27 Best Sites Like Udemy for Online Learning | Udemy Alternatives in 2021

It can never be overemphasized about the popularity and hype of Udemy as a notable online learning platform. However, with such consistency in almost anything you can think of learning over 11 years of operation. But there are sites like Udemy that can offer you the same experience and obviously even more.


Of truth, Udemy has some downsides that irritate some persons. This is why some look out for Udemy alternatives to give them more online learning experience.

But the most Udemy like sites is not of the same value as Udemy itself. It’s just a few similar sites like udemy that are of higher ranking than Udemy.

I will state some of the alternatives to Udemy that are better and some of the Udemy competitors that are of less value.

As you know, there are many online learning sites like udemy, but here, I will start with the most popular sites like udemy.

My Udemy experience

Udemy for me is a great platform for anyone. Specifically, it is good for beginners who want to acquire a certain skill for resume upgrade or personal development.

Also, Udemy has been great on my own end based on the in-depths of the courses they offer and the ones I took.

The pricing is a bargain compared to what some websites like Udemy. They have a 30-day money-back if you are not sure of the quality and you wish for a refund.

But if you do so often, your account may be suspended. Generally, Udemy gives a beginner, intermediate, and advanced learner a great online learning offer.

Other sites like Udemy may not give you such offers.

On this list also, we look at some education sites like Udemy.

Note: There are lots of factors to consider in these Udemy alternatives such as; quality content, price, area of specialization, instructors, certification or not, etc.

The list now!

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The 27 Best Sites Like Udemy in 2021 (Udemy Alternatives)

#1. Coursera


Coursera is a unique site like Udemy. But it partners with the best universities and other organizations to provide first-rate online education.

Although Coursera offers fewer courses than Udemy in general, the subject of its courses is much deeper and more difficult to overcome.

Their courses are taught by some of the best university professors and professionals in top tech organizations the world has to offer.

Like other sites like Udemy, Coursera has a large library of courses on topics such as business, computer science, arts and humanities, social sciences, and more.

Many of the Coursera courses are available free of charge. However, they also offer some paid courses in which students receive a certificate upon completion.

These premium courses are paid for individually, much like courses on Udemy.

Often, even paid courses at Coursera are completely free, except for the option to pay for a certificate at the end.

So, if credentials are less important to you, you can get a lot of free knowledge through your programs.

But if you really want the best that Coursera has to offer, you can even enroll in a full-time bachelor’s or master’s program through various educational institutions through the platform.

If you are looking for course quality rather than quantity and value the qualifications of your instructors, Coursera is definitely the online learning platform for you.

You may want to know more about Coursera from our well-written review and 10 reasons to choose Coursera.

#2. Skillshare


Skillshare is probably the most Udemy-like of all e-learning platforms. They have a lot in common.

However, Skillshare offers hundreds of free courses and also a low-cost premium subscription that opens access to thousands of other courses.

Skillshare courses are taught by industry professionals and tend to be very practical in terms of their material.

This is because Skillshare was first built as a creative MOOC platform. It was later they delved into various topic areas to reach more students.

There is a great focus on learning by doing, instead of just observing and absorbing the theory as in other e-learning sites.

Skillshare strength

In my opinion, Skillshare is the best for creatives.

While other e-learning sites like LinkedIn Learning and Coursera emphasize business, Skillshare’s course catalog focuses more on arts and creative topics.

So, if you are looking to learn about animation, music, photography, or other creative topics, Skillshare is a great option.

I would recommend you check out a free course on a particular course you want to take on Skillshare.

This way, you can get an idea of whether or not it is worth signing up for a paid subscription.

Skillshare is offering two weeks of free access to all their course for a new user. So, you can take that advantage if you have not yet purchased a course from Skillshare.

If you are looking for similar sites like udemy and an e-learning site that offers a monthly subscription that gives you access to thousands of courses for a price, and with less focus on business and marketing topics, Skillshare is worth considering.

Skillshare is one of the most popular sites like Udemy. In fact, it’s the platform that is closest to being like Udemy.

For you to know more about these two similar MOOC platforms, check out our honest comparison of Skillshare vs Udemy.

