12 Ways on How to make money online in South Africa in 2021

For you to have stumbled on this blog post, you must have been desperately searching for ways on how to make money online in South Africa this 2021.

Well, here is the good news! I have carefully researched and have come up with these easy ways on how to make money online in South Africa in 2021.

In the wake of the current global coronavirus pandemic that has hit the world, earlier this week, the State President announced a nationwide shutdown for the next three weeks to try and halt the spread of this deadly coronavirus.

Also, there has been total lockdown, curfews almost in every part of the country, and the worst of it all is that citizens have been told to stay at home until the medical experts alongside the government have curbed the spread of the coronavirus.

Most offices, businesses, schools, gyms, market places, have all been shut down due to the ravaging effects of the coronavirus pandemic.

Now people have been told to work from home this period. What of people that need to go out to fend for themselves and their family members? What of the low-income earners? How about students?

This is the time that online activities will be on the high and only people with good sights can seize this opportunity of staying at home to make money online in South Africa in 2021.

Times are hard these days, the need to have an extra source of income is of utmost importance and I am here to show you ways on how to make money online in South Africa in 2021.

Also, in this course, I will provide some Online jobs in South Africa for students, some online business opportunities in South Africa in 2021, online business management courses South Africa, how to sell products online in South Africa, online agriculture courses in South Africa,

Table Of Contents
  1. How to Make Money in South Africa online for free
  2. 12 ways on How to make Money Online in South Africa In 2021.
  3. Online jobs in South Africa for students
  4. Online Business opportunities in South Africa
  5. Online Business Management Courses South Africa
  6. Conclusion
  7. Our Recommendation

How to Make Money in South Africa online for free

How to make money online in South Africa

Recently, it has never been easy for South Africans in terms of Starting an online business in 2021, however, here, I have compiled some ways on how to make money in South Africa online for free in 2021, that will help you to start an online business in 2021.

In this blog post, you will get some tips on how to start your own online business and make some extra bucks from it.

Consequently, having an online business allows you to work from home and you don’t need a lot of money to start.

One of the nicest things about actually working online and as a freelancer is that in most cases you get to ask your own rate, and also, you can determine how much you want to earn.

There are many platforms for freelancers in South Africa to join such as www.nosweat.work, www.upwork.com, www.peopleperhour.com, www.freelancecapetown.com, and many more.

Interestingly, there are so many tools and resources available for you now that will allow you to start generating income online, but it is extremely overwhelming.

Not to worry, I got you covered! In this blog post, I will share some ways on how to make money online in South Africa in 2021 by taking advantage of the skills you already have and without giving up what you are currently doing.

Below are the 12 ways on how to make money online in South Africa In 2021.

12 ways on How to make Money Online in South Africa In 2021.

  • Online Coaching
  • Digital Products
  • Online Courses
  • Membership Website
  • eCommerce or Online Store
  • Dropshipping
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Youtube channel or Podcast
  • Tutoring or teaching
  • Virtual assistant.
  • Completing online surveys for businesses.
  • Blogging/Content Writing.

#1. Online Coaching

Online coaching is a very lucrative online job in South Africa today, in that a lot of people are desperately searching online for coaches in different fields like sports, health, fitness, music, lifestyles, business, careers, vocals, languages, coding, and lots more.

People are willing to pay heavily to get personal coaches online in the different fields and more mentioned above, and this is an opportunity to leverage the skills you have to make extra bucks this 2021 in South Africa.

However, if you are really good at something, how about you turn that knowledge of yours into something valuable and make extra bucks while doing something you love doing.

Interestingly, someone is sitting at home trying to figure out how to do what comes so easily to you. Why not get to work?

Types of Online Coaching in South Africa

  • 1 on 1 Coaching
  • Group Coaching

As a professional or freelancer, your most valuable asset is time. You only have 24 hours a day. So make proper use of your time.

Individual coaching or 1 on 1 coaching in any format should pay off. If someone is not willing to pay you what is worth your time, do not give them your time. Charge your clients according to your worth.

Another form of coaching is Group coaching. This is a great way to make the most of your time by grouping clients with similar skills and, instead of training them individually, you train them as a group.

Group coaching is easier and also has an added advantage than that of 1 on 1 coaching, in that, it saves you time and as well generates more revenue for you.

Online coaching today is one of the most lucrative ways on how to make money online because you are generating income doing what you are passionate about.

Another way on how to make money online in south africa for free is by selling digital products.

#2. Selling Digital Products

This is another way on how to make money online in South Africa for free. You don’t need to go out of your way to sell products, in fact, you can sell digital products from the comfort of your home.

It might interest you to know that your product can be sold several times online even while you are sleeping Lol! The idea is to create your own product, put it up online, you will be amazed at how much income you will generate from the sell of that product.

Digital products, or information products, as they are sometimes called, are things like PDF files, e-books, and resource packs, past questions and answers for example. Anything that can be delivered digitally by the download end user is considered a digital product.

However, one of the easiest ways to think about digital products that you can sell is to consider what your current skills are.

Is there anything you are doing at the moment that you can document the process and make available for digital download? Then do it.

You may be surprised to learn that people are willing to pay for a skill that you take on as second nature.

The advantage of digital products is that they allow you, as a freelancer or professional, to generate income, regardless of whether you are physically doing the job at the moment.

Interestingly, you create the digital product once and you can sell it as many times as you want.

Digital products are an absolute game-changer for anyone whose revenue depends on the time for switching to cash. Creating an asset that can work for you while you sleep is a change in your life.

Below is another way on how to make money online in South Africa in 2021. However, creating an online course in South Africa is a little difficult than you think.

#3. Online Courses

Online courses can be a great way to take advantage of your time and experience and generate significant revenue online.

Like digital products, for many freelancers and professionals, this is an extremely viable way on how to make money online in South Africa.

Online learning as an industry has exploded in the past decade and it has never been easier to create an online course in South Africa right now.

Whether you are currently conducting workshops in person or teaching specific skills to people in a group environment in person, an online course is the ideal next step in expanding your business.

However, here is a comprehensive blog post on How to Create a Udemy Course|12 Easy Steps to Create a Udemy Course. The steps you in the course might come in handy in helping you create an Online course in South Africa.

Interestingly, creating an Online course is as simple as registering and documenting the curriculum and then creating classes within that structure that will provide a specific result.

Classes can be written, audio or video recordings or a combination of the three.

Many freelancers and professionals in South Africa would love to start an online course, but do not have the technical knowledge to do so.

In my opinion, the best platform for setting up an online course in South Africa right now is a platform called Teachable.

Teachable is the platform many people use to host their online courses. In the meantime, I’d suggest checking Teachable out and play around with the platform.

An example of an online course would be something like my Facebook Ads for Podcasters or The Podcasting Academy.

#4 Membership Website

Here is also another fast and lucrative way on how to make money online in South Africa 2021.

A membership site is an online community where users pay you for continuous access to your resources and/or experience.

A membership site is a great way to generate steady flowing income in exchange for adding value to your customers over time.

Examples of member sites in South Africa now include a company called Worksheet Cloud, which creates spreadsheets for students of all grades in South African schools.

Also, another example is CoachParry.com. However, Lindsey Parry is South Africa’s best running coach at the moment and they have built an extremely engaged member site.

Another Interesting way on how to make money in south africa online is eCommerce or Online Store.

#5. eCommerce or Online Store

Owning an eCommerce or Online Store in South Africa is ideal and as such is another way of making money online in South Africa in 2021.

For many companies in South Africa, the logical step to generating income online is simply to take what they do offline and upload it to the web. That way, people will get to see their products or services and buy or hire them respectively.

In previous years, the technology needed to start and operate an online store was prohibitive on two fronts.

First, you needed to be a tech genius to get your online store up and running, and second, you also needed a very thick checkbook to invest in building your online store.

