Top 20 Highest Paying Insurance Blogs in the World | 2021

Insurance marketing is something that many agents find difficult to understand. This list of the top 20 insurance marketing blogs in 2021 that pays the most is a great resource for new sellers and brokers who are also marketers who want to expand their skills by targeting insurance agents and retailers.

We have prepared this article to give you a holistic view of the highest paying insurance blog in the world currently. To make sure that you get value for your time, we have also included some professional tips on how to start a high paying insurance blog.

A section of this article deals with the difference between media insurance and blog insurance, and what it takes to build a good insurance blog. All you need to do is read this article to the end, as you start your profitable journey in the insurance world.

How do I start a successful insurance blog?

Want to start an insurance blog? A lot of people try. But it requires research, skill and work. Here’s how to get started from person to person.

Consider Your Goals

What do you want to achieve? Do you want to be a famous or influential insurance company? Are you trying to sell insurance?

Solving this problem in advance will help you decide where to start your blog and how to set it up.

Find a Platform

To start an insurance blog, you need a platform. Most blogging platforms today are easy to use. If you just want a blog and not a full website selling insurance, a blogger website might make more sense.

If you are blogging for an insurance company, you will likely add it to your website. You can create a complete site using Wix, Joomla or WordPress.

Choose a domain name

You need a domain name first if you don’t have one. Also, you need an easy to remember domain name.

If you want to be taken seriously, you should buy one and not use one.

If you are trying to create a personal or professional brand, you can use your name or the name of the company. But if not, think of a name that shows what you will write about insurance.

Figure out Who Your Audience is

Do not begin creating content until you have decided who you are. Otherwise you are easily everywhere. It will be difficult to win or keep fans.

Choose Topics Wisely

As part of by the rudiments needed to start an insurance blog, you need topics that meet certain criteria to achieve your goals.

How much can insurance blog make a year?

It’s pretty easy to earn between $ 500 and $ 2,000 a month in insurance in your first year. And then in years 2, 3, 4, and 5, you can significantly increase your blog’s monthly income. Glassdoor reports that the average insurance blogger salary is more than $ 32,800 a year based on various anonymously submitted salaries.

Many of the full-time insurance bloggers I know can earn over $ 200,000 a year and work 10 to 30 hours a week.

And although this is a smaller group, I also know insurance bloggers who make millions every year and work less than 10 hours a week (that would not be a good thing!). It’s an absolutely crazy return on investment for your time.

What is the difference between media and blog insurance?

Media insurance is a special form of error and omission policy that was specially developed for media customers who are at risk of liability claims. This type of policy is typically purchased by publishers, broadcasters, advertising agencies, authors, and other affiliates that create and distribute multimedia content on various platforms. While an insurance blog acts as an insurance broker, it is designed to provide timely information and discussions on current insurance issues and more.

What makes a good insurance blog

A good insurance blog should be a consistent one. It should provide a daily breaking news about the cutting edge opinions, and other expert analysis which is directly or indirectly affecting the insurance company. 

A good insurance blog should also be a hub for contemporary insurance topic, and the mouth piece that broadcast the revolving tendencies of the insurance industry. Also, to be considered an advanced insurance blog – a good insurance blog should provide reliable insurance software, and serve as a trusted advertising platform for insurance companies.

The 20 Highest paying insurance blogs in the World in 2021

We took some lines of paragraphs to holistically talk about the rudiments to start a profitable insurance blog, and some of the things that make for a good, including the possible amount of money an insurance blog can make in a year. Now let’s give you a list of the highest paying insurance blogs in 2021 .

Our list includes blogs on traditional insurance marketing, digital marketing, and social marketing. Let’s get started with

1. Insurance Business America Magazine

Insurance Business Magazine is the country’s leading business magazine for today’s discerning commercial insurance broker. Latest news, current opinions and expert analysis from the insurance brokerage industry in the USA.

  • Frequency 3 posts / day
  • Also in Insurance Magazines 
  • Domain Authority 60
  • Alexa Rank 60.3K

Official Link

2. Insurance Information Institute | Insurance Industry Blog

The blog of the insurance industry is intended to provide timely information and discussions on current insurance topics. The Insurance Information Institute has the mission is to make sure that the public understanding of insurance is improved; including what the insurance company does and how it works.

  • Frequency 4 posts / day 
  • Domain Authority 72
  • Alexa Rank 69.9K

Official Link

3. Insurance Journal

Insurance Journal is one of the most trusted brands in the property and casualty insurance industry. They offer award-winning editorial content, the latest news, exclusive video interviews and much more. The Insurance Journal provides the latest business news from the non-life insurance industry.

  • Frequency 4 posts / week Blog
  • Domain Authority 73
  • Alexa Rank 55.4K

Official Link

4. Insurance Times

Insurance Times is the leading UK brand for news, information and information in the general insurance market. Our audience consists of important decision-makers, company founders and broker managers, insurers and service providers.

  • Frequency 4 posts / day  
  • Domain Authority 50
  • Alexa Rank 496.2K

Official Link

5. The Allstate Blog | Everyday Peace of Mind

The Allstate Blog offers security every day with advice and training on security, readiness, maintenance, and much more. Allstate Corporation is the largest listed property and casualty insurer in the United States.