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#3. LinkedIn Learning (formerly Lynda)


Like Skillshare, LinkedIn Learning uses a monthly subscription model.

This is different from other sites like Udemy, which I’ve covered so far. They offer free courses or require you to pay per course.

Premium access to the platform costs $30 a month, or you can get a discount when you sign up for an annual subscription.

The disadvantage of the LinkedIn Learning subscription model is that none of its materials are available for free.

But for people who love to learn, I think they will really make it worthwhile with the subscription model.

Your subscription gives you unlimited access to its extensive library of course materials, so you can learn as much as you want.

LinkedIn Learning is primarily aimed at working professionals. It offers video lectures with the aim of providing real practical skills to improve your daily work performance.

Many of the topics are business lessons you would love. Such as How to master Microsoft Excel, employee relations, customer service, social media marketing for small businesses, and so on.

However, the platform also offers thousands of courses on other topics, such as graphic design, software development, photography, web development, and more.

While LinkedIn Learning does not have some of the most unusual topics of personal interest that Udemy has to offer. However, it stands out for providing unlimited access to materials that can improve your employability and job performance.

Do you want to know more about LinkedIn Learning? Check here.

#4. edX


edX is another online learning platform that offers a large number of free courses.

With edX, you’ll learn about all kinds of different topics, such as languages, business, management, humanities, engineering, languages, data science, and more.

Like Coursera, edX collaborates with renowned organizations and universities to offer you some of the best learning available online.

Some paid courses are also offered at edX, which can range from $50 to $300 or more each.

Upon completing these premium courses, you will receive certifications from the university or institution associated with the course.

If you’re looking for incredible certifications from MIT, Harvard, or other organizations, to put on a resume or curriculum when you’re done, edX is a great option.

When looking for sites like Udemy, edX is one to consider. Though, they are quite different as edX works with prestigious universities and top companies just like Coursera.

But they can be compared in some areas.

Unlike some other e-learning platforms, edX offers a lot of two-way dialogue.

You can get feedback from your instructors on assignments and even communicate with other students.

Therefore, it is a much more interactive learning environment compared to Udemy and some other sites like Udemy.

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#5. MasterClass


MasterClass is one of the sites like Udemy if you are in search of “Udemy alternatives“, probably for better experience and offer.

Imagine taking a cooking class from Gordon Ramsay. A basketball lesson with Stephen Curry or a tennis lesson with Serena Williams.

Or the opportunity to learn creative writing directly from Margaret Atwood.

This is the type of unique learning opportunity that MasterClass presents. It gives you the opportunity to learn directly from famous celebrities and industry leaders.

These people are world-class guys in what they do.

MasterClass offers several courses for $90 each. Or you can pay $180 per year for a subscription to access its entire course library.

If you think you may be interested in more than one topic, I definitely recommend paying for the subscription. It’s a bargain for anyone.

MasterClass has far fewer courses available than those offered by other popular platforms, such as Skillshare or Linkedin Learning.

But imagine how much more engaged and involved you would be if you could learn directly from a hero or model.

It is really an e-learning experience that you will have a hard time finding elsewhere. Additionally, the quality of the production of the classes is really special.

It feels less like online learning and more like Netflix streaming.

But for the price, I think it offers exceptional value. Of course, you can learn about a topic from a random teacher or instructor.

#6. Udacity


Udacity and Udemy have similar names, but their offerings are quite different. So make sure you are not confused with the two.

Udacity offers a combination of free and paid programs. At the moment, they offer around 200 free courses to choose from.

But Udacity’s main claim to fame is its paid nanodegree programs. These programs teach a specific skill set, usually for a period of one to four months.

Udacity used to offer courses for about $199 each. However, it appears that the price of courses has increased dramatically in the past two years and many of its paid programs now cost around $500 a month.

Understandably, with these prices, Udacity can scare many potential students looking for the most profitable alternatives.

But they have a place, mainly for technical training in the areas of artificial intelligence, cloud computing, programming, data science, and so on.

Therefore, I would mainly recommend Udacity to students who are already working in the technology industry and looking to improve their existing knowledge and skills.

