10 Best free online anger management classes Online 2021

When it comes to anger management, if you want to improve yourself, but you also appreciate the support of a therapist, consider free online anger management classes.

  Although anger management courses are usually not very expensive, finding really free courses can be a challenge.  There are several free courses available online and you can also find free options in your community.  Whether you’re looking for education for yourself or a friend or family member, there are at least a few helpful options that you can try without spending any money.

What is an online anger management classes like?

  Anger management classes are a form of behavioral therapy, and they offer advice to anyone who is experiencing anger or emotional problems.  Courses are usually conducted by a highly qualified instructor who is well versed in emotional regulation, anger management and healthy communication skills.

Are there online class for anger management?

  There can be many online anger management classes online, but it is also important to find ones that really help and fit your budget.  Anger management is a technique that allows you to learn to deal with angry emotions.  Yes, it is a natural emotion, but if it gets out of control, it leads to mental and physical problems.  These can include headaches, depression, high blood pressure, insomnia and more.

Your controlled emotions can save you from unnecessary situations that even interfere with your daily activities.  By controlling your anger, you become sensitive to the emotions of others and act optimistically.

Who needs online anger management classes?

  It is important to remember that anger management classes are not just for people who are very angry.  Movies and TV shows have also confirmed this assumption, showing people attending anger management classes only after receiving a direct court decision.

  The truth is that everyone can benefit from an anger management lesson, especially if they are concerned about their own reaction to the stressors in their lives.

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Best free online anger management classes Online

·         Top Anger Management Courses (Udemy)

  If you are struggling with anger management and cannot find a resource to overcome it, this set of courses can help you.  Udemy offers several courses to help you learn to control your anger even in the worst situations.  Top-rated courses include professional counseling on anger and aggression, anger management techniques, and “Breaking Out of the Anger Trap.”  By enrolling in any of these courses, you will learn the best methods and techniques for overcoming anger problems.  Lessons are prepared with real-life examples to help you better understand how anger can be a serious conflict in your life.

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·         Online therapy

  Online-therapy.com meets you with a licensed therapist, meeting weekly for phone or video sessions.  They structure their approach around cognitive behavioral therapy and use easy-to-learn lessons as an adjunct to therapy.

  You can definitely focus on anger management as an aspect of your therapy.  Online-therapy.com does not offer special anger management courses.  There is also no end date for therapy, so items such as course completion certificates are not available.  Note that there is a very similar name to onlinetherapy.com.  The dash makes a difference.

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·         Breaking Free from the Anger Trap (Udemy)

  This course will teach you strategies to manage anger and prevent it from sabotaging your life.  Topics such as aggressive anger, assertive anger, anger release, spent anger, insecurity, selfishness, and the need for control are discussed during the sessions.  With this course you will be able to identify the purpose of anger, understand the cause of anger, learn tools and strategies for assertive communication of your needs, identify cases where the energy of anger is directed to self-limiting behavior, let go bitterness and move to higher priorities such as mercy and tolerance.

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·         Anger Masters

  Anger Masters is a set of online courses created by certified instructors of the National Anger Management Association.  Courses last from 4 to 18 hours.  According to the site, most people take an 8 or 12 hour course.  The courses help participants to distinguish between healthy and unhealthy anger, learn methods of calming down and develop self-awareness.  Long courses on the site also contribute to the development of healthy habits and skills, as well as finding more positive ways to overcome stress, anxiety and anger.

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·         Anger Management Techniques That Really Work (Udemy)

  If you want to control your anger to improve relationships and avoid stress, this course is the right option for you.  The course will help you explore what anger is and what drives it, identify the sources of your anger and overcome them, identify and manage the energies of anger before they cause serious problems, learn to use breathing exercises to control anger, build stronger emotional awareness, recognize your models of anger, create a deep state of relaxation and maintain self-control and perspective when fighting anger.

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·         Resolve anger and other strong emotions – Anger Management (Udemy)

  This course will teach you how to control reactive anger and use energy for positive changes in life.  The course discusses what anger is, its causes, adjusting expectations, mindfulness, why it is important to let go, the truth and lies you tell yourself, and assertiveness.  With this course you will learn to feel more calm, be more persistent, improve self-awareness, be more sensitive and expand your sense of choice and ownership.

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·         Open Path

  Open Path offers eight different anger management courses, lasting from 4 to 52 hours.  They report that their anger management courses are guaranteed court approval, and they offer a 30-day money back guarantee.  Downloadable certificates are available immediately after the course.  You can also request printed certificates with gold foil stamping.  If you need a paper certificate quickly, you can request priority delivery by mail to receive it within a few days.

  Their courses are organized into easy-to-learn lessons.  Each lesson can be completed in about an hour, but you will work at your own pace.  They also note that if you are required to attend weekly classes, one hour of online courses is equal to one week of face-to-face classes.  (This information is specified in the certificate).

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·         Centre of Excellence: Anger And Aggression Management Practitioner Course

  This is an online anger management course where you will learn why people get angry;  taking into account social learning, environment and stress as contributing factors.  In this course you will learn about different forms and types of anger.  The course also shows you how to combine everything you have learned to provide clients with useful and useful information as a practicing anger management professional.  You will also learn to build relationships and work with customers.

Center of Excellence: A hands-on course in anger and aggression management helps people with chronic anger understand the techniques that can be used to overcome anger problems.  The course is also good for those who are currently working as a counselor, as it will help them gain a foundation of practical knowledge that can be used to help those who have anger problems.

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·         Better help

Betterhelp is an online therapy website that treats a variety of problems, including anger problems.  Therefore, while they may not meet the requirements of a court-controlled anger management class, they may be the best option if you seek help for your anger for your personal reasons. Betterhelp has more than 21,000 licensed professionals, and each therapist has at least three years and 1,000 hours of practical experience.

  Their licensed mental health professionals offer messaging therapy, real-time chat sessions, and audio and video sessions.  You can communicate with your therapist using a computer or mobile device.  To get started, you need to fill out a short questionnaire about yourself and the problems you are experiencing.  Betterhelp will then refer you to a therapist, but this may take several hours to several days.

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Free online anger management classes online Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

What is the root cause of anger?

Anger is a natural emotional feeling, the intensity of which varies from mild irritation to severe anger and rage.  Like other emotions, anger is accompanied by biological and physiological changes.  This means that your blood pressure and heart rate increase when you are angry, as well as your adrenaline and energy hormones.

What does anger management do for a hot tempered person?

Anger management helps reduce both your physiological arousal and the emotional feelings that anger causes.  Even if you can’t get rid of anger or avoid people or things that upset you, you won’t be able to change them, but you can learn to control your reaction.

  These activities can help a person understand their anger, but they are unlikely to solve the problems behind the anger, such as trauma or relationship difficulties.  When anger causes constant problems, a person can benefit from long-term therapy. Meanwhile, support groups can offer a lasting sense of belonging and understanding, as well as practical tools, many of which are free.

I need a therapist for anger management?

Yes, your therapist will help you explore your attitudes and ways of thinking, and will help you identify patterns such as reflections, catastrophes, judgments, divination, or augmentations that may increase anger.

Does anger manifest in the body?

rapid heartbeat, increased blood pressure and increased muscle tension in the form of a clenched jaw or fists.