Download Full Neil Patel Agency Unlocked Videos & SEO Course in 2021 Free

If you know Neil Patel, then you should be very informed about his agency Unlocked Videos in 2021. Neil just started his Marketing Academy where he grooms young marketers in SEO and Digital Marketing Skills. called Agency Unlocked.

We have to download the First ever tutorial and wish you can have it for free. The Agency Unlocked by Neil Patel is an agency just launched sometime in July 2019.

The Neil Patel Full Service Marketing Agency is designed for Small Business owners. Agency Unlocked is aimed at increasing your Market Traffic and Revenue without corresponding expenses on any additional Marketing.
Well, the Agency Unlocked Courses only last for just 5 Weeks.

During this period, you will be able to learn Simple and proven strategies to do on their various business models. Neil Said, at the end of the Agency Unlocked Course, you’ll have a double of your Traffic, double of your Conversion and revenue too. Someone will ask who is Neil Patel?

Who is Neil Patel?

Before I go into what blogs and agencies would say about him, I will love to explain how I knew Neil Patel. Back then in 2016 when I first started my career in Marketing and blogging, I needed someone to give a guide on how to do basic SEO at least, or even show me how the whole google stuff works.

Firstly, I landed a friend to help me with such knowledge, he gave me information that has no prove just because it was working for his own blog and Niche.

The hard truth was told, I just have to do it myself. I landed on YouTube in search of a better and practical SEO and Digital Marketing knowledge, I met Neil Patel. Up to date, I have read his Contents on SEO, Listened to his Podcast, and watched his videos on Marketing. That has turned my career in SEO around.

Here’s a Quick One!

Notwithstanding, Neil was born in the United Kingdom and started his own job portal called Advice Monkey. After marketing the website, he discovered that he has spent a lot on Advertising just to get nothing.

Neil Patel started learning digital marketing and became very good. His consulting career began at Elpac Electronics, where he expanded his sales experience. Together, he founded his first Internet marketing company. Work with many clients before investing a million dollars and lose a lot in a failed web hosting company.

Since then, many companies have started such as;

You can find popular channels and more than 500,000 subscribers on YouTube. Publish publications on various topics related to WordPress, SEO, Google, monetization, Instagram, and entrepreneurship at least twice a week.
Although he has a lot of money in the bank, he says he started unlocking the agency instead of filling his pockets with more money.

Is Neil Patel Agency Unlocked worth it?

Basically, you may say, there are a lot of free tools out there that can help SMEs growth faster within the shortest of time. For the sake of savings, the Course is worth about $1,495 for 5 weeks intensive course.

You might be thinking about it the same old stuff I bet you, Neil has a lot of Social proves.

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Actually, I think YES. The Unlocked Agency course is an absolute hit. You get to know the internal advice and see personally how Niel expands his content and his agency.

I am in no way affiliated with the Neil Patel Agency, but since I have attended many courses, I can assure you that this course is not a waste of money.

The courses from a person like Neil Patel, are never a waste of money because they know what they are doing and he is one of the best in the game.

Agency Unlocked Review 2021

The Agency unlocked Review will explain the 6 weeks of intensive SEO and Marketing classes. Each week will be represented below.

  • Traffic Generation
  • Conversion
  • Content
  • Social Media
  • Paid Advertising
  • Teardown Week.

In addition to the weekly schedules, you gain access to a closed Facebook group where you can communicate with other members who bought the course.

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You also have access to live training every 6 weeks and twice a week Q&A session with one of Neil Patel’s trainers.

Traffic Generation

The first week of the course discusses seven ways you can double your traffic without writing a single new blog post or spend more money on ads ….

  • 1 – Increasing your conversion rates
  • 2 – Collecting and sending out emails
  • 3 – Freeing up personnel to save money
  • 4 – Using review sites and influencers
  • 5 – A/B testing title tags and headlines
  • 6 – Refreshing old posts to get traffic
  • 7 – Capitalizing on free advertising opportunities. 


This week, you’ll learn how to double your customer base without increasing the traffic you already have.

  • – Making use of CTA’s in your content
  • – Using AI to increase sales opportunities
  • – Using push notification drip sequences
  • – Remarketing campaigns Neil’s way
  • – Spying on your visitors.


This week, you will spend at least 30 minutes of your time editing your old Content to meet the value invoke now. This will actually drive massive traffic to the site.

  • First day – Adding new keywords to existing content
  • Second day – Increasing your Google rankings
  • Third day – Land and Expand
  • Fourth day – Creating Micro Sites Cheaply
  • Fifth day – Buying and Selling Sites.