Just like creating online courses, opening an online store in South Africa in 2021 has never been easier.

A company by the name of Shopify has leveled the playing field for businesses large and small worldwide. you can set up an online store in minutes and be up and running in a matter of hours on a platform like Shopify.

An online store is the fastest way of publicizing your products and services because people tend to see your products or services faster online than offline.

However, on the other hand, creating an online store has been made easy thanks to the recent technologies in our world.

Just leverage on some of the tools or skills around you and create one, you will witness a massive increase in your business.

#6. Dropshipping in South Africa

The next on the list of how to make money online in South Africa in 2021 is Dropshipping.

Dropshipping is a method of retail service in which a store does not keep the products it sells in stock. Instead, when a store sells a product using the drop shipping model, it buys the item from a third party and ships it directly to the customer.

It however, is a wonderful, risk-free way to dive into the extended waters of online business.

However, the main difference between opening a normal online store and a dropshipping store is that when drop shipping, you don’t physically carry the stock. This means that you don’t need a lot of money (if any) up front to open a dropshipping store.

As a dispatcher or a drop shipper, you only act as a middleman, you sell a product to an end user and then pay a portion of the money you have earned to the supplier who delivers the products on your behalf.

#7. Affiliate Marketing

This is arguably one of the best ways on how to make money online in South Africa in 2021.

Affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission for promoting other people’s (or business’s) products. Find a product you like, promote it to others, and earn a share or commission of the profit for every sale you make.

In the years past, we have seen several similar business models in the offline world. Referral fees or commissions are regular in businesses and the online space is no different.

However, there are many companies online that are willing to offer you a referral commission for sending paying clients to them.

If you already have an online audience, or if you are thinking of building an online audience, affiliate marketing is one possible avenue you can take when it comes to making money online.

Here are some of the Best ClickBank Affiliate Marketing Training & Classes in 2021 [Updated]

#8. Youtube channel or Podcast

The next in line on ways on how to make money online in South Africa in 2021 is YouTubing or Podcasting.

Just as large media companies today create audio and video content that they broadcast to the public, you, as an independent content producer, can create that content and allow the audience to download or stream it.

If you create a large enough audience, there will be advertisers willing to pay you to advertise their products to their audience.

As an independent content creator with a YouTube channel, you can create inspiring, funny, or comic content and publish it on your channel, thereby bringing people to watch your content and in return generate revenue at the very comfort of your bed.

On the other hand, you can create inspiring podcast contents for people to listen to. You will get offers from brands that are willing to pay you to advertise their products to their audience.

YouTubing and Podcasting is a very lucrative way to make money online in South Africa in 2021. If you are talented, put your skills to work and make extra bucks from it in 2021.

If you’re looking for a step-by-step tutorial, then make sure you check out The Podcast Academy.

#9. Tutoring or Teaching

Another interesting way on how to make money in South Africa online is by tutoring or teaching.

Many people want tutors, mentors, or even teachers online. There is a knowledge you have that someone is willing to pay heavily for, however, leverage on the skills you have and make quite a good fortune in 2021.

Are you good in a particular subject area like Maths or Languages, you can teach or tutor people from the comfort of your home thanks to some online tools, and at the end of the class, you will get your pay.

Also, if you have been successful in the past and still are successful in an area of business or skill, you can create an online class and pass on that knowledge to another person for a particular fee.

Mentoring or teaching a variety of skills online or in different languages is also becoming increasingly popular in our world today.

Interestingly, there are some online tutoring platforms that allow teachers and students to connect online without leaving home.

Depending on the website and the platform itself, platforms require you to submit proof of eligibility, while others do not. You may also need to submit a lesson plan, and you can Google a lesson plan entirely.

Here are some of the platforms that allows teachers and students to connect online without leaving home. Check out www.turtlejar.co.za or www.teachme2.co.za.

#10. Virtual Assistant.

Also known as virtual professionals, virtual assistants are remote administrative assistants. They generally work from home, performing tasks that an administrative assistant or secretary would normally do.

For example, they can schedule appointments, make calls, plan trips, manage email, perform social tasks such as sending thank you notes to customers or make database entries.

However, some virtual assistants have more specific jobs based on their particular skills. For example, a virtual assistant can perform accounting, conduct research online, or create presentations using raw data.

Also, virtual assistants are generally hired independently; this means that they are self-employed and the company is their client.

Virtual assistants can usually work for multiple companies at the same time.

As with any work-from-home position, make sure all companies that hire you as a virtual assistant are legitimate. Avoid scams by doing your research before signing contracts or sharing banking information.

Virtual assistants assist clients with any administrative tasks they need help with, Locate and screen potential clients and also convince potential clients they should choose you as their VA.

Also, someone who wants to create a blog or website online can need your assitance, or someone that needs some editing, or someone who does something for it virtually, give it a try because you can make a lot of money from it.

#11. Completing Online Surveys For Businesses.

Also, completing online surveys for businesses can also be a way to make money online in South Africa in 2021.

Completing paid surveys for businesses online is an easy way to earn extra money in South Africa.

However, you are unlikely to get rich on the money from research sites, but many of them offer real money, gift cards, and other benefits to those who provide information for their market research initiatives.

However, there are also scams that only look for your personal information or never pay! Therefore, you need to make sure that the businesses you are completing surveys for are legitimate so as not to waste time or worse.

Often times companies need research to be done or survey done for research purposes, this is a great way you could earn some extra money at home.

It’s important to always research specific survey sites or businesses before signing up since policies and processes can vary and change over time.

#12. Blogging/Content Writing

If you are looking for ways on how to make money online in South Africa in 2021 as a student, then blogging /Content writing is ideal in 2021.

A blog is an online journal or informational website that displays information in reverse chronological order, with the latest posts first, at the top.

It is a platform where a writer or a group of writers share their opinions on an individual topic.

On the other hand, blogging is a set of skills necessary to manage and monitor a blog. This involves equipping a web page with tools to facilitate the process of writing, publishing, linking, and sharing content on the Internet.

Bloggers are people who love to share parts of their lives with you. They publish on a variety of topics, from art articles, household projects, carpentry, and finance. Bloggers are mobile and don’t need to be in one place. They live on the Internet!

A blogger is someone who runs and controls a blog. He or she shares his or her opinion and knowledge on different topics for a target audience

However, bloggers earn money, but this is not a profession for quick enrichment.

Before you start monetizing your blog, you need to build your Google SERP ranking and niche influence.

These tasks require a lot of time and quality content. Money making opportunities will not present themselves until you gain some credibility in the field. So, get to work.

You can earn money as a top-notch blogger by Selling ad space on your blog privately or via Google AdSense, Becoming an affiliate partner privately or through ads networks, Selling your own digital products such as eBooks and tutorials, Selling memberships for access to exclusive content, or advice, and also, Using your blog as a content marketing tool for your business.

Also, you can make money online in South Africa in 2021 as a freelance content writer. You can be hired to write for blogs, and you will be paid after every job delivered.

If you love content writing, reading and writing, your options are endless. You can become a blogger and start your own blog and write online content for business. You can also choose to copy, translate, or proofread if you think it interests you.

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Online jobs in South Africa for students

Finding an online job in South Africa is a bit difficult in recent times. Sometimes, most of the jobs online in South Africa for students are scams.

However, I have done some digging, and have compiled several online jobs in South Africa for students in 2021.

Some of the categories of online jobs in South Africa for students in 2021 include Computer & IT, Education, Management, Marketing & Advertising, Sales & Retail, Media, Communication & Writing, Art, Fashion & Design, Business Operation, Computer Services, Science & Engineering, Accounting & Finance, Admin & Office, Legal, Health Care, Manufacturing & Warehouse, Human Resource, Social Service & Non-profit, Sports, Fitness & Recreation, Construction, Entertainment & Travel, Real Estate, Personal Care & Services, Protective Services, Restaurant & Hospitality, Transportation & Logistics, Animal Care, Cleaning & Facilities and many more.

