100+ MSN free online games in 2021

MSN free online games are all in one basket.  The platform offers you a variety of games that test different skills, such as accuracy, perseverance, intelligence and more.  Free online MSN games in various categories such as adventure, action, cards and boards, puzzles, pop culture and more.  This article describes important aspects of free online MSN games that you need to know to play better.

 About MSN free online games

  MSN Games is a gaming platform that allows users to enjoy a fun gaming escapade anytime, anywhere, whether school or workplace.  The portal offers many games covering various categories of games, such as puzzles, arcade quizzes, casinos, trivia and card games.  The platform offers hours of entertainment with games that can be played for free online or on a trial basis, or with a full-featured version with pay-per-play.

  What devices are supported by msn online games?

  Although MSN games are provided by Microsoft, they can be played on devices running the Windows operating system.  The advantage of playing MSN is that you can play free online games through any browser.  You need to visit the official MSN Games website.  When the home page appears, you need to select a game from the list below.

  Just pick one and start playing.  By clicking on the game, MSN will open another window where you can easily start the game.  A prerequisite for playing MSN is to use an updated version of Flash Player, as this will help you download the game quickly.  However, for online gaming, free MSN games do not require any other software.

  You don’t have to worry about the software you need to play your favorite MSN game.  If you have iOS, Android or Windows, you’ll be fine.  This means that even with a phone or tablet you can access and conveniently play any of them.  The most important thing is that you have access to the Internet.

  In addition, by playing these games, you can also download them for later use.  When you find out that the Internet is missing for a while, you can download some of these games in advance.  This way, you will be able to play them online.

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  How can I download MSN games?

  • Open the Internet and find content or games in it.
  • Second: open the game on the Internet and click the try button on the game content page (zone.msn.com).
  • Third: Now a window appears asking “Start or Save Game”.  Select save to download it.
  • Fourth: After the game, the settings will appear in the downloaded place.  Click and install it.
  • Fifth: Then enter the registration key with the e-mail address and enjoy the game.
  • If you encounter any problems during the game, you can contact Microsoft Support for help with online games.

Top MSN free online games in 2021 

·         Solitaire

  Anyone who plays online games had to play solitaire at least once.  In the most common form, also called the Klondike, the goal was to place all thirteen cards of each suit in a single group running from ace to king.  As a rule, an ace is the first card on which two of the same suit is placed, followed by a three, and so on.

  At the end of the game, the winner was rewarded with continuous cascading card prizes until one decided to start another game.  It was really fascinating.

  But the most experienced players should know that there are different types of solitaire, depending on how visible the cards are.  The above style is known as simple builders.


·         Mahjong

  Microsoft Mahjong, also known as Solitaire Mahjong, is a puzzle, a single player game based on the game of the same name developed in China, however, which has nothing to do with the rules or the original version.  The game is a set of 144 tiles based on Chinese characters and symbols.  The goal is to match open pairs of identical tiles and remove them from the board, opening the tiles for the game under them.

  The game ends when all pairs of tiles have been removed from the board or when there are no more open pairs.  Currently in the Zone you can find several versions of the original online game with different environments.


·         10 × 10 Classic

  This is the basic version of the Tetris-like Microsoft puzzle.  The object of the game is to build blocks of the same color, which disappear if you place them on a horizontal line.  The game can go on forever if you do not run out of space on the grid to place any of the blocks.

  Unlike the original physical Tetris, in the online version the blocks do not fall from the top, pressing the player to select a position.  They also cannot be inverted, and the horizontal lines do not fall down when the blocks disappear.  This game is about quick thinking and decision making.  Because it can be played online, you can compete with your friends and acquaintances.  It’s worth a try, I haven’t played yet.


·         Jigsaw

  Microsoft recently released a new version of its game Jigsaw to allow fans to play it far into the future, even after the classic version of Flash will be discontinued in late 2020.

  Every day, Microsoft launched 3 new puzzles to entertain its fans.  In addition, the range of puzzles is very large, so you probably will not be bored.  Of course, you can choose the level of their knowledge, from easy (24 pcs.) to difficult (100 pcs.).


·         Chess

  Microsoft’s chess game is based on the classic chess game, only it is played on a computer.  The opponent can be both virtual and real.  Otherwise, all the rules are the same, and the parts look like the real thing.  There are no time limits and you can choose the level of knowledge for the game.

  The purpose of the game is educational, as for most free MSN games.  Although this version was an online version, it had the same psychological benefits of memory and strategic thinking as the real game of chess.  The game was all the more popular the more chess champion Harry Kasparov took part in a chess championship organized by Microsoft.


·         Word Roundup

  Word Roundup is an innovative online game MSN.  It was developed by Microsoft to test a player’s ability to speak English.  It involves discovering hidden words before time flies.  The faster you find the words, the more points you have.  It is a source of entertainment and is also used for educational purposes.  In other words, it’s a fun and challenging version of a word game.  If you think word search is very simple, try word roundup.