To learn more about Udacity and how it compares to Udemy, see this Udemy vs Udacity comparison.

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#7. Codecademy


As the name might suggest, Codecademy is your ideal e-learning platform when you want to learn to code or program.

Interestingly, Codecademy offers free classes in 12 major programming languages.

Including C ++, Java, Python, Ruby, SQL, PHP, and others. In addition to markup languages like HTML and CSS.

It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or an experienced programmer, Codecademy has something to teach you about programming.

It is a respectable platform that even has the support of the United States government.

To prevent classes from drying out, Codecademy uses gamification to keep students engaged and having fun, as well as being polite.

You can optionally pay $199 to receive a certificate at the end of more advanced courses.

If you are looking to enter the world of programming and technology, Codecademy is the platform I recommend to learn everything you need.

Codecademy is quite different from Udemy, but they have some course topics in common. As Udemy deals with diverse topics, Udacity focuses on just coding and programming.

This platform can be one of the best Udemy alternatives when it comes to the aforementioned topics.

#8. Pluralsight


Pluralsight is one of the sites like Udemy that is worth considering when evaluating different online learning platforms.

Like Udacity or Codecademy, Pluralsight’s course content focuses primarily on IT and other computer-related topics.

They have some courses aimed at creative and business professionals, but the platform is best known for its technology courses.

Just like most online learning platforms, they cover topics ranging from beginners to advanced levels.

Pluralsight requires a subscription of $29 per month or $299 per year. One of the disadvantages of this platform is that there are no free courses available.

Nevertheless, Pluralsight allows you to view courses for free before deciding to pay.

As with most subscription-based platforms, you can take as many courses as you like on Pluralsight.

Overall, they have a very good student to instructor communication. This will help you ask questions when necessary and you will get feedback.

So, if you are a techie, and you need to hone your skills with good resources online, Pluralsight might be an option for you.

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#9. Khan Academy


Khan Academy offers world-class education. Your courses use a combination of video and text formats, with a large number of topics to choose from.

Courses even provide assignments and tasks as part of your classes. This allows you to gain a practical understanding of the courses you are studying, in addition to focusing exclusively on theory.

On Khan Academy’s platform, most of the lessons are very short and specific, so they are easy to digest. These mini-lessons can often be more engaging than you’ll find on other e-learning sites like Udemy.

They offer specifically on subject courses and a few other creative and personal development courses.

You can choose from a wide variety of subjects, including mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, medicine, electrical engineering, computer programming, history, economics, entrepreneurship, and more.

Khan Academy also offers preparation for the SAT test, LSAT, and more.

Courses are available in 20 different languages. They even have a separate Khan Academy Kids website, which is specifically designed to teach children.

It is a great resource for parents and includes activities, coloring books, educational videos, and books.

Interestingly, Khan Academy is a non-profit organization and all of its courses are completely FREE.

#10. Iversity


On the 10th position in the list of sites like Udemy is Iversity which is often described as the European equivalent of Coursera.

Coursera focuses on partnerships with American universities and institutions, such as Carnegie Mellon, Columbia, and Stanford.

Iversity has European partners such as the University of Buckingham, Jacobs University, European University Institute, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, and others.

Similarly, Iversity offers a wide variety of programs that are completely free just like Coursera. Students are only charged at the end of the course if they wish to receive an official certificate.

A unique feature of Iversity is that it addresses online learning in the form of a social network. You can receive a peer review of your work, as well as automatic instant feedback on some tasks and assignments.

If you stay in Europe, I recommend looking out for Iversity as an alternative to Coursera.

The certifications you offer may seem more relevant or applicable to your CV or resume compared to receiving certificates from American institutions.

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#11. Alison


Alison offers more than 1,000 high-quality courses in 9 different categories for students from all over the world.

Students can access certified courses, diplomas, and learning routes with long-term training. All of these courses follow a unique learning pattern, with varying lengths of learning hours.

Interestingly, the courses are completely free, and you can mention your certification in a resume to get your dream job in the future.

Alison is one of the few sites like Udemy that offer several courses on many topics of interest.

They engage their students with high-quality skill-building courses with practical level training.