Below I will be listing the different online jobs in South Africa for students in 2021 with their job descriptions, company type, and employer.

Make sure you check out the job updates below and know which one that best suits you as a student.

#1. Online tutor [TheONE]

TheOne is an online platform that allows individuals to share their knowledge about a particular field or subject area and make extra cash from it.

It could be how to fix electronics like Laptops, Televisions, Radio, and sometimes mobile phones.

Also, you could teach people how to prepare for a marathon, how to do taxes or how to file a lawsuit and many more.

TheONE gives you a unique chance to earn money with your knowledge and expertise whoever you are, wherever you are.

All you need to do is register as an expert on TheONE for free and start receiving video calls from people who need your advice and experience to solve minor or major problems in your daily life.

Interestingly, you will be paid in Minutes and not even Hours! So get to work!

Join the useful community of TheONE in Johannesburg. Start offering your advice and share your knowledge with others to earn money minute by minute!

Interestingly, TheONE community offers you an innovative way to earn money! You can transfer your skills and knowledge outside of your office – you can accept calls and earn while on vacation or on the go. Be free to be wherever, while earning money.

You may ask any price for your services. Feel free to choose a per minute price that you decide on!

Your customers can review your services. Good reviews can contribute to building an expert reputation in your field that can earn you even more money!

You can share the link to your personal profile page in your email, Facebook, WhatsApp, etc. to promote your services!

Your total earnings will depend on the number of calls you will accept and the price per minute you will charge.

Keep in mind to set a fair price for the kind of services you provide within the allocated limit between ZAR 15 and ZAR 200 per minute.

How do I apply for TheONE in Johannesburg?

Just sign up here with your email or Facebook and download the app on your smartphone.

Get your unique profile page by filling in your expertise, knowledge, interests or experiences and start earning money by the minute!

Sign up with TheONE in Johannesburg, download the app on your smartphone and start making good money!


TheONE will deduct a 10% commission over all payments!

#2. Online English Teaching with Guaranteed Hours[First Future Education]

As an online english teacher, you will work on a fixed schedule. This means that you have guaranteed hours and a guaranteed minimum income.

For example, if your project was for weekday afternoons, from 6 pm to 9 pm, then, at the very least, you would receive your basic rate of 15 hours per week. At First Future, you are paid in full, even if no classes have been scheduled during your shift.

There are quite a few teaching projects available:

Fixed Schedule Projects:

You will be part of a team delivering the online element of blending learning courses for a specific school or language center chain.

Students have face-to-face lessons with a Chinese teacher, then have an online review session with a Western teacher.

All lesson content is provided, so there is little preparation required. A standard lesson would include going through pre-taught vocabulary and supporting your students to gain confidence in speaking.


These work in the same way that most online schools do. You set your availability on a daily basis.

Payment Details:

Most online schools operate on a Flexi-Class basis, which means that if your spaces are not reserved, you will not be paid.

The great advantage of teaching with First Future is that at a fixed time you receive a basic hourly rate, even if a class is not scheduled during your space or your student does not attend.

BASE RATE: All teachers are paid a base rate of $12. This is not all you will get paid!!!

Unlike other online schools, First Future operates with fixed-time projects. At a fixed time, you work the same shift every week. Other schools do not pay teachers if there is no class reserved or the student does not attend.

Consequently, First Future recognizes that this is not fair for teachers who, in any case, need to sit at their computers during their shift. The basic fee exists for your safety.

You will receive at least $ 12 an hour during your shift, even if no class is scheduled or your student does not attend.


This should not be confused with the type of bonus system that other online schools use, where the additional income depends on student feedback.

However, the payment to complete the class is simply to teach a class. Most teachers receive a total of $ 3 an hour for this.

The Quality Assurance team watches a recording section of a class each month, and as long as you’re doing everything right, the class completion fee will be set at $ 3, which you will receive for all your lessons that month.


Most of our special projects pay an additional $2 an hour or more as standard, to reflect the quality of the teachers who are accepted for these. Some even pay an additional $6 for the best qualified teachers.


For classes with 2 or more students, you will be paid an additional $1 an hour.


All classes on Saturdays & Sundays earn a further $1 an hour.

Student Age Group:

Different projects cover different age groups: YL, Young Teens, Young Adults, Adults – the more flexible you are in preference, the quicker it will be to get you on a fixed project.

Class Size:

Group classes have 4 – 6 students. There is also a lot of 1-on-1 work available.

Class Length: On average, group lessons are for 50 minutes, and 1-on-1 lessons are 25 minutes on average.

#3. Part-Time Subject Tutor

Cultran is looking for a unique mentoring opportunity that fits your schedule. They are on a lookout for English educators with a passion for impacting students’ lives and enthusiasm for being the most authentic when teaching, with the ease of being taught anywhere and earning at your own pace.

Why Teach with Cultran?

Flexible working hours from the comfort of your home – you choose your time and availability
• Set your own fee (most of our tutors charge $ 15-35 an hour) and have the opportunity to earn more through teaching incentives and referral bonuses.
• Join a unique and powerful network of social mentors – educators who make genuine connections with students online and offline, while inspiring positive growth.
• Independence and creativity to make teaching sessions as engaging as possible, with the support and guidance of Cultran professionals
• We believe in representing culture and diversity in education.

Popular Subjects to Teach:

• Algebra
• Geometry
• Physics
• Chemistry
• All Earth Science
• Reading
• Essay Writing
• Spanish

#4. USAC Global Perspectives: Virtual Internships

Get valuable professional experience working remotely for an internationally based company through a virtual internship at companies and organizations based in our specialty programs around the world.

The directors of the USAC Specialties Program organize three-credit virtual internships with local companies, NGOs and government organizations.

Interestingly, these virtual internships include an online course component where students learn how culture is reflected in the workplace and develop the skills necessary to succeed in the global workforce. Internships are available in a variety of sectors, including:

• Digital marketing and social media management
• Business
• Event planning
• Engineering
• Translation
• Social welfare/social services
• English language instruction

Interns will complete a minimum of 120 hours of work remotely during US business hours. This format allows students to gain professional work experience, learn more about a future career field and develop an appreciation for their work culture. Country of placement.

Internships include a 15-hour seminar that will help students understand their internship experience and navigate intercultural lands.

#5. Online English teacher (guaranteed hours, adult students)

Do you have what it takes to be the best? Join our team of experienced English teachers and make a difference!

Work from the comfort of your home by giving live class lessons for our global customer base.
lessons for our global customer base. Teach students from around the world.

This opportunity will allow you to be part of a fast growing company that prides itself on developing the best teachers.

Position details:

• Contract Type: Fixed-term contract
• Location:  Home-based
• Schedule:  Shifts range from 6 am-8 pm, peak teaching hours are midday – 8 pm weekdays and 6 am-6 pm weekends (South African time)
• Students:  Typically professionals over the age of 18
• Training: Training and ongoing professional development will be provided
• Remuneration:  Hourly rate up to USD$6.00 + performance bonuses. Guaranteed 10-30 hours per week.

Minimum requirements:

• Bachelor’s Degree or above
• 120 TEFL/TESOL or above
• Great command of the English language (accent neutral)
• Highly computer literate
• No criminal record
• Great communication skills
• Punctual
• Able to work shifts during the week and weekends

Technical requirements (non-negotiable)

• A quiet, clean, tidy, and well-lit teaching environment
• PC specifications
• Processor: Intel ® Core™ i3 CPU @2.70GHz (4 CPUs) or greater
• Memory: 8GB RAM or greater
• Backup power (non-negotiable)
• Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) with a battery life of up to 4-5 hours
(or willing to purchase a UPS if you are hired) required during load
shedding and power outages
• Internet connection:
• High-speed fiber (cabled, not wifi) connection. Please note that LTE is not suitable for this role
• Minimum of 10 Mbps upload and download speed
• Noise canceling headset
• HD camera

#6. Good at Physics? Join us and earn $400/month with every question solved!