Social Media

You will learn how to discover thousands of additional visitors a month without wasting a lot of time. Be a master in Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, and Twitter.

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You will learn how to boost your conversion rate to double the normal quota while you pay less.

  • – How to find micro-influencers
  • – Learning more about your business
  • – Going viral without spending a dime
  • – Cross-promoting, share advertising
  • – Common website mistakes. 

Teardown Week.

The teardown week will take care of all other excerpts from other weeks. Here you get to throw questions and get cleared about other week’s courses.

Neil Patel SEO Course 2021.

Neil Patel has begun to throw great insight into his SEO Courses. I have been a great student of Neil Patel in terms of SEO, He has projected the feature od SEO with his Marketing tools like Ubersuggest, Hello bar Backlink, and Subscribers.
The Videos Cover marketing areas like digital marketing for small business, SEO Analysis, Keyword Research, Backlink analysis, Traffic sources for small blogs

We have gathered some of Neil Patel’s insightful SEO Video Courses for 2021 that are currently trending. The Neil Patel Courses Include.

Get other Powerful Neil Patel Videos in his official Youtube Account below

Neil Patel Just Launched some other Training Courses. These Courses compreise of Ecommerce, Content Marketing, Search Engineering Optimization and so many other Marketing Courses.

These Course are designed to make your Studies very Competitive and Paerctical Oriented. The Course contain Cheat Sheets, Videos, Practicals PDFs and Challenges to help you learn.

You can Download that Immediately from the training Page of

How to Download the File

Course Page: Neil Patel – Agency Unlocked
Size: 8.7 GB

We have all the files in an external storage portal. the Buttons below will direct you to the button for the download

Important: Download all files and extract the first zip file with 7-zip or Keka for Mac. You MUST not rename the file or change its extension to prevent getting corrupt file or end of data error. If you can’t access Zippyshare, try using VPN.

Please consider buying the course from the original source if it helps you or your business.

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Neil Patel Digital Marketing Training

SEO Unlucked course

In this SEO Unlocked course from Neil, you will have the full knowledge on how to get a flood of online traffic without Spending $1 / Day!

The Neil Patel training course started with the introduction to SEO which he discussed what is SEO and why it is important. In addition, he discussed extensively on breaking down Google’s SERP, local landing pages, local directories List, and marketing acronyms glossary.

Also, in the first week, you will be taught ways to do a goo keyword research, which comes in two parts.

Still on phase one, week 2, Neil will teach you about on-page SEO the way you have not seen. Also in this week 2 of Neil Patel training course, he will expressly, teach about off-page SEO as well.

Lastly, on week 2, you know site audit has been a major problem for most blogs. Here, Neil will show you how to do that on your own. Also, you won’t need to hire that guy again.

Neil Patel training course week 3 [Introduction to content marketing]

For phase 2 of the course which Neil tagged executive, will bring to you what you have missed based on content marketing.

For me, content marketing is now the key, because you might know pretty much of SEO but when your content is not presented to the right audience, it tends to suffer automatically.

So, you will learn the basics of content marketing in the first course in week 3. This Neil Patel training course is so rich compared to what most SEO experts produce online.

Also, in the same week, you will learn advanced content marketing. Neil will then go deep into content marketing. If you think you know a lot about content marketing, this course will be an eye-opener, because Neil is a master of his craft.

Then in week 4, you will be taught what Neil called the 10 commandments, how to edit content to gain more ranking on Google. In addition, Neil will show you the ways to supercharge your content for better ranking as well.

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I must confess, link building is one thing that helps a premium content to rank better on Google or other search engines like Bing, Yahoo, Duckduckgo, Yandex, and even Baidu.

Link building has been proven to be a matrix or algorithm in which google ranks a page or blog post. So, Neli will be waiting to teach you all he knows on link building and how you can get links you never imagined.

Firstly, he will take you on the introduction to link building. This section will open you to new things in link building. Maybe you will know some of the link building strategies taught in the introduction. But know that Neil’s methods are unique and are proven.

Forthermore, he will show you how to build links yourself after the introduction.

Finally on week 5, phase 3, you will be shown the link building templates to use when building links. That will now take you to the next phase which is phase 3 and he calls it OPTIMIZE.

How to set up Google analytics

On this section of Neil Patel training course, you will learn how to set up Google analytics so easily by yourself.

Google Analytics is one of the ways you monitor your Google search results and know the ones to optimize better for improved ranking.

How to set up Google search console

Here, you will learn the many things Google search console can help you with. It is an amazing tool to use if you want an improved organic ranking. It shows you new keyword you are ranking for. Neil will be telling you all these and more.