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·         Bejeweled 3

  This is an extraordinary and exciting game with 3 combinations.  This is a free online game MSN, which is very suitable for all ages.  There is no violent or sexual content in the game.  The game is primarily aimed at replacing colored gems on the game board.  This is not a multiplayer game.

  It contains all the game modes that existed in its predecessors, but has a little more modesty to take your gaming experience to a new level.  Some of these great additions include a quest and a poker mode.  Each mode has its own unique levels and challenges that you must overcome.  It has the best music and high quality graphics that will make your gaming experience rich. 


·         Text Twist 2

  This free online MSN game is a sequel to one of the most popular word games.  Text Twist comes with innovative modes that will allow players to get involved.  It has five modes of choice, from which the words of freaks will be interesting and addictive.  The game involves the use of six mixed letters to create as many words as possible before the end of time.  Text Twist is an amazing, exciting, fun test of both your vocabulary and your ability to detect patterns. 


·         Barn Yarn

  This is one exciting free online game developed by Playrix Entertainment, the team that brought us Gardenscapes and Gardenscapes: Mansion Makeover.  In this game you have to dress up Grandpa Joe’s barn, which he bought for his farm.

  It involves looking for items around Grandpa Joe’s house for sale.  This will allow you to earn enough points to provide for other needs that Grandpa Joe needs on his farm.  If you waver, the price that customers will be willing to pay for each product will decrease.  Barn Yarn is just a free online MSN game and gameplay with hidden objects that you like. 


·         Just Words

  Well, like all word games, “Just words” is a creation of words and an attempt to outwit an opponent.  This is a Scrabble game where your goal is to use 6 letter tiles, create words and earn as many points as possible.  Like Scrabble, your word should be related to words that were previously played on the board.  You can score more points by placing tiles on colored dots.  This is a great game that tests your vocabulary and mind.  It’s a lot of fun and you can play words just for free online.


·         Backgammon

  Backgammon MSN is a great online version of one of the oldest board games.  You will be positively surprised by the great graphics and smooth performance, as well as game modes.  In single player you can choose between 3 difficulty levels – easy, medium and difficult, while in multiplayer you can test your skills against thousands of players.  Probably one of our favorite board games. 


·         Microsoft Solitaire Collection

  Well, solitaire is still one of the most popular computer games of all time, and for good reason.  Its rules are simple and the gameplay is simple, so anyone can easily pick it up.  The MSN solitaire collection contains all known names: Klondike, Freecell, TriPeaks, Spider and Pyramid, so you can play your favorite or try a new version.


·         Luxor 2 HD

  If you like to play puzzles, this game is sure to become your favorite pastime.  This game will transport you to Ancient Egypt with stunning graphics.  With each step the game becomes more difficult.  In addition, the wonderful visual effect of the game is commendable.

  You must prevent the sphere from reaching the pyramids by shooting at it.  For shooting you will get a more explosive weapon that will help you carefully pass the levels.  At the initial stage of the game you will be asked to select the game mode in which you want to play.  After passing each level you can receive rewards.


·         52 Cards Pick Up

  If you are looking for an exciting game, this is the right option.  Here you must select the cards in the correct order.  You have to choose the cards depending on the numbers, and it should be higher with each pass level.  You must complete the game within two minutes.  During this time you need to clear the table and you have to choose the cards, otherwise you will lose the game.

Be prepared to put in hours playing this great solitaire game that only takes two minutes – when you try to clear the table by collecting cards in sequence! You can start with any card, but once you start, each subsequent card you take must be either one point higher, lower, or have the same value.


·         Bubbles Town

  In this game you can enjoy a game of puzzle and arcade.  Here you can show your arcade skills. You must remove the colored balls and continue to clean them.  You must shoot the colored balls at the same time as they will multiply after each shot. As soon as the whole board is filled with balls, you lose.  With further levels the game will become even more difficult.

Just one shot and you will hit this arcade puzzle. Use the cannon to shoot Borbs so that he matches three or more to remove them from the board. Be careful where you aim, because useless shots clutter the board, and if Borbs reaches the yellow danger zone, the game is over. With two game modes (Straight-Up and Ball) you will feel the challenge and excitement with each shot.


·         Halloween Jigsaw

  Here the main task is to find the correct piece of the puzzle.  You can combine things for Halloween, such as a pumpkin, costumes, etc.  But here you also need to quickly join the puzzles for a certain period of time.

  Therefore, the above HD games are suitable for game lovers, and they will continue to play them for hours.  They are available for free to play online.  MSN games take your gaming experience to the next level.


