How to Download Udemy Courses & Video Tutorials for Free in 2021 | Easy Steps

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I know you might have been asking, “How can I download Udemy courses and Video Tutorials free from” Yes, we got your back. This post will guide you through the step by step procedures on how to download Udemy courses or tutorial for free without paying a dime. Just follow me.

The udemy course downloader will help you download udemy paid courses for free.

We all know that the Udemy platform makes money by selling courses online. This post is not to hinder you from making purchases of courses from Udemy.

Nevertheless, Udemy has lots of discounted $10 Courses that you can afford easily, but we believe that we always have a need to download those paid courses for offline reference.

Therefore, the goal of this content is to give you a full download guide on how you can download udemy Courses for free in 2021 from our platform, Free Tutorial Online, or from Udemy and other sites like Free Course Site.

I will start with Our Platform. Here we have already seeded the best udemy courses for you in various categories. Check all Udemy courses here for free download.

After you have made your choice, follow the procedures carefully, and make sure you get everything well sorted out. We are using a pictorial guide to work you through these processes

Below is how to download Udemy courses for free

Table Of Contents

Step One: Visit the Platform

You must be on our platform to get the desired Udemy course Video Tutorial to download Free on our platform. This is how the official site looks like.

On the Home page, there are tutorials that are most downloaded by our audience and most recently published. Make your choice and get the party started. if you didn’t get to find what you’re looking for, use the search button on the right-hand side.

Step Two: Choose and Download the desired Udemy Course for free

Open a link containing a course you intend to download read through the processes and the Course benefits. Consider the requirements and then how to download them.

From the Image above, click on the “Download File ” Button. You’ll get a torrent file of about 5kb or less. The torrent file is the mirror file of the main tutorial File. Download the file.

Note: we don’t have the web resources to upload the full tutorial to our platform. we move it to platforms that have the capacity to carry such heavy files.

Step three: Add the Torrent File to Utorrent

We recommend uTorrent as a way of downloading a torrent file. You can get uTorrent for Windows PCs
for macOS Users
for Android Users

Download and Install the uTorrent File. After the installation., you can start the procedures

This is how it looks. Click on the “+” sign to add your torrent file there and add you downloaded torrent file.

Here is an Interface of the addition of a torrent file to the Utorrent file interface. Note where your downloaded torrent file was saved so you can locate that on your file explorer for Windows PCs and MacOS.

Step 4: Be sure it is Downloading

After importing your downloaded magnet link be sure is downloading. Make sure your Internet Connection is sharp. One good thing about downloading with torrent is that the file will resume downloading when paused.

Check your Download File Explorer for the Folder containing the files you have downloaded

If you have any problem with how to download the courses, feel free to share with us on the Comment column as we are ever ready to help you get things fixed. Thanks

How to Download Udemy Courses with Internet Download Manager IDM

Aside the Courses on our Platfirm, you can download Udemy Courses with the aid of the Internet Download Manger IDM. This can only be download for only free Courses on Udemy and not for premium Courses. Here is the steps to follow;

Download and Install the Internet Download Manager (free or Cracked Version).

Visit search for free Courses on any desired topic. The Internet Download Manager popup will be positioned above all the viceo class -makin it earlier for you to download fast

How to Download Udemy Videos with Screen Capture Apps

This one method that takes the shortest time. You can hve a Windows Application or a Mac Application that captures laptop or desktop screens do the job for you fast.

Instal the application on your PCs or your Macbooks and Activate when the udemy video courses are playing to have your Screen recorded immediately. Like I told you. This has to be when you have access to the courses and you wish you can have an offlibe resource.

Bandicam for PCs or Movavi for Mac users can do the job Immediately. Start downloading these courses diredtly to your local directories now.

Best udemy courses free download to check out.

Finally, I would suggest that you also take some certification courses on Udemy as well. As they would offer you value in your CV or resume for job outlook.

Maybe, you have been wondering if Udemy certification is valuable. See this Udemy certification review here.

Also, check out our honest review and comparison of Skilshare vs Udemy to see how this MOOC platform competes with its similar sites.

Visit Udemy to take courses as low as $10 at a discounted rate here

Udemy Courses free Download FAQs

Can I really download Udemy courses for free?

Yes! Get the desired Udemy Course, Download the Torrent Magnet Link, and Seed the file from Utorrent

Are the Files not that big?

Yes, they are. These Files are videos following step by step procedures on how you can be an expert in the line of the course. The Files are worth your broadband subscription.

How Long can i take to Download?

It all depends on your internet connections. it can take up to 30 minutes based on the size of the file in question.

What do I stand to gain after the Course?

These courses are not like other videos. They are videos from professionals in the field of interest. You’re so certain of the knowledge been passed across

Can I get More udemy Tutorials free?

You can follow the tutorials to the paid version if you really want to continue with the same tutor. Visit the official links on Udemy, lynda or Coursera to get the latest from these tutors.

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