How to Use Advanced Features in Google Analytics

Lastly, this section of Neil Patel training course will usher you to the advanced features of Google analytics. What makes blogging sweet is the ability to know the right tools to use and use them well. But then, you have to learn them. That is why Neil created this course to help the newbies to also have a share in the google ranking.

Now we go over to week 7 which is the last of the Neil Patel training course.

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How to Build a Powerful Brand

This week 7 ushes us with Neil teaching us on building your personal brand.

Here, you will be shown how to gather market research data for your personal brand and how to survey people.

How to Define Your Brand Story

You will be shown why people should love your brand with tactics he has used in building his personal brand. Identifying what makes you different and unique.

How to Build an Amazing Customer Experience

In this very last course of the Neil Patel training course, you will know what it means to build customer experience and an amazing one at that. Also, it helps you in designing your customer experience and case studies.

Welcome to Content Marketing Unlocked

History of Content Marketing

You will know how content marketing started that which Neil explained extensively. Also, in the next course on this same week 1, you will be taught how to rank existing content.

Pase 2 brings about content creation in which you will know the content types, content clusters, and guest contributed

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How to Grow Your Traffic Without Writing Content

However, you will know how to create data-rich posts and How to get writers to publish good contents on your blog.

For week 3, it tells you how to market your content, link building strategies, and SEO tools for better ranking.

How to Promote Your Content When You Have No Money

How to promote your content is one skill you need to learn to be able to be successful in your competitive niche. So, Neil has got something that will help you in this quest to learn how to promote your written content.

Just because your content is live, doesn’t mean people know about it. Use these strategies to
get eyeballs for your content.

Give Yourself A Promotion

The secret to content marketing boils down to three things:

  1. creating great content
  2. making sure it gets found in search engines
  3. and promoting it to your followers

Internal linking is one of SEO’s most valuable weapons.
Google’s machine-learning algorithm has come a long way since the early days of SEO. It’s
nearly impossible to game the system.
As advanced as the algorithm is, there are still simple things that you can do that will give
you an immediate boost in SEO metrics without gaming the search engines.

Also, he will show you the 18 link building strategies to help you start building quality links to your web pages.

How to Improve Your Content Using Tools

Like I pointed out earlier, there are tools that can save you the stress I doing SEO. These SEO tools are not totally free but stand to be a great value for money. Nevertheless, there are free SEO tools around that will also help you while you plan for the paid tools.

The last week, which is week 4 will teach you how to rank number 1 on Google, how to guest post and how to go Omni Channel With Your Content Marketing.

How to Rank #1 For Competitive Keywords

knowing your niche keyword will help you drive the right costumers to your blog. Firstly, understanding your market and what you going to offer matters in your keyword research.

He will show you how to publish on high authority sites or blogs for free. Guest blogging is also a means of getting backlinks to your site or blog. So, pay attention to this section well because it will make life easy for you during your blogging career.

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How to go Omni Channel With Your Content Marketing

What is omnichannel?
Omnichannel, or omnichannel, is a convergence strategy that integrates all the company’s
communication channels to improve the consumer experience.

Thus, customers can buy online, in physical stores and over the phone, or even go through all of these channels with guaranteed consistency and quality of service.

Basically, the strategy is successful when the customer does not feel the difference between contacting the company over the internet or at the point of sale and is free to circulate through the channels to decide their purchase.

Advantages of omnichannel
Omnichannel companies also only benefit from the integration of their sales channels as a customer enjoying a superior experience.

It is an opportunity for the company to synergize and consolidate its channels value proposition in the entire universe of the brand.

With integrated channels, the company better understands customer behaviour and prepare a tailor-made trip that guarantees the same quality standard in all places.

The result is customers who are completely satisfied with the shopping experience from the start.
Contact for after-sales.

Neil Patel Agency Video Tutorials FAQs

Is Neil Patel Agency Unlock free?

The Neil Patel Courses for Agency Unlocked are not free. They cost over $1,400 to get, but we have gotten one Episode for you to strt with. You can buy other episode Here

How Many Marketing Tools are owned by Neil Patel?

Neil Patel own and co-own Marketing tools like Ubersuggest, Hello bar Backlink, and Subscribers.

How can I download Neil Patel Courses? have some of Neil Patel paid Course for free download. Some of the Videos can be gotten from the official Neil Patel Youtube Account which we stated below.

How can I buy Agency Unlocked Premium Courses.

The Link to buy the full Premium Agency Unlocked Courses is stated in the Content and it goes for $1,499

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