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Here is an opportunity for you as a developer to have an in-depth knowledge of the latest iOS 13 developer course with Swift 5 + Xcode 11. Understand how to build apps, games (Instagram, Foursquare, etc) + also discover SwiftUI!

Are you a developer looking to build an iPhone/iPad app and put them to the App Store? Do you wish to understand and also master the concepts of swift 5 programming skills? Then this iOS developer course is what you need as a developer.

This is the right iOS development course online that shows you the basic skills from scratch.

This iOS Developer course takes you from beginner to confident practitioner as we focus on practical iOS development without neglecting theory! In the course of this tutorial, there will be real-life example games, apps, and also clones.

During these projects and challenges, you will learn and practice all the details of Swift 5 and iOS development. In a later section, I’ll also introduce you to the Swift user interface. We will work with the latest technology: Xcode 11.

Course contents

  • One year web hosting from Eco Webhosting (limited to one year per student, not per course*)
  • 300$ worth of visuals to use in your app design
  • CCA Certification participation pass for Swift Level 1 & Swift Level 2!

After completing this course, you will understand how to write a desired iOS application.

Building on the foundations of Rob Percival’s iOS courses, but goes much, much further!

Taught by Atil Samancioglu (who teaches more than 150,000 students on Udemy on Mobile Programming & Cyber Security) in partnership with Rob Percival’s Codestars (over 1,000,000 students have taken Codestars courses!!) – this course builds on the foundations of Rob’s previous iOS courses, but add much, much more!

Topics Covered in This Course

  • Swift 5 Beginner & Intermediate & Advanced techniques
  • Layout
  • Push Notifications
  • Parse
  • Firebase
  • Cocoapods
  • OneSignal
  • Maps
  • Core Data
  • JSON & API
  • Back4App Servers
  • Social Media Development
  • Machine Learning
  • Augmented Reality
  • Games with Sprite Kit
  • SwiftUI Crash Course
  • Design Essentials with Adobe XD

This course is ideal for students who want to learn iOS 13 and Swift 5 extensively. You do not need any prior knowledge to take this course. We will start again and go up. You can write a real app, design it, and upload it to the AppStore at the end of this course.

Some Course Projects

  • Art Book
  • Catch the Kenny
  • Currency Converter
  • Travel Book
  • Foursquare Clone
  • Instagram Clone
  • Snapchat Clone
  • Angry Bird Clone
  • Image Recognition App

In this course, Firebase and also Parse with their latest and most updated versions will be covered in this course.

This course is completely updated. You will not see any outdated technology or conferences.

All course projects and source codes are shared with you through GitHub.

Benefits of this course

  • iOS 13 Development with Swift 5
  • Develop an iPhone/iPad app and place them on the App Store
  • Understand Swift 5 programming skills
  • Important design skills


  • MacBook and Internet
  • You don’t need any other prior experience or knowledge

Who this Course is for

  • Anyone who wants to learn about iOS development
  • Students who want to learn how to code
  • Intermediate developers  who want to be professional iOS developers
  • An individual who want to master Swift skills

How to Download the File

First, install the latest uTorent Version. The Size of the file is quite heavy. You’re downloading the torrent file which helps you get the full version.

A Torrent file is a mirror file that gives you access to the main file. Here is the Official Link to download a torrent file

After installation, upload the file and start downloading the file. The file is up to 20.81 GB worth of videos. Start a full school


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