Have you been searching for an easy way to earn extra cash? Then becoming an online tutor might be ideal for you.

Got It as a platform, helps thousands of students learn every day. Their online tutors are an important part of their learning community and they help students looking for mobile tutoring in math and other science disciplines.

Also, they are in search of qualified tutors to help support the growing number of students using their service.

However, this is your opportunity to enroll in their platform and become a tutor.

How Got It works:

You continuously receive questions from students whenever you log in. If you can resolve any doubts, you will enter a chat session with a student to guide them. An average session usually lasts about 10 minutes.

Benefits of working with Got It:

  • You select your working hours: 24 hours, 7 days a week!
  • You can log in from your computer & begin helping students. It’s as simple as that.
  • Earn more with every question you answer & increase your pay based on your own performance. All our tutors are paid per question that they answer. Earnings are paid twice a month.
  • Through our innovative Expert Portal with well-equipped Math & Science editor tools, help students worldwide learn & succeed.

#7. English Tutor[Freelance Online English Tutor]

Wordvice is looking for native English speakers who can offer online English instruction and English tutoring services.

They are committed to providing high-quality online education through engaging content, advanced learning technology, and highly trained and experienced staff.

Their goal is to help students from diverse backgrounds to improve their English speaking and writing skills.

To achieve this goal, they require exceptional and passionate tutors who can do an excellent job and meet the needs of our customers.


• Provide personalized online English classes from beginner to advanced customers, who are not native English speakers.
• Facilitate a series of engaging online English classes for ESL students of various ages, from young learners to mature professionals.
• Instruct, assist, and correct students during online classes. Help them improve their pronunciation and English speaking and writing skills.

Details and Benefits:

• This is a part-time remote position; you are free to teach from anywhere in the world who are willing to teach online (that is, silently and privately).
• Flexible hours with minimum hours: you decide how many hours you work per week and on what days.
• Tutors are independent contractors and can use their own teaching methods and styles.
• Tutors are paid per teaching session.
• Teaching platform: online teaching platform (similar to Skype)


Basic Qualifications

• Native fluency in English
• Minimum one year of ESL teaching and/or tutoring experience
• Completion of any Bachelor’s Degree or above
• Demonstrated ability to adapt content to client needs and personalize lessons for each student
• Qualified home office/location with an internet-connected computer and webcam capability. (Reliable internet connection and headset with microphone required.)
• Flexible Schedule for students living in other parts of the world

Preferred Qualifications:

• Be independent and motivated
• Energetic and passionate about teaching; strong communication skills and friendly personality when interacting with ESL students.
• Specialist in communication, collaboration, and problem-solving in remote and live environments.
• Teaching certificate, such as TESOL, TEFL, CELTA, or a similar teaching qualification certificate
• Interest in teaching English to students from different backgrounds; ability to address diverse learning styles and student needs online.


• Location: Anywhere
• Schedule: Contingent upon the availability
• Duration: Ongoing
• Payment: Negotiable
• Start Date: ASAP

Hiring Procedure:

• Click on the [Apply Now] button below to submit a request and upload materials. Include / upload your request:
• Your resume and a summary of your relevant past experience, including certifications and diplomas
• Any specific details about your teaching or tutoring experience (for example, online or offline, number of students in a class, topics, and level of students taught)
• Main subjects and subjects that you are proficient in teaching in English

#8. Interns (Remote)

They are searching for bright and fresh minds who are eager to learn and add to SLA’s purpose as much as they are.

An internship at She Leads Africa will give you the opportunity to challenge yourself in a new high-intensity, fast-growing, globally recognized company and learn vital professional skills from experienced managers.

The SLA Internship Program is a 3-month program that invites the most brilliant minds from across the African continent for the opportunity to learn and improve their SLA business skills.

Interns will have the opportunity to be retained after graduation (as needed). Note that internships are available by department.

Location: Remote


• Collaborate with team members across a designated department to identify and execute tasks.
• Assist with upcoming projects as well as current campaigns.

Who this job is for:

• A college student or a recent graduate.
• Someone who has exceptional communication skills and a proven ability to build high trust relationships.
• An individual who really wants to learn and work with different departments in the company.
• Proficient in Google documents, spreadsheets, Canva, Inshot, and Internet applications.
• Has the ability to meet deadlines and work well under pressure.
• Has a positive attitude and is flexible enough to take on any task that comes his way.
• You are passionate and eager to transform SLA into a world-class institution.
• You have high professional and ethical standards, that is, you understand that there is no African time, you are simply late.
• Feel comfortable receiving and giving feedback.
• Has a good sense of humor because we are going to work hard, so it is better to be entertained.
• You feel comfortable working in a boot environment where we create the rules as we go.
• Is energetic and eager to tackle new projects and ideas.

#9. Online ESL Teacher for My English Planet

Why is it profitable for the teacher to work with us?

• Own class schedule
• Do not look for students
• Motivated students
• Interactive platform
• Support on all issues

#10. Online Tutor – Teach English to Kids

Do you wish to work from home online in 2021? Do you want to get rid of the daily commute? Wish to have a steady income through part-time work? Want to enjoy your free time immediately after work and spend more quality time with your family? If these things look good, Landi English is ideal for you!

Benefits of this job:

• Competitive remuneration: the total hourly fee of $ 10-18 USD.
• Stable booking fee: with our linking system, your bookings can be really stable and you can be very popular.
• Incentives are based on the teacher’s performance.
• Referral bonus: up to $ 100 per qualified referral
• Support team: Do you need help, but don’t need anyone to talk to? This will not happen at Landi, because we have a team of professionals and support that is always at your disposal.
• A community and a large family: Join our Facebook group with more than 30,000 members.
• An established curriculum: We collaborate with Oxford University Press and are officially licensed for the Starlight series curriculum.

Responsibilities and Duties:

• Minimum requirements: 18 hours & 6 days per week commitment from 12:00 NOON to 3:00 PM South African Time, which is 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM Beijing Time.
• Teach English to Chinese students from Pre E to E 7 online.

About Landi English:

Landi English is a world leader in online education. Being recognized as the winner of the “The Great Brand” award helps them make education a movement and highlights their mission to offer more children better opportunities to learn English.

With a stable schedule and a fixed pair of students, Landi English seeks to build a stronger bond between teachers and students, so that teachers can accompany students in their growth, while teachers can also gain a strong sense of accomplishment.

So far, they have attracted more than 100,000 teachers to enroll, more than 20,000 students have joined their large family. Landi English believes that everyone can teach English, join them today!

Job Type: Part-time

Salary: R140.00 – R250.00 per hour


• Eligibility to work in South Africa
• Speak English at an idiomatic level
• Bachelor’s degree or above
• Teaching certificate,e.g. TEFL/TESOL/CELTA(We can help get one after you pass the interview)

Equipment Requirements:

• Desktop computer/laptop and access to a smartphone
• Internet Connection with 3 Mbps download speed and 3 Mbps upload speed (Wire DSL preferred)
• Headset and HD webcam.
• A quiet, bright, and clean teaching environment/room

#11. We Find Group – Online Internships (Madrid, London, Lisbon)

The Global Internship by We Find Group has an offer of Online Remote Global Internships where it will work with companies from all over the world in the main capitals of Europe at the most affordable prices.

The program allows university students to do internships in Madrid, London, Lisbon, Paris, Stockholm and more.

Students of all specialties can work in any sector that interests them with an internship in the desired area. Candidates agree through the We Find Group the duration of the internship program with the company.

These unpaid internships provide students with the opportunity to gain real-world experience working in full-time jobs, while enhancing their global business skills.