Also, just like Udemy and some other sites like Udemy, they have self-paced courses with an incredible learning experience.

Despite the free courses on Alison, some certification courses are also available which can be purchased for a fee.

#12. CreativeLive

It can be considered as one of the sites like Udemy because of its area of focus.

CreativeLive is an online education platform aimed at entrepreneurs, creative professionals, and yes, writers. So, they have a particular target audience.

Dating back to 2010, Award-winning photographers Chase Jarvis and Craig Swanson founded the company in Seattle, Washinton, USA.

It’s similar to online education sites like Udemy, LinkedIn Learning, Masterclass, and even Skillshare.

However, CreativeLive emphasizes learning softer creative skills considering the name it goes with.

CreativeLive includes over 700 instructors across a broad range of disciplines including:

  • writing
  • blogging
  • art and design
  • photography
  • video editing

But you have the privilege to take several free classes on CreativeLive at your own pace to see how it works.

Many of the photography classes are also free. One of CreativeLive’s most popular free classes is 30 Days of Genius with Chase Jarvis.

CreativeLive’s production values are of the highest quality. Landino recorded her lectures in high definition in front of a studio audience.

They have a monthly subscription cost of $39. An annual subscription costs $149. You can also buy a Creator subscription for $39 per month.

CreativeLive is a good use of time and money for anyone looking to hone their creative skills. Including, but not limited to photography, writing, blogging, video editing, and more.

The materials and instructors at creativelive.com are first class.

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#13. Reed


Reed.co.uk looks more like Udemy when it comes to the courses they are offering. The interesting thing about Reed is that they have some great university courses.

Taking a course doesn’t have to be costly according to Reed. This is why they provide you with 168 free courses to play with.

They feature a wide range of free courses, including classroom-based courses, online courses, and distance learning courses.

Eligibility for each course may vary, so it’s important to contact the course provider for full terms and conditions.

Reed is a UK-based platform that I consider to be one of the sites like Udemy because of its large library. It’s so massive, you can see almost whatever you want to learn just like on Udemy.

The high point about Reed is the large certification partnership community with CIPD, Oracle, Microsoft, and many more.

#14. New Skills Academy

New Skills Academy ventures into many lines of courses that are of great demand and need. They nearly have all you could ask of when it comes to learning.

This is why it serves as one of the best Udemy alternatives.

They offer close to the same topics as Udemy but they have where they do well which is listed below.

  • Business
  • Personal development
  • Professional development
  • Marketing
  • Language school
  • Education
  • Technology

Furthermore, these courses cannot be organized by anyone. Certainly, that is exactly what sets the New Skills Academy apart from other online learning platforms.

Whether it is New Skills Academy USA or New Skills Academy UK, their services are the same.

But in the New Skills Academy UK, have a larger amount of courses been offered there than the New Skills Academy USA.

They have a well-valued certification due to their ties with CPD (Continuing Professional Development).

For more information on New Skills Academy, check our well-written review about them.

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#15. HubSpot Academy


You know that an online course is credible and reliable when higher education institutions recognize your certifications.

Northeastern University accepts HubSpot Academy certifications as transfer credits for its concentration on social media in master’s programs.

As one of the most prestigious universities in Boston, this shows your belief in the value of HubSpot courses.

When you are recognized and trusted by such a respected name in higher education, you know you are good.

In recent years, the number of HubSpot certifications granted has exploded, almost tripling in just two years.

What does it mean? That people have begun to realize the value of these courses and that everyone is joining the HubSpot movement.

Source: HubSpot

In general, Hubspot is one of the few sites like Udemy currently. Hubspot majors more in career or personal development courses.

As well as business development, helping you with the relevant business skill. If you want to be a professional digital marketer or business analyst, Hubspot will be a better platform for you.

#16. Shaw Academy

Shaw Academy is also an online course provider that teaches its students in-depth and practical skills.

They make it easy to get real qualifications which leads to real success, empowering hundreds of thousands of new students each month all over the world.

Shaw Academy is committed to delivering great education, accessible and affordable to everyone.

But they have a small number of courses (100+) compared to Udemy who has over 30 million courses.