·         Starts With

  Lovers of words and fans of crossword puzzles will like “It starts with”, where the goal is to make as many words as possible.  The list of words at the top of the screen shows how many words start with a certain letter, and if you find them all, you will receive a bonus for the remaining time.  Choose your skill level and let’s get started!

  Each board contains at least one word of six letters.  Find a six-letter word as fast as possible for big points and access to the bonus round!  For the Coconut Bonus round, form 3 three-letter or 4 four-letter words by swapping letters.  Look for less common letters, such as J, X, or Q, and try to place them first.  After entering the word, click “Last word” to quickly form suffixes or variations.  For example, after entering FIN, you can quickly enter FINS, FIND, FINE, FINED, FINES, and so on.


·         Canasta

  Connect three or more cards of the same rank to the table, and then add them in the following turns.  Each rank has a score value that is credited against you in your hand and counted in your favor on the table.  Deuces and Jokers are wild.  But be careful, as soon as you play your cards at the table, your opponent knows what you are collecting!

  Take the face card from the stock to start your turn, or take and immediately drain the top miscarriage to collect ALL the cards in the discard stack!  Sometimes it’s risky, but it gives you control!  The throw pile is frozen to start the game.  A black threesome drawn to a pile of throws also freezes the pile.  It remains frozen until the player can pick up the top ejection with the corresponding natural steam and meet the initial merger points.

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·         Euchre

  A classic game of bidding and promoted jacks!  Euchre, pronounced YOO-ker, is an intricate card game played with a short deck of 24 cards rated from nine to aces.  One or more rounds of bidding decide who will try to take at least 3 of the 5 hands.

  The starting card up identifies the trump suit, and Jack of that suit becomes the Right Bauer, the highest card in the game, while another Jack of your suit of the same suit becomes the Left Bauer, who takes second place in the game.  The player in front of you at the table is your partner.  Your opponents are sitting left and right.  The object of the game is to score points by trading and winning tricks with your partner, while blocking your opponents from winning their bets.

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·         Spades

  Your goal is to win a contract offer by working with a partner.  Don’t forget to play your cards carefully and watch your opponents!  They can steal your tricks with one click of a shovel.  Start the round by selecting, viewing your cards or putting a “blind zero” (beginners should choose to view the cards).  Based on your cards, you should “suggest” the number of tricks you think you can do, or “insignificant” if you think you won’t do any.

  The game moves clockwise.  Choose a card from your hand that matches the suit of the first card played in the current trick, or if you do not have a card of this suit, choose any card you like.  The trick is the highest card in the suit that was led, or the highest shovel.  Peaks are a trump suit, and they are more expensive than any other suit.  Try to win so many tricks!

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·         Wahoo

  Flip the dice and advance your marble in this free online classic board game for fans of Parchisi, Aggravation®, Trouble®, Sorry® and Ludo!  Compete with your opponents, move all the colored balls clockwise from your starting area to the colored home row in the center of the board.

  Roll the dice and slide one of your balls on the board clockwise towards your home row, or you can choose another marble to play with a throw of 1 or 6. Each time you roll a 6, you also get an extra move!

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·         Lucky Break 9-Ball

  Your goal is the smallest numbered ball on the table, but your goal is to sink the 9th ball.  In 9 Ball, your goal is to throw nine balls to win the bar.  The only legal kick is the lowest ball on the table, but you can legally sink any ball by first turning to the lowest ball.  You get one more hit every time you sink one of your balls.

  Realistic physics and shooting features add authenticity to the gameplay: tap the cue ball to add a little English to your shot, drag the cue ball to aim, drag the cue to add strength, and release to shoot.  If you have a good combination of punches, you can finish the game in an instant, so keep looking for any chance to hit this 9-ball in your pocket!

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·         Lucky Break 8-ball

  Dip all the balls in your group (either stripes or hard) and then win 8 balls in your pocket to win.  Just do not drown him until everything else is off the table, otherwise you will give victory to your opponent.  The first player to throw the ball in his pocket has the right to shoot at solids if the ball is 7 or less, in stripes if the ball is 9 or more.  You get one more hit every time you sink one of your balls.

  Realistic physics and shooting features add authenticity to the gameplay: tap the cue ball to add a little English to your shot, drag the cue ball to aim, drag the cue to add strength, and release to shoot.  Do not immerse the 8-ball until you sink everything in your group, otherwise you will give victory to the opponent!

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·         Flip Words 2

  Press letters to compose words and guess thousands of familiar phrases in this exciting sequel to Invert Words, one of the most exciting word games.  Flip Words 2 builds on the fun and challenging gameplay of the original, adding exciting new game modes, visual themes and a wide selection of phrase categories. 

Test your word skills in “classic” mode and, for an intriguing change of pace, try the new “strategy” mode, where you earn and spend tokens to help you decipher the phrase.  If you want to share the fun, try your luck online in the exciting new multiplayer Party mode, where you can play with three other players for medals and high scores.  In addition to solving phrases, you can even create your own so that other players can enjoy with the built-in phrase editor!