However, all the traditional elements of an internship are present: learning about the company’s culture and how the industry works, regular meetings with your colleagues / supervisors and completing a combination of individual and group projects.

You can also choose to finish your internship in person at your company and immersing in the country’s culture by the end of the program

#12. Language teacher – Work from Home

Do you know you could make some money teaching your language online or in person on Preply?

Language learners know that grammar rules are boring and hard to remember. That’s why many students prefer to learn a language through simple conversations with native or fluent speakers.

If you speak English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Mandarin, Cantonese or Arabic, then you can earn an income just by teaching your language on Preply’s international platform!

You don’t have to look for students, Preply takes care of everything from finding students to processing payments. You will create your own business, browse offers and make money every day you teach!

Interestingly, Teachers make around R190 per lesson.

You will withdraw your earnings from the “Withdrawals” section into your PayPal, Skrill or bank account.

How do I apply for Preply in Johannesburg?

Simple! Click here to sign up with your email or your Facebook account. Preply will then review your account. When your profile is verified, students can contact you to discuss your offer in detail. At this point, you can either choose to tutor your student online or in person, depending on whichever you are both comfortable with.

Once you accept a tutoring request, your student will submit their payment. Keep in mind that your personal information won’t be visible before the payment has been approved.

Simply meet your student, teach (don’t forget to have fun) and receive your payment when you are done!


Preply takes a commission rate of 18-33%, depending on how many hours you have worked.

#13. Online ESL Teacher

As an online English teacher with putchool.com, you are making learning easier, fairer and more enjoyable by providing the best quality ESL teaching and helping our students from diverse backgrounds – children, business professionals and students with different levels of English.

They are looking for native/fluent English speakers to help Chinese children, teenagers and adults practice English conversation via Skype or QQ ( a popular Instant Messager for Chinese)

• Help Chinese children and adults improve their English in fun conversation lessons.
• $ 15 per hour of programming
• Make your own schedule and establish your availability.
• Minimum hours are not required, but peak hours are during the week in the morning and in the evening (Beijing time – GMT +8)
• Make sure that classes are organized according to the curriculum and the study process.
• Teach classes through the company’s online platform
• Interact in a friendly and patient manner with students
• Provide timely feedback to students
• Make plans for students’ long-term development


• You are a native English (US / UK) speaker.
• Candidates without teaching experience may be university students or have a university degree or TEFL / TESOL / CELTA. Preferred teaching experience, but not mandatory.
• Has good computer skills and a stable Internet connection
• You are passionate about language teaching and prefer Chinese cultural awareness.
• You have online teaching equipment: a laptop (or computer), wired Internet, and a noise-canceling headset.
• You can spend several hours teaching between 6 pm and 12 pm, Monday through Friday, or from 6 am to 12 pm, on weekends. (Beijing time)
• You have some experience of teaching English. Online teaching experience will be an advantage

#14. Digital Marketing Intern (paid)

At Ruby Digital, they are always looking for talented people to work with. If you are passionate about digital marketing and are committed to advancing your career at an agency that is equally committed to helping you realize your full potential, then Ruby Digital is the ideal place for you.

Come make history with the brightest, most curious people from every discipline. We’ve only just begun.

Correspondence will only be conducted with shortlisted candidates. Should you not hear from us within 3 days, please consider your application unsuccessful.

Ruby Digital is a small but mighty multi-award-winning digital marketing agency near Century City, Cape Town.

They specialize in SEO, Paid Media, Web Development, Content Marketing and more to create meaningful, predictable growth for SMEs, B2B companies, and enterprises in various industries.

Also, they are an effective and dynamic team passionate about educating, growing, and moving the digital industry forward.

Ruby Digital is looking for a passionate and fast-learning digital marketing intern to help the marketing team grow the Ruby Digital brand by expanding and positioning Ruby Digital services.

This resource would be ideal for those who have just finished their studies and want to gain practical experience.

Skills to have to become an ideal candidate:

• A team player
• Learn fast
• You have a passion for people and build meaningful relationships
• You are detail-oriented
• Has a great work ethic and loves to go further.
• Innovative
• You are a responsible person and accept responsibility
• Has effective organization and time management skills, strong communication and interpersonal skills, a positive attitude, and a growth mindset
• Can do things on time.


• Publish Ruby Digital content to various social media platforms
• Manage the content of the Ruby Digital website.
• Help with market research
• Assist in writing content for the Ruby Digital brand.
• Assist in the development of Ruby Digital advertising material.


• Excellent verbal and written communication skills
• Solid understanding of marketing principles.
• Excellent presentation skills
• Passion for everything digital
• Time and people management skills
• Great attention to detail.
• Strong project management skills
• Successful completion of courses or studies in digital or traditional marketing.
• Familiarity with the use of content management systems and social media platforms.

Brownie points:

• Theoretical knowledge of product positioning.
• Graphic design skills
• Copywriting skills

Benefits of the job:

• Remote working position
• Flexible work schedule
• Client and employee referral incentive programs
• Retirement Annuity contribution
• Weekly virtual braais

Job Type: Internship (12 months)Probation Period: 3 Months

How to apply:

Email them at careers@rubydigital.co.za with:
• your CV attached
• cover letter
• the subject to be displayed as “Applying for {Position}” and any other relevant info

#15. Online ESL Tutor

The hourly rate is between $8 – $100 per hour. The average rate is $18 -$35 while more experienced teachers charge $35> per hour.

They offer group classes for up to 10 students. That’s 10x your hourly rate.

Their students are of all ages and from around the world. You choose the time zone that you wish to teach in.

#16. Student Internship Program- Summer 2021

Publicity For Good is a female-influenced PR agency directed by the millennium generation for natural food and beverage brands. They are more than advertisers, they are activists and defenders of your brand. Consumers first and advertisers second.

They are in search of Passionate and motivated individuals with Motivational, enthusiastic and enterprising spirit.

Ingenious, innovative, forward-thinking, and committed. At Publicity For Good, our people embrace these qualities, so if this looks like you, read on.

PFG is looking for the next group of rising stars in their freshman and senior year of college to dive into their fast-paced, hands-on Summer Internship Program 2019.

Are you a born leader hungry for the indescribable and invaluable hands-on experience at a Leading Agency of public relations to launch your future career? Then PFG is ideal for you.

Also, PFG is on the lookout for individuals who knows the basics of traditional public relations and is eager to find creative ways to apply them.

Additionally, you are welcomed to PFG if traveling is your passion and you can prove it regardless of whether you’ve lived abroad, traveled extensively, or just spent years reading about incredible destinations in scientific journals.

This dynamic four-month internship immerses you in PFG in real-time: interacting with the media, creating sales pitches, researching, developing press kits, and collaborating with high-level teams in the office and in all their units through their social channels.

Consequently, your skills will be used to the fullest and your experience will prepare you for a highly experienced public relations career.

Also, as an intern, you will face challenges beyond the basics of everyday public relations. You will have practical experience, education, training, and career preparation from him.

PFG believes in growing its team from within and this starts with our internship program – this is a rare place to stand out from the crowd and gain experience with a definite edge.

Duties & Responsibilities:

During your 4-month internship you will learn to:

  • Secure press positions, professional style
  • Get top-notch access to public relations strategy
  • Browse Cision, creating quality media lists
  • Improve writing skills, elevate press releases
  • You will be able to brainstorm sales pitch, story angles, and partnerships
  • Learn time management tips + ticks
  • Engage with industry leaders and award-winning company culture
  • Learn to collaborate and interact with the team/client and professionals.

Qualifications & Requirements:

  • Must be a college student currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in public relations, communication, journalism, marketing, and/or business.
  • Must be able to commit to a weekly schedule of 15-20 hours per week
  • Your Previous internship experience is expected•
  • This student internship is an unpaid experience and will qualify for college/school credit.

US job applicants must have a work permit that does not require employer sponsorship to obtain a visa.