They offer courses in these categories;

  • Photography
  • Marketing
  • Design
  • Business
  • Finance
  • Health-Wellness
  • Technology
  • Beauty
  • Music

Shaw Academy gives you 4 weeks free trial before you are charged for the courses on its platform. You will also get support from your instructor in any way you encounter a problem.

After your free trial, you can now pay from $50 – $1,500 for a course or go with the $66 monthly subscription. The subscription will give you free access to all courses on their platform.

Lastly, they have a recognized certification program from ICSOC, CPD, and IAO. So, your CV will make sense with a Hubspot certification.

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#17. Coggno


They are one of the sites like Udemy with thousands of courses available on its platform.

Coggno is an online training & Learning marketplace with over 10,000 high-quality online courses including human resources, business, health, financing, and software.

On its platform, they have both free and paid courses.

Small and medium businesses, as well as global enterprises, can take advantage of the training material. But bigger enterprises get reduced prices when purchasing the courses for the company.

Coggno provides its users with an Employee Management app to monitor all the courses.

Their pay is quite cheap as you will be paying just $15 a year per user.

#18. edureka!

Edureka is surely one of the Udemy alternatives. It offers a wide variety of different courses.

This is a popular e-Learning platform with more than 400,000 students and thousands of hours of training. On this website, you will find a wide range of projects and assignments.

However, Edureka specializes in digital marketing, computer science courses, and technology.

This technical training platform offers all types of specialized programs such as cloud computing, blockchain courses, Data science, artificial intelligence, and many others.

Users can get help from their personal learning manager. Students can access their courses, questionnaires, and assessments and communicate with other students through the learning platform.

Their cost varies as there is no fixed payment method. Nevertheless, you can get courses for $250 – $2,000. You can consider Edureka if you need sites like Udemy to learn more or for certification purposes.

When the course is completed, users receive a certificate.

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#19. Bloc

Bloc, unlike Udemy, is a virtual university that works literally online. Yes: there are classes, real students, real teachers, and real assignments.

At the end of the course, Bloc issues a recognized graduation certificate, which is accepted in most parts of the world.

Although the Bloc fees are high, the modules consist of regular learning 5 days a week for a whole year.

Therefore, this program is perfect for those who wish to obtain a university degree without having to leave their day job.

Also, the quality of the instructors at Bloc is impeccable and the diplomas will be of great help to those looking to climb the ladder of success. Bloc is truly one of Udemy alternatives around.

#20. FutureLearn


This platform is similar to Udemy in the sense that you can choose from hundreds of online courses from top universities and specialist organizations.

This is why it made the list of sites like Udemy.

They have courses in these categories;

  • Business and Management
  • Healthcare and Medicine
  • Teaching
  • Psychology and Mental Health
  • IT and Computer Science

You can enjoy these courses for free, that’s for a limited time. Some courses are 2 weeks while some 6 weeks.

Then if you want to upgrade for more learning on that particular course, you can pay a one-off fee that varies from one course to another.

But you can have full access to all FutureLearn courses if you subscribe to their yearly payment method for $279.99.

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#21. Zenva Academy


Zenva Academy is an online learning platform that offers a number of different courses to train professionals in various technical disciplines and help them become competent programmers in their fields of choice.

They give you a unique opportunity to learn everything you need to know without subscription fees.

When you enroll in Zenva Academy, you have access to a large number of courses, all of them focused on one of these technical areas;

  • Data Science
  • Machine Learning
  • Artwork
  • Web Development
  • Game Development
  • Mobile Development

The way Zenva Academy structures its courses is twofold. They have mini-degree courses and full courses.

Some of these courses can be a bit pricey for some people, so you should always explore the free courses first.

It can be concluded that Zenva Academy is a very strong competitor in the market for online learning platforms.

Although, thanks to the wide variety of courses they offer and the depth of the content of their classes.

While some may find the prices a bit high or are not very fond of the learning style, it still worth looking out for.

So, with the courses they offer, it can be said that they are one of the sites like Udemy to look out for as well.

