10 Best rodeo colleges in 2022 | Requirements & Fees

  Rodeo College has been a staple for many institutions throughout the United States.  Each year, the best college teams from across the country send their best athletes to the National Rodeo College Finals (CNFR) in their quest for first place in the rodeo college.  Since 1949, after the end of World War II, college rodeo has been a highly competitive sport that provides scholarships to many colleges in the country.

How to choose the best rodeo colleges

  When you plan to go to rodeo colleges, you no longer look at a school based on your education.  Now you also see which school has the best team, the best coaches and the best conditions.  Fortunately, for the most part, the rodeo language is spreading fast in the world, so you can easily get information about each of the rodeo colleges in the blink of an eye.

  Hundreds of thousands of rodeo fans travel to the Houston Rodeo each year to enjoy livestock competitions, music, and carnival and barbecue food.  A large number of these hundreds of thousands of fans are college students.  Some of these students participate in college rodeo teams.  This sport is most popular in the Southwest and West.  The National Interuniversity Rodeo Association (NIRA) represents thousands of student-athletes and more than 135 colleges and universities.

Are there rodeo scholarships?

  There are all sorts of scholarships offered here by rodeos and rodeo organizations.  There are some scholarships to compete, and some to simply attend, rodeo, and score well.  Some scholarships are for people who want to compete in a rodeo in college, and others for people who want to become veterinarians, farm or work in business.  Even if you don’t compete in rodeo, check out these scholarships, especially if you live in an area where rodeos are a big deal.  You can just find a great scholarship for yourself!

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Best rodeo colleges in 2022

·         California Polytechnic State University

  The California Polytechnic University rodeo team, Cal Poly Rodeo, has a long and successful track record in college rodeo.  The program received 44 national titles, which puts it in the top of the most winning programs in the country.  The Cal Poly Rodeo program offers rodeo courses for beginners and invites students who are competing and uncompetitive to join the club.  Since 2001, Cal Poly Rodeo has recorded a number of top 10 places, as well as six national titles in individual competitions.  Cal Poly also hosts the college’s largest annual rodeo west of the Mississippi, an event that draws more than 10,000 spectators to campus.


·         University of Nevada-Las Vegas

  The University of Nevada-Las Vegas (UNLV) basketball team can get the most headlines, but the UNLV rodeo team has established itself as one of the most formidable and advanced rodeo colleges in the country.  Since 1993, UNLV has won 15 national rodeo college titles, including the women’s and women’s team championships in 2008 and 1999.  At CNFR 2017, the UNLV women’s team finished fourth overall.  Over the years, both men and women have won many individual titles, including five all-around titles and eight singles titles.  In addition, in the West Coast region, the UNLV rodeo team won an incredible 26 regional titles.


·         Tarlton State University

  In downtown Texas, in Stevenville, the University of Tarlton, a member of the Texas A&M system, has received rodeo awards since 1947.  Despite fewer students, Tarlton has won seven national championship titles, including the 2015 team championship.  in CNFR.  Over the years, Texans and TexAnns (school providers) have also brought home 24 individual titles.  Over the past few years, Tarlton’s men’s rodeo team has indeed made a bet as one of the best rodeo colleges in the country, finishing second in 2014, first in 2015, and at CNFR 2017, they came close to another team title.  , took third place in the men’s team standings.


·         Walla Walla Community College

  For several years, Walla Walla Community College was considered a real force in college rodeo.  Even competing with major four-year universities, Wall Wall Public College has not missed at least one competitor in the top ten categories at CNFR since 2001.  In the overall team standings in 2017, the men’s team of Walla Wall College took second place, and the women’s team took third place.  The men’s team won all this in 2008 and 2012, and also scored in the top ten from 2009 to 2011.  Although Warriors Community College Warriors is a well-balanced team that demonstrates competitiveness in every event, but they train especially well, both teams and tied categories.


·         Central Wyoming College

  There are not many teams in the rodeo college that are more consistent than the Rustler Rodeo Central Wyoming College (CWC) team.  Since 1996, the Rustler Rodeo team has won nine national championships in individual competitions and 10 places in the top five at CNFR.  During the same period, the men’s CWC team was in the top ten eight times and the women’s team was in the top 10 five times.  CWC Rustler Rodeo still dominates the Central Rockies.  Over the past 20 years, the men’s team has won first place in the region eight times, and the women’s team four times.  Together, the teams were in the top two in the region 23 times out of 40 possible.


·         New Mexico State University

  Before the Mesalands rodeo team was fired from the University of New Mexico (NMSU) rodeo team in 2011-2012, it sat on top of the Grand Canyon for eight years in a row.  Despite the loss of the series, both the men’s and women’s teams have since remained dominant in the region.  In the regional competition in 2017, women take first place, and men – second.  At the national stage, NMSU is one of the most constant competitors, taking two third places only in 2016.  In general, the men’s team also took 10th place in 2016.  Despite the fact that they are well selected, the binding and the skipping rope are individual events of NMGU.


·         Weber State University

  Since 1970, the Weber University Rodeo Club (WSU) has been a mainstay of the school’s extracurricular activities.  The men’s and women’s rodeo teams at WSU are the two most complete teams in the country, placing in the top 10, 38 times in the CNFR since 2001.  The women’s team was particularly strong, winning the team championship in 2006 and being in the top 10 as a team four times in the last 16 years.  The main strength of the women’s team is to tie goats, and the men’s – in the fight on the rope and rudder.  At CNFR 2017, WSU was ranked in the top five in men’s all-around.


·         Sam Houston State University

  The Sam Houston Rodeo Club, which has been operating since 1950, is one of the oldest student groups on the campus of Sam Houston University.  It’s also one of the most successful sports programs the school has ever put forward from Huntsville, Texas.  The club boasts that it has created more national championship teams than any other college in America.  They took home five national team titles in the 60’s, three in the 70’s and three in the 80’s.

  In the current decade, the institution is returning to its victorious ways: in 2011 the men’s team won national titles.  In the same year, the women only lost the main prize, taking second place at the national stage.  The following year, 2012, the men simply failed to become champions, taking second place in national competitions.  At CNFR 2017, teams from Sam Houston University were outstanding again.  The women took home the main prize, and the men simply missed the school first place, taking second place.


·         Mesalands Community College

  In a short time, Mesalands Community College has become one of the most competitive rodeo college programs in the country.  Although the program is still relatively new, Mesalands Community College has been the best place in the Grand Canyon for many years.  Taking first place overall in the team standings in 2011, the men’s team at Mesalands Community College College repeated itself as regional champions in 2012.  The women’s team followed suit in 2013, winning the regional team championship for the first time in its history program.  In the national final in 2011, the women took fourth place in the overall standings, and one of the freshmen received the “Newcomer of the Year” award.


·         College of Southern Idaho

  The South Idaho College (CSI) video program is not the oldest in the country, but it is one of the main ones.  At the regional level, CSI is the leader in the Rocky Mountain region.  In 2015, the men’s team took first place in the team event and won four individual competitions.  The men also took first place in the regional championship in 2017.  At the national level, men achieved the best results at the turn of the century, when they won consecutive national titles in 2001 and 2002.  Recently, at CNFR 2017, CSI saw that one of their own, Cassie Bahe, set out to get the best time in the Breakaway Roping final.