Publicity for Good strongly supports equal employment opportunity for all candidates regardless of race, color, religion, sex, gender identity, pregnancy, national origin, ancestry, citizenship, age, marital status, physical disability, mental disability, condition. medical, sexual orientation, genetic information, or any other characteristic protected by state or federal law.


The above job description was designed to indicate the general nature and level of work performed by employees within this classification.

However, it is not designed to contain or be construed as a complete inventory of all the duties, responsibilities, and required qualifications of employees assigned to this job.

Publicity for Good’s hiring policies are designed to make the most qualified individuals available in a timely and efficient manner.

Also, publicity for good can pursue all avenues available, including internal promotion, employee referrals, external advertising, employment agencies, Internet recruiting, job fairs, college recruiting, and research companies.

#17. UX Researcher

Student Beans is the world’s leading student loyalty network. They produce our award-winning technology for the largest retailers on the planet, connecting them with the youth market.

Introducing in The Sunday Times Tech Track 100 2020 a list of Britain’s fastest-growing private technology companies, Student Beans constantly innovates to deliver new solutions that satisfy its consumers, generate ROI for its customers and create a favorable working environment for its employees.

Interestingly, in the last two years alone, Student Beans have tripled the size of their teams in London, Manchester, Birmingham, and New York and opened a new office in Melbourne. But let’s not stop there!

Also, Student Beans has an incredibly exciting journey ahead of them, with ambitious goals and endless possibilities. Their success is due to their brilliant people they are looking for more talented people to join them on their journey.

Responsibilities include:

• Help develop a general search strategy for the SB product function.
• Coordinate user research on multiple product value streams.
• Use qualitative and quantitative techniques to identify and test/disprove hypotheses
• Ensuring a scientific approach to testing
• Recruitment of users for research purposes
• Recruitment and maintenance of a panel of clients for research purposes
• Ensure that research results are communicated and used
• Be the voice of the user (s) within the product team
• Interview users and customers.

Requirements for this Job:

• More than 3 years of experience in managing multiple UX research streams within an organization or agency.
• Used to working in companies focused on technology, with product/technology teams working with agility
• Experience in developing research plans
• Experience with research and quantify
• Experience in the use of analytics, user behavior tools (eg google analytics, tableau, hotjar, Clicktale, etc.)
• Understanding of the principles of product design.

Benefits of this Job:

• Good salary.
• Totally remote work
• Flexi-time.
• Mental health rescuer
• Vibrant, meaningful and social environment: famous winter parties and summer getaways, regular social events, and adventure activities.
• Focus on wellness: a partnership with academia, wellness challenges
• Incredible association discounts for the biggest brands in the world: Google, Apple, TopShop, Ted Baker, GymShark, Domino’s, Uber, and many more.

Due to the large volume of candidates, they can only respond to selected candidates. By submitting your application, you agree that Student Beans may collect your personal data for recruitment, general organization planning, and related purposes.

Their Privacy Notice for Candidates explains what personal information and where we may process our processing purposes and the rights you may exercise over Student Beans’ use of your personal information.

#18. Part-Time Social Media Intern for Consumer-Good Delivery Platform.

Are you interested in building something from scratch? Then worry no more.

Eazitt is an ideal and exclusive platform designed to help consumers buy and receive products the same day in South Africa

By using decentralization and matching algorithms, Eazitt offers African consumers the fastest and cheapest home delivery on the continent.

Eazitt is looking for a creative, strategic, fun, and sharp social media manager who is primarily focused on increasing their presence on Instagram and Facebook.

Their philosophy is to preach convenience and efficiency at a low price, it must be affordable and exciting.

The ideal candidate will have a passion for developing a brand and community while building engagement along the way. A focus on creativity, a feeling of hunger and that’s what they are looking for.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Develop an overall social media strategy to drive engagement and grow followers.
  • Create, schedule, run and optimize weekly / daily content
  • Think strategically to translate your brand message on social media
  • Interact with our followers to develop a community
  • Stay on top of emerging social channels, analyze and formally present growth opportunities
  • Experience with social programming tools
  • Abilities:
  • Entrepreneurial and entrepreneurial mindset, preferably with individual projects that you can show


  • Entrepreneurial and entrepreneurial mindset, preferably with individual projects that you can show
  • Agile and able to adapt quickly
  • Excellent skills in written and verbal communication
  • More design skills: Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Premiere Pro, Sketch, Figma, etc.
  • Interested in building something from scratch

Benefits of the Job:

  • Flexible working hours
  • Part-time allowed
  • Remote allowed
  • Professional testimonial and reference
  • Stipend regularly
  • Full-time opportunities as we grow

Eazitt focuses on cell phones, consumer goods, food and beverages, algorithms, and artificial intelligence. The company has offices in New York, South Africa and Johannesburg. They have a small team of 11 to 50 employees.

#19. United Planet Virtual Internship and Volunteer Quests

United Planet offers remote internships for students and professionals from around the world. They call on high school students (ages 16 and up), college graduates, working professionals and retirees to join us in meeting today’s challenges.

Join their virtual internships and volunteer opportunities, where you apply existing skills and learn new ones while working for an international organization in your own home. They have three main project areas you can participate in:

  • Global Health
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Children and Education

They have helped each other in the recent pandemic create a new level of cooperation in every corner of the world.

The virtual missions of United Planet have the same characteristics as their overseas on-campus services.

You will immerse yourself in interactions that are genuine and engaging and get everything you need to be good in placement.

Most importantly, their group or partner will collaborate with you.

Virtual Interns are able to receive course credit through United Planet’s relationship with Portland State University.

#20. SaaS To Help Course Creators Make Students More Successful

The product is for course developers who put their paying student groups on Facebook.

Are you a course creator who wants to use Facebook as a medium to market course to other course creators? Then this is the ideal platform for you.

This product will help students stay current, increasing their success rates, increasing the amount of results they can use to market, and getting more students.

If you do not want to work with ANY tech shops who outsource to employees, and work directly with a full stack developer, then here is your opportunity.

#21. SEO Content Marketing Internship (Remote)

Themarketingmill.com and Travel Tractions are looking for a talented, content-focused individual to join our fast-growing team.

They offer internship positions teaching various areas of online marketing, with the possibility of freelancing and further employment.

Depending on experience, skills, time availability, ability to add value and quick learning, financial incentives will start at R2 000 – R6 500 per month (positions available part time and full time).

General tasks:

Research, fact-checking, data capturing, content creation, copywriting, design, editing, proofreading, link building, emailing, meeting deadlines, administrative, and other editorial tasks.

What will you learn?

Depending on your request and the results of your tests during the process, we help you determine which aspect of online marketing would best suit your skills and desire to learn. Our main service offering is SEO, which has elements of content creation, web design and development.

They work with clients, but they also have a wide range of internal projects, although they are not called an incubator, they like to test markets and build their own products and projects online.

Themarketingmill does not offer these services to clients, but they are targeting growth hacking loopholes across various online marketing channels, where they believe they bring the highest return on investment.

These elements can be email marketing, web development, public relations, funnels, video creation and editing, design, social media marketing, automation, and community management.

Skills Required for this job:

• Fluent English speaker/Writing
• Good communicator and works well in a team
• Experience in writing, editing, SEO, design or social networks
• Attention to details
• I am not afraid to ask questions
• Quick learner curious about the big picture
• Quick thinker who can work well under pressure.
• An entrepreneur who understands that deadlines must be met
• Problem-solving skills. Someone who is not afraid to seek solutions and solve problems.

Benefits of working with this brand:

• Learn about digital marketing in a variety of areas.
• Remote work
• Flexible schedule
• Work towards real KPIs
• Gain work experience in a startup agency and incubator.
• Monthly performance reviews and possible bonuses
• Freelance potential or permanent position in the future
• Ahrefs Business of Blogging SEO Course
• 50% contribution to courses that develop your skills
• Share of income *
• Unlimited and unlimited license
• Help build the best travel marketing agency in the world
• Permanent or full-time employees only qualify.