·         Seven Seas Solitaire

  Your future bride is missing, and you have been framed for her abduction!  As a retired Navy officer, you will now have to search seven seas to unravel the mystery and bring it home.  Collect cards and shoot cannonballs to clear levels and gather the clues and tools you need to find your beloved Elaine.  Do you have the skills and courage to overcome the dangers of the ocean and become the captain of a legend?  Legends abound on the high seas: many pirates, storms, lost treasures and horrible monsters. 

Take control of the Falcon and explore more than 300 levels, shooting from cannonballs and matching cards from 3 wonderful decks of your choice when you dive into adventure.  Collect legendary combos to collect as much gold as possible, and then spend it on more than 20 unique upgrades for your ship and island shelter.

 Along the way, you will also encounter exciting mini-games to test your luck and skills, as well as earn rewards for your ridicule.  There is never a boring moment when you ride the waves; sailing and crossing your way across the oceans, you will discover one surprise after another, writing them in the logbook of your captain.  Between the exciting action of solitaire and the exciting twists of the plot, this is a game that is sure to make you crave another level.


·         Kingdom Builders – Solitaire

  The kingdom of Ebevari is at war.  Soon resources will be depleted and people will suffer.  Queen Pronoia sent her daughter Princess Calamia on a mission to the island of Kiridros to build a new house for the Ebevars.  The head of the princess is a reliable royal builder of the city of Bardriel.  Go through the fifteen steps of building a vibrant new region.  The game begins to achieve its goals by building workshops, towers, sacred buildings, prefectures and more.  Decorate the city with fountains and sculptures.  Gather resources for all this by playing different levels of solitaire.


·         Crime Stories 2: In the Shadows

  Police Detective John Doyle gave up everything to avenge the loss of his family in a brutal criminal attack.  Now his desire for revenge has taken him to New York, where he hopes to strike the hammer of justice on the rest of those responsible.  Once there, he is involved in the city struggle.  Working with Officer Kate Hawthorne, he intends to stop the recent mass gang violence. 

What sounds like a simple task soon becomes more difficult, and John cannot get rid of the growing suspicion that in the darkest depths of his new business he will find the answers he will start looking for.


·         Camelot: The Wrath of the Green Knight

  Dark clouds hover over the mystical kingdom of King Arthur and Camelot.  When the lady from the lake disappears, her husband, the Green Knight, blames King Arthur, threatening Camelot’s peace for all.  You, as Merlin’s disciple, are accused of showing that King Arthur could not blame and possibly find the real culprit in this vile abduction.  Now in this game you have to prove that you deserve to be a court magician.  Will you be able to prevent a war and find a spy who planned to shoot down the king?


·         Arcana Sands of Destiny

  A dark cloud descended over Egypt.  Ominous creatures crawl on the ground like a shadow, destroying everything in its path.  You-Jenny Hopkins, a brilliant archaeologist on a magical and dangerous adventure to uncover the dark secrets of Egypt’s past and drive the long-forgotten evil out of this world.  Your fiancé William finds in Egypt a strange ancient artifact with old records.

 You manage to translate it and travel to Egypt.  Only to learn that the city of Alexandria is suffering from monsters, and William is very ill.  Is it a coincidence, or did someone plan it?  Probably not.  Embark on an epic journey to Egypt to find out who is behind it all.  Make new friends along the way.  Discover magical artifacts.  Complete unique puzzles, mini-games and HO levels.  And for the love of my mother to drive away the ancient evil from this world forever.


·         Farm Frenzy

  Dress up in a pair of overalls and give us your best Yee-haw!  Enjoy all the thrills of running your livestock farm without having to deal with any of the spills or odors!  From feeding animals to picking fresh eggs to make delicious donuts, you will turn a modest homestead into a booming agricultural business!  However, you will have to stay on your toes.

 As you race to reach your goals at each level, hungry bears and other animals will try to defeat your efforts.  But don’t worry;  you will have all the necessary tools to deal with each of these nasty animals.  Are you ready to get started?  From sunrise to sunset, Farm Frenzy is crazy, exciting, fun!


·         Battleship

  Battleship is a classic naval game that combines competition, strategy and passion.  In a battle with each other, you look for the enemy fleet of ships and destroy them one by one.  No ship is insured in this game for invisibility and uncertainty.  Try to defend your own fleet until you destroy your opponent’s fleet.  This is a battle you must win!  Experience the real thrill of battle as you wage war on the high seas in Battleship.  Take control and command your own fleet to defeat the enemy.

  This is a complete attack.  Position your ships strategically to withstand incessant strikes.  Then aim at the enemy ship and destroy them.  The more naval battles you win, the more you get promoted and receive amazing rewards such as more destructive attacks for strategic use. 


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