Growth Hacking with Digital Marketing 2021

Want to have huge success in modern digital marketing? With this remarkable tutorial[growth hacking] at your fingertips, you can acquire the much-needed skills to attract and retain customers through any online channel. By leveraging the advantages of growth hacking, you can:

However, the demand for experts in digital marketing is increasing every day. In addition, one of the most important success factors is to keep up with the latest trends. This growth hacking course puts you in the driver’s seat with the most relevant and effective information available.

Certainly, This flagship tutorial was developed in partnership with leading instructional designers. The tutorial is exceptionally well-crafted, allowing you to learn growth hacking concepts and apply them immediately.

You’ll also enjoy the beautifully animated learning modules, developed by Eazl’s own animation team for growth hacking. You’ve got all the strategies you need in this growth hacking tutorial.

First of all, you’ll gain essential “big picture” skills, including developing your customer personas, interviewing your target markets, and analyzing your “buyer centre” (i.e. the individuals in your target market with the most purchasing power).

Secondly, you’ll learn how to analyze your results. With every growth hacking, you always want to know what works, where it works, and what needs to be changed. For this, you need digital marketing tools such as web traffic analysis and lean analysis.

Also, you’ll discover highly effective tools to bring boatloads of new customers – ones with money to spend – into your online eco-system. This includes the concepts of digital conversion funnels.

Develop a User-Centric Approach to Digital Marketing

You’ll start by learning what growth hacking is and then move on to building your digital analytics skills. We’ll take your Google Analytics skills to the next level by teaching you how to use these advanced tools with real data from the Google Merchandise Store.

Then, you’ll learn how to develop marketing personas and user segments–using online research methods (like Facebook Audience Insights) and the person-to-person interviewing methods used by companies like IDEO and Apple in Silicon Valley.

Then, you’ll learn how to work with Pirate Metrics and marketing funnels so that you can guide potential customers through each step… from awareness to revenue to referrals.
In the second half of the course, you’ll discover how to create digital marketing materials that target the unique wants and needs of your customer.

This might seem like a given, right? In fact, it’s a much rarer skill than you might think, and absolutely crucial for maximizing sales. No growth hacking tutorial is complete without this must-know info!

Growth hack with Google. Also, you’ll be learning how growth hacking works using actual data from the Google Merchandise Store. We’ve re-engineered your learning experience to include the use of this popular e-commerce storefront. Certainly, you learn a concept you can see examples of it applied to a big, real-life digital business.

We can go on and talk about growth hacking, but the important thing is to subscribe to it. This tutorial is packaged that after going through the video, you must have become a master in growth hacking.

Benefits of this tutorial

  • Integrate the data-driven and adaptive culture of Growth Hacking to improve digital marketing results.
  • Track, analyze, and leverage traffic and product usage data using Google Analytics.
  • Design customer action funnels and calculate per-user LTV / CAC.
  • Tell better stories and write marketing content to improve conversion rates.
  • Grow social media audiences using bots and organic techniques.
  • Segment email lists and automate email marketing communications.


  • Students need to have solid online navigation skills and an understanding of what these concepts are (e.g. SEO, social media, email marketing, online advertising). They don’t need to be experts in these areas, but the course does not include “101” type introductory lectures on these web technologies.

Who this tutorial is for

  • The course is ideal for people looking to grow an existing organization’s user or customer base, develop the skills necessary to launch a career in digital marketing, or seeking to add a digital component to their existing marketing skillset.

How to Download the File

First, install the latest uTorent Version. The Size of the file is quite heavy. You’re downloading the torrent file which helps you get the full version.

A Torrent file is a mirror file that gives you access to the main file. Here is the Official Link to download a torrent file

After installation, upload the file and start downloading the file. The file is up to 6.74 GB worth of videos. Start a full school

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