Company Description:

A digital marketing agency specializing in SEO, startups, travel, publishing, affiliate marketing, cannabis, CBD, sports gear and other internal ventures.

Job Requirements:

• Own laptop
• Excellent writing skills with a good command of grammar and spelling (this will be assessed)
• A degree / diploma in journalism / English / communications / marketing / media studies (advantageous, but not essential)
• Used to a fast-paced environment
• A positive and positive attitude
• A radical work ethic and a keen interest in making the most of this experience.
• Excellent in time management
• Understanding SEO (advantageous, but not essential)
• Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook experience (beneficial, but not essential)
• A structured multitasking
• Strong research skills

#22. Online English Teacher (kids)

Are you Passionate about education & children? Wish to teach kids online! Join our team in this exciting and rewarding role.

Grow professionally and embrace the energetic spirit of young learners!

Children want engaging and interactive classes presented by supportive and inspiring teachers; If that describes you, send them your request; they will be glad to meet you.

The coursework and material will be provided for you; you bring your enthusiasm and passion.

Success criteria:

• You fit into the TRGTC culture
• Their values are aligned with yours
• You are an experienced teacher who wants to work with foreign students
• Has the ability to make learning fun and bring excitement and energy to every lesson!
• Has the ability to transmit your knowledge to new students
• Highly motivated and passionate about interacting with people and imparting knowledge.
• Do you want to teach English?

Position details:

• Start date: immediately
• Location: Work from home
• Hours: Minimum of 60 guaranteed monthly teaching hours. Peak teaching hours are 12:00 to 16:00 (South Africa). Additional classes may be available.
• Students: you will teach students ages 5 to 14.
• Training: Training and continuous professional development throughout the hiring.
• Compensation: Set a base rate of $ 6 USD per hour
• The Really Great Teacher Company will contact you as an independent service provider.

Minimum requirements:

• Tertiary education
• Professional fluency in English and excellent command of the language.
• Well versed in computers
• No criminal record
• Great communication skills
• Excellent opportunity and punctuality
• Able to work in shifts
• Be willing to work shifts on weekends.
• A quiet, clean, orderly, and well-lit teaching environment
• All technical and hardware requirements listed below

Technical requirements:

1. PC specifications:

• Processor: Intel ® Core™ i3 CPU @2.70GHz (4 CPUs) or greater
• Memory: 8GB RAM or greater

2. Backup power (non-negotiable)

• Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) with battery life up to 4-5 hours (or willing to purchase one if you are hired) due to loadshedding and power outages

3. Internet connection:

• Must be a fibre (cabled, not wifi) connection

• Minimum of 20 mbps upload and download speed

4. Camera and headset.

#23. Reliable Income with Fixed Schedule Teaching

First Future is the pioneer of B2B cloud teaching platforms in China and has developed a state of the art Online English Teaching environment for schools and language centers across the country.

As a First Future teacher, you will be working on a fixed schedule. This means that you have guaranteed hours and a guaranteed minimum income.

For example, if your project was for weekday evenings, 6 – 9 p.m., then, as an absolute minimum, you would be paid your base rate for 15 hours each week. At First Future, you are paid in full even if a lesson hasn’t been booked during your shift.

Student Age Group: Different projects cover different age groups: YL, Young Teens, Young Adults, Adults – the more flexible you are in preference, the quicker it will be to get you on a fixed project

Class Size: Classroom broadcasts have up to 20 students. Group classes have 4 – 6 students. There is also a lot of 1-on-1 work available.

Class Length: On average, group lessons are for 45 minutes, and 1-on-1 lessons are 25 minutes on average. Schools operate from 08:00 – 22:00 (Beijing Time) 7 days a week.

Online Business opportunities in South Africa

Business opportunities are numerous online in South Africa, however, your ability to distinguish between a real opportunity and a scam is a treasure far more greater than ruby.

In recent times, the effect of the coronavirus has been ravaging, it has hampered the growth of businesses offline. However, it has fostered the growth of online businesses thanks to the internet.

This global pandemic has had a tremendous impact on the way South Africans do business. One of the legacies of the Coronavirus, in addition to the economic and social implications, will be the fact that all businesses must be online not only to survive, but to thrive.

The ravaging effects have forced the majority of the South African workforce to reinvent business functions and move to a more remote work model.

Remote working has seen South Africa see an increase in internet use and that means more opportunities for online businesses to thrive.

However, this is your opportunity to leverage on the skills you have and make some extra cash online in South Africa in 2021.

I have carefully researched, and have come up with some online business opportunities in South Africa in 2021.

It is never too late to start your own business. However, if you are struggling to find a suitable online business to invest in, you are in the right place at the right time. We will present a summary of some online business opportunities in South Africa in 2021.

Below are some of the online business opportunies in South Africa.

Online Business Opportunities in South Africa.

  • Website design
  • Reseller Web Hosting
  • Catering services
  • Blogging
  • Online Tutoring
  • Start a YouTube channel
  • Selling Products Online

#1. Website Design

Website design in South Africa is a very lucrative career. If you have the necessary skills; A brand-oriented, design eye, as well as an understanding of the user journey and responsive design, can make a lot of money with web design.

All you need to do is launch your professional web design website, register your business with CIPC, and land your first clients.

#2. Reseller web hosting

This business consists of renting and reselling your acquired and hard drive space to offer web hosting services to your clients.

The web hosting reseller business is perfect because you use our resources to start your third-party web hosting business for your clients at a profit. The best part is that you can start small and expand as your business grows.

#3. Catering services

There is a lot of money to be made with catering services. The country is now at Level 3 of the Advanced Block and the sale of prepared hot foods is allowed.

However, gatherings are illegal under lockdown regulations, but you can start serving families healthy meals or meal preps.

Start by finding your catering niche; This is a rewarding business if you already have a knack for cooking or baking.

Additionally, create a business website that features all of your services and works to find your first customer.

Tip: Licenses and permits govern the restaurant industry; you must make sure you do.

#4. Blogging

If you are looking for ways on how to make money online in South Africa in 2021 as a student, then blogging /Content writing is ideal in 2021.

Blogging is a set of skills necessary to manage and monitor a blog. This involves equipping a web page with tools to facilitate the process of writing, publishing, linking, and sharing content on the Internet.

You can earn money as a top-notch blogger by Selling ad space on your blog privately or via Google AdSense, Becoming an affiliate partner privately or through ads networks, Selling your own digital products such as eBooks and tutorials, Selling memberships for access to exclusive content, or advice, and also, Using your blog as a content marketing tool for your business.

There are endless ways to make money with blogging.

#5. Online tutoring

The global pandemic triggered an increase in online learning. Students are participating in online classes and people are generally interested in improving themselves through online learning.

Additionally, there are many reputable online learning platforms – you need to do your research and find one that suits your skills.

#6. Starting your own YouTube channel

There are so many opportunities on YouTube on the South African scene. All you need to do is find your niche and start making videos.

In contrast, YouTube is a long game and it may take a while before you start to see the money coming from YouTube.

That notwithstanding, you need to be consistent and deliver engaging content to your audience.

It’s easier to choose a topic that you’re already passionate about so that it feels like a creative outlet and hobby, rather than a job.

#7. Selling Products Online

If you have products that you manufacture or can buy at wholesale prices and sell them on your eCommerce platform, consider building your online store in less than 10 minutes.

Interestingly, you will have to create an online store functionality that will make your business operations seamless.

We hope we have given you some ideas to think about and awaken the entrepreneur within you. Remember never to give up on your dream, because every great business started with an idea from someone like you.