  • Frequency 1 post / month
  • Domain Authority 77
  • Alexa Rank 7K

Official Link

 6. Accenture Insurance

 The Accenture Insurance management examines how life, property and casualty insurers achieve high returns. Latest industry research, blog articles and events for the insurance industry.

  • Frequency 1 post / week Blog 
  • Domain Authority 85
  • Alexa Rank 1.5K

Official Link

7. | Healthcare Insurance Blog

The health insurance market is a way to find and buy health insurance with less effort.

  • Frequency 1 post / month 
  • Domain Authority 80
  • Alexa Rank 6.9K

Official Link  

8. Mercury Insurance

Mercury Insurance celebrates 50 years of quality insurance coverage for your car, home and business while offering some of the lowest rates available.

  • Frequency 15 posts / year Blog 
  • Domain Authority 56
  • Alexa Rank 73.6K

Official Link

9. Policyx Blog

The Policyx blog offers you comprehensive information on life insurance, car insurance, health insurance, comparison guides, and how you can save money when buying insurance online. Since August 2013

  • Domain Authority 41
  • Alexa Rank 58.5K

Official Link

10. Trupanion Blog

Trupanion pet insurance has a simple plan that covers 90% of the veterinary costs with no payment limit. Get a health insurance quote for your dog, cat, puppy, or kitten today. Follow the Trupanion Pet Insurance blog for tips and advice on caring for your pet, as well as articles on the health problems of cats and dogs and the pet of the week.

  • Frequency 5 posts / week
  • Domain Authority 59
  • Alexa Rank 82.1K

Official Link

11. Haven Life

Haven Life offers an easy and affordable way to buy high quality risk life insurance online in 20 minutes. We have transformed a generally confusing and time-consuming process into an easier, faster, and simply better process.

  • Frequency 1 post / week
  • Domain Authority 54
  • Alexa Rank 157.5K

Official Link

12. ASPCA Pet Health Insurance

Reliable pet insurance plans against cats and dogs for injuries, diseases, health care and more. Up to 90% discount and affordable planning options.

  • Frequency 1 post / week Blog
  • Domain Authority 55
  • Alexa Rank 165.2K

Official Link

13. Frankenmuth Insurance: Business, Auto, Home & Life

Frankenmuth insurance has been offering families and businesses security for almost 150 years. Since insurance is complicated and vital, we only work with independent representatives. With over 600 employees, we are headquartered in Frankenmuth, Michigan, and offer insurance products in 15 states. They offer insurance benefits to the insured.

  • Frequency 2 posts / week  
  • Domain Authority 36
  • Alexa Rank 518.9K

Official Link

14. Insurance Funda

Finance and insurance matters simplified with this blog, it is one of the highest paid insurance blogs.

  • Frequency 10 posts
  • Domain Authority 21
  • Alexa Rank 246.8K

Official Link

15. The Cincinnati Insurance Companies blog

Whether you need home protection, life, car, or business, you are free to count on Cincinnati, in partnership with your independent agent, to make sure that exceptional service; quality products, and financial stability is provided.

  • Frequency 2 posts / week
  • Domain Authority 52
  • Alexa Rank 288.7K

Official Link

16. Adrian Fluxe | Car Insurance Blog

Auto Insurance Broker in the UK offers affordable classic car insurance policies for all risks, including modifications, motorcycles, RVs, classics and imports.

  • Frequency 1 post / week 
  • Domain Authority 56
  • Alexa Rank 298.2K

Official Link

17. Chill Insurance Ireland

Chill Insurance IrelandDublin, IrelandAbout the blog Chill Insurance compares over 14 leading insurers to get the best possible auto and home insurance quote. Your goal is to find you home, travel, life, van and car insurance.

  • Frequency 4 posts / week 
  • Domain Authority 43
  • Alexa Rank 362.1K

Official Link

18. Central Insurance Blog

Central Insurance Companies was founded in 1876 as the Central Mutual Insurance Company and has developed into a successful property and casualty insurance based on a solid foundation of core values ​​such as integrity, relationships and excellence. We promise to offer our customers security, protection and peace.

  • Frequency 2 posts / week 
  • Domain Authority 43
  • Alexa Rank 392.5K

Official Link

19. King Price Insurance

Finally car insurance at your side! With King Price Insurance you get the same full insurance coverage as anywhere else … only at a great price. And it also comes with real service.

  • Frequency 3 posts / month 
  • Domain Authority 36
  • Alexa Rank 380.3K

Official Link

20. Majesco

Majesco is a provider of insurance software and consulting services for the transformation of the insurance business to more than 150 insurers worldwide.

The market-leading software and consulting services uniquely support the insurance value chain and are designed to offer insurers the flexibility, innovation, and speed to respond to their transformation opportunities.

  • Frequency 1 post / week 
  • Domain Authority 43
  • Alexa Rank 543.7K

Official Link


As you have seen from the list of the highest paying insurance blogs here, how do you intend to start yours?

Insurance niche is just the most profitable niche in blogging. But it does not have the most search volume when it come to audience. Nevertheless, it’s worth every bit of investment.

You may share with me your concerns or opinion on insuarance blogs.

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