an open tutorial.  Making changes to the free book is essential for the domain name of the site – Open Textbook Library.


#2. Free Book Spot

Free Book Spot is a library of e-book links that offer free book downloads in almost any category.  With this website, you can find and download here such as programming, scientific, technical, fiction, and many other books. 

You don’t need to look for another website to download textbooks in PDF format, because with this site you can download books without requiring registration. 

You can also add a new book and add a comment to the forum if you are a member. 

To become a participant, you need to register in a short process.  Once you are a member, you can now create a list of favorite books to download later.  You can have access to society if you have any problems.


#3. Google Scholar

A website that many people seem to forget when trying to find free tutorials on the Internet is Google Scholar.  With Google Scholar, you can access many scientific articles and journals. 

Many of my humanities courses will require additional reading in academic journals.  Websites like JSTOR require a subscription at your university or institution.

If your school doesn’t have access to a particular article, Google Scholar is a great resource to access.  You can also easily save and save reading material with your school-related Gmail account, which is used by many universities. 

When you search Google Scholar, you’ll see next to the headlines whether the result is an article, book, PDF, or another file type.  Google starts many searches for free textbooks on the Internet, but it is as valuable a resource as any other site mentioned.


#4. Free tech books

This platform is one of the free PDF textbooks you can visit.  This site will allow you to download and view books such as books on technology and programming, computer science, textbooks, lecture notes, etc. 

All textbooks here are legal because they are posted by their authors or publishers.  In fact, the website does not host books, it only provides links to HTML and PDF books directly to the author’s website. 

You are generally allowed to browse, download and print books for personal use free of charge.


#5. Project Gutenberg

If you are passionate about literature and are looking for free tutorials online, this is the right website for you.  Project Gutenberg is an online library with over 60,000 free ebooks. 

Here you will find wonderful world literature.  This website will allow you to download books or, if desired, read online. 

The Gutenberg project also allows you to read books without requiring a reading program.  You can use a regular web browser or just a built-in reader for your PC or device.  Everything from this tool is free.


#6. Textbook Revolution

Textbook Revolution is one of the great sites for free college textbooks.  This is done in order to increase the use of free textbooks and downloadable materials by professors and teachers. 

The purpose of this website is to bring its materials to each class.  You can choose learning resources, links, and textbook reviews. 

You can easily navigate to your favorite topic, as they are sorted by topics, licenses, courses, levels, and more. 

Once you are a member, you can also contribute to the site by submitting a new course, book, or other contribution. 

You can download textbooks in PDF format, as well as view textbooks online as e-books.


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#7. Library Genesis

The Library of Genesis is a “shadow library.”  A website can contain millions of journal articles and over a hundred thousand books, which are usually only available through expensive academic journals. 

The site presents textbooks, academic journals, comics, and other forms of content on various topics.

To download a tutorial in PDF format from the Genesis library, all you have to do is enter a search query, either by author’s name and subject, or by the title of the book in the search box, and click the tutorial you want to download.

The site has a wide range of books on various topics and a simple interface.  The site also allows you to read on Kindle, Android, iPad, and other e-readers.


#8. ScholarWorks

The site is a shared institutional archive: it collects, maintains, and shares digital works. 

The GVSU library supports the website, and it is notable for showcasing the work of GVSU scientists. 

The textbooks on the ScholarWorks website are for college students – and the content covers a wide range of topics.  It has a feature that allows you to use different methods of finding textbooks. 

You can search for a book on the site by entering the title, author name, keywords, citation information, and more.


#9. PDF Search engine

The PDF search engine is relatively easy to use, as are Google and Yahoo.  The search engine allows you to search for free textbooks in PDF format and download them to your smartphone or computer.

The site has a large collection of textbooks dating back to ancient times and modern books.  It is good that this website supports texts in many formats.

If you want to download the tutorial in PDF format on the website, enter a search term in the search box and press Enter to search for the book. 

A list of relevant books is displayed;  you can then click on the tutorial in the PDF format you want to download.


#10. Textbooks free

This website specializes in providing free high school textbooks and makes the interface simple so you can focus on your current task.  In addition, it has a simple interface. 

The site is a blessing to many high school students, especially during online learning.  The site has textbooks in all subjects of high schools, such as mathematics, English, art, science, and more.

As a bonus, the Textbooksfree site also offers free learning materials for high schools, such as videos and lectures.  If you are having trouble finding textbooks for yourself or a dependent, this website is worth a visit.


#11. Bookboon

This website is an online e-book publishing company.  She specializes in publishing books for business, engineering, and IT students. 

The site aims to help its users succeed in both academic and professional life.  Professors from leading universities around the world write textbooks on Bookboon. 

However, their business e-book is not free.  Users have a 30-day free trial to access business ebooks on the site, after which they must pay $ 5.99 per month.  It’s good that the interface is simple.


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#12. Free kids books

The website is a constantly growing library, which focuses mainly on preschool, primary and secondary education. Categories of books in free children’s books include children’s books, textbooks for children and youth, and literary resources. 

As the name implies, the books are available for free download in PDF format for easy reading.


#13. OpenStax

OpenStax has the perfect combination of textbooks for college and high school, but mostly for students.  The website is a non-profit educational technology initiative, founded by Rice University. 

It makes available various textbooks in various subjects such as mathematics, biology, social sciences, humanities, business, and more. 

Best of all, the website meets the standards and requirements of the scope and sequence of new college courses; this facilitates the adaptation of the textbook to existing systems.


#14. FreeComputerBooks

The website focuses on providing free textbooks in PDF format in the fields of science.  The most accessible category of books on this site is related to programming, computer, and mathematics. 

If you want to download a book in PDF format on the FreeComputerBooks website, click on the title of the text you want to download, scroll down, and you will see a link to download the book.



This website supports several file formats, such as PDF, EPUB, TXT, and KINDLE.  However, PDF is mostly a standard format on the site. 

Make sure you have a PDF reader.  Before downloading a book, you can use the site’s preview feature to make sure it’s right for you. has a wide category of e-books, ranging from academic books to fiction, journalism, classics, and more.  To download five free ebooks a month, you must be a registered member.


#16. PDF Grab

In PDF Grab you can search for free tutorials online by title or ISBN.  As I mentioned, ISBN will always be my favorite search method. 

If your professor does not provide an ISBN for the textbook, find the book on Google, and the ISBN will be attached to any site where the book can be purchased, such as Amazon. 

When you search for a textbook, the results will show the cover of the textbook and a summary of the book.  There will be a download link to click PDF. 

I like this site because the results are very clear.  The layout is simple and user-friendly.



Books are now easy and free to get with the emergence of websites like the ones listed above.

Whether you need books on medical, business, psychological, or literary topics, you can find everything with just some magic of the Internet. On this list, you will surely find the site of your choice.

Please don’t forget to share this with friends if you found it helpful.

Which of the websites got your interest and passion?


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