Online Business Management Courses South Africa

Your idea of Business management is of paramount importance to the smooth running of your business or to any business. It helps to keep a business healthy, and as well helps run a business smoothly.

However, I have compiled some online business management courses South Africa for you to enroll in and get the idea to run your business effectively.

Consequently, the University of Cape Town offers a course titled ‘Foundations of Business Management’, which helps students develop and integrate business management strategies to ensure their business’s success.

Course Duration: 

8 weeks (excluding orientation)

Course Review!

The tradition of managers working in commercial silos is dying out. Now, they need to have an integrated and holistic understanding of how an organization works, both on a theoretical and practical level, to improve performance.

Most importantly, by acquiring knowledge across the management spectrum, managers can ensure that all decisions made are supported by a comprehensive view of the business.

Additionally, after taking this course, you will develop a holistic understanding of business functions in the Fundamentals of Business Management online short course at the University of Cape Town (UCT).

Furthermore, by studying a variety of leadership and management skills, you will learn how to create integrated business management strategies to ensure the success of your organization.

Also, you will acquire the skills necessary to achieve your goals in the areas of leadership, marketing, finance, market research, and competitive analysis.

This course is designed to meet the industry need for qualified managers who require an integrated knowledge of various business functions.

Middle to senior managers looking to increase their organizational impact will receive a comprehensive foundation for the most important business and management concepts and practices.

Also, aspiring managers and entrepreneurs will also benefit from this introduction to business management and prepare to advance their careers by acquiring widely applicable business skills.

Furthermore, you will get a certificate of course completion.

Your certificate will be issued in your legal name and sent to you upon successful completion of the course, as per the stipulated requirements.

Benefits of the Course!

  • The skills to interpret financial statements, and compile and manage budgets.
  • A quality assurance plan for your organisation’s continuous improvement.
  • The ability to conduct market research and recommend a strategy for your competitive advantage.
  • The tools to make informed business decisions, with knowledge of innovation methods and creative problem-solving techniques.

Start Date:

12 April 2021.

Make sure you enroll before 6th of Aprol 2021.



How To Sell Products Online in South Africa

It has become increasingly difficult to sell products online in South Africa in recent times, due to the fact that some persons don’t know how to go about it, or that you know, but you don’t know the right tool to use.

However, you have landed on the right blog post. That been said, I have researched online, and have come up with easy ways on how to sell products online in South Africa in 2021.

As the Internet access infrastructure improves and more South Africans connect, they are turning to e-commerce sites to buy goods and services.

The Internet makes it easy for consumers to search for products and alternatives, search for service providers, manage shop windows, and, of course, shop online.

The eCommerce market still accounts for a small percentage, around 1.4% of the total retail market in South Africa, however, there have been reports that it is growing in a range of 20 to 35% per year.

The growth of local e-commerce and the lowering of the barrier to entry for entrepreneurs with the ease of setting up e-commerce enabled website will only keep this trend growing.

However, if you are considering leveraging e-commerce as your main source of sales or increasing your offline or physical sales, here are some of the tips on how to sell products online in South Africa recommended for local entrepreneurs looking to sell their products online.

How To Sell Products Online in South Africa

  • Your own website
  • eCommerce marketplaces
  • Deal sites
  • Classified sites
#1. Your own Website

This is probably your best way or medium on how to sell your products online in South Africa in 2021.

As an entrepreneur, it is imperative to maintain a steady online presence that you manage, and fully customize your products and offerings.

Leveraging content management systems like WordPress or Shopify, you can create a low-cost e-commerce site that can accept payments online and get up and running in no time.

However, if the complexity or cost of running an e-commerce site isn’t something your business is ready for, you can take advantage of other local e-commerce sites and platforms to reach customers and conduct business online.

#2. eCommerce marketplaces

Ecommerce marketplaces are the major online retail platforms currently dominating South Africa’s online retail space as they have the funds to rally large audiences through their various advertising channels.

However, these platforms allow you to list your products if you meet the reseller criteria. Your products will appear on your website and you will be able to leverage your brand and your target audience to reach customers on a large scale.

They also handle the consumer checkout process and sometimes some of the logistics, making it an attractive option for small businesses that want to take advantage of the growing interest in e-commerce in South Africa.

The most popular eCommerce marketplaces in South Africa are:

  • Takealot: TakeAlot is the leading online store in South Africa with millions of products and many active daily users searching for products online. They have a comprehensive third-party marketing service that offers sellers of all sizes access to their audience, listing their products for sale through their website.
  • Bid or Buy: Bid or Buy has been around since 199 and has become South Africa’s leading online marketplace, bidorbuy has created a safe and convenient way for people to buy and sell just about anything online at a fixed price or in an auction format.
  •  Localized: Localized is an online marketplace for South African businesses to showcase and sell their products through our platform. Similar to the AliExpress model, we are a multivendor marketplace that tailors to retail and small businesses in South Africa.
  • Pricecheck: PriceCheck is South Africa’s largest eCommerce product aggregator & financial services platform. Established back in 2006, it has grown into a platform that allows you to compare millions of products from thousands of stores.
  • Facebook Marketplace: Like it or not, Facebook has taken control of Internet use in South Africa and remains the most popular social network in the country. The platform has capitalized on this popularity in a number of ways, with the Marketplace feature being one of the most popular with locals. Running regular ads on Facebook Marketplace is a great way to take advantage of social media traffic and turn it into eCommerce sales at a very low cost.
  • Hello Pretty: Hello Pretty is South Africa’s premier designer and artisan marketplace, allowing you to list products on its platform. The place has a large showcase of locally made craft and design products. You can list products in the following categories: gifts, jewelry, fashion, body and hygiene products, wedding products, household items, art, children’s and baby items, and a wide range of other quality products and sell them directly to customers.
#3. Deal sites

South Africans love good deals and that is why there are so many business websites up and running and always looking for discounts to share with their growing audience.

If you have discounted items that you would like to move, contacting these bargain sites for a listing is a great option for trying to move inventory volumes.

If you would like to leverage South African deal sites you can find a comprehensive list of local deal sites here.

#4. Classified sites:

Classified websites have been a staple of many bargain hunters and those looking to find retail product stores may not stock up on custom merchandise, rare items, or end-of-life items.

Classified sites offer small business owners a platform to promote their products and services and reach users they might not otherwise be able to access without large advertising budgets.

Also, it offers access to users with a deep purchase intention, as they browse various advertisements in search of the products or services they need.

If you want to take advantage of South Africa classified sites, you can find a complete list of local classified sites here.

Online Agriculture Courses in South Africa

Agriculture degrees teach students how to farm. Students also learn about soil quality and methods that help preserve soil properties and support sustainable agriculture, such as crop rotation.

Agriculture also addresses topics such as environmentalism or agricultural marketing, so graduates can work as agricultural consultants, farm managers, or soil scientists.

However, I have curated some online Agriculture courses in South Africa which include Agriculture & Forestry, Animal Sciences, and many more.

Enroll with the button below and become a better Agriculturist or an Animal Scientist.


Here in this blog post, I have concisely researched, and have compiled the 11 best ways on how to make money online in South Africa this 2021.

Also, in this blog post, I have provided an extra information on some Online jobs in South Africa for students, some Online business opportunities in South Africa in 2021, Online business management courses South Africa, how to sell products online in South Africa, and lastly, Online agriculture courses in South Africa.

This is the time that online activities will be on the high and only people with good sights can seize this opportunity of staying at home to make money online in South Africa in 2021.

My best advice to you is to seize this opportunity today and make extra bucks for yourself. All the ways listed in this blog post on how to make money online in South Africa are well proven.

Choose the one that best suits you and start earning from home in 2021.

I hope this information was helpful to you, I wish you a happy learning. Enjoy!!!! Please, drop a comment in the comment session to tell us how you feel about the list and some questions as well. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Lastly, visit our website to find more courses and share this article with your friends if you find it useful.

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