#22. Treehouse

With over 1,000 tutorial videos ranging from coding to web design, adjustable 30-minute classes, and no need to purchase additional materials.

Honestly, there must be a catch to Team Treehouse’s impressive educational model.

Society leads us to believe that we need to attend a four-year college and earn a master’s degree to qualify for programming jobs. But Team Treehouse challenges the stigma that only a few people can be programmers.

By following tutorials that are flexible and with a little hard work, Team Treehouse makes it possible to expand a skill set or learn a whole new field from scratch.

Since its inception in 2011, 172,000 people in more than 190 countries seeking knowledge of programming, coding, and web and game design have taken Team Treehouse courses.

Companies still realized Team Treehouse’s efficiency and showed their videos to their own employees.

For the cost and pricing, Team Treehouse gives a minimum of $25/mo for the basic plan. This gives you access to the entire video library, as well as quizzes, Code Challenge Engine, and members-only forums.

The Pro Plan, at $49/month, offers everything included in the Basic Plan. As well as additional bonus content, such as exclusive video conferences from industry professionals.

However, the most rewarding feature with a Pro Plan is the ability to download videos, which is convenient when you are in a place without quality internet access.

Although even the Basic Plan has a substantial cost, it corresponds to the commitment required to learn skills.

Obviously, Treehouse is one of the sites like Udemy or one of Udemy alternatives. Skillshare and Udacity are also alternatives to Team Treehouse just in case.

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#23. Learning.ly

This site is owned by The Economist, so the quality of the courses is unsurprisingly superior to Skillshare and Udemy.

And the teachers are experts, not just someone with an iPad who really knows (or really thinks he knows) what he’s doing.

Learning.ly selects teachers and courses, and it is evident in the results.

Obviously, Learning.ly’s strength lies in professional development and entrepreneurship, with courses from “Become a Speed Demon” to “Mastering Emotional Intelligence.”

If you want to improve yourself and improve your career with proven techniques, go to Learning.ly.

The interesting thing is the way the course descriptions specifically state who should take the course, to help you get the right fit.

You can purchase courses on a one-off payment, starting from as little as $10 which is a bargain to what you will be getting. This is also prevalent in Udemy, while other sites like Udemy may charge higher.

#24. Memrise

If you are in need of learning a particular language and you feel Udemy is not giving you what you actually needed, try Memrise.

Memrise is one of Udemy alternatives, but mostly on language courses. Memrise offers courses in 16 languages and has more than 35 million registered users.

Its lessons have a heavy focus on the use of flashcards and repetition to speed up the rate of learning.

However, Memrise has expanded in recent years and now includes courses on a wide variety of other topics.

You can take various courses under the headings of math and science, the natural world, history and geography, arts, and literature. They even have sections on entertainment, memory training, and standardized tests.

So there is a lot to choose from. In total, they offer hundreds of different courses.

However, I still feel that Memrise’s original strength and purpose was to learn languages. So for that, I would recommend it.

If you’re looking to quickly learn any of the big world languages like French, Spanish, German, Italian, or others, then I would recommend giving Memrise a try as an alternative to Udemy.

Interestingly, Memrise is free to use on both desktop and mobile.

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#25. Sololearn

solo learn

Unlike Udemy, all courses on the platform teach various coding skills. You can find courses in the Python and Java coding languages.

The platform is targeted at those interested in coding who lack experience and want to try developing basic skills before deciding if this type of work is right for them.

Sololearn courses are free. However, users have the option to upgrade to a Pro account, which removes ads and helps them track their progress more easily.

Because of the free courses provided, the quality varies. So, you should not expect to see the quality of a MasterClass course here. But if you are not concerned about the quality just take the course and know the basics of coding.

#26. Craftsy


Craftsy is an online training platform for artisans. There are over 1,500 courses on all types of subjects, from art to quilting.

Courses are presented with video and basic written instructions, depending on the course.

Craftsy has a large range of classes in all sorts of crafty categories.

  • quilting
  • sewing
  • bag making
  • machine embroidery
  • embroidery
  • knitting
  • crochet
  • Silhouette
  • Cricut
  • art
  • painting
  • drawing
  • photography
  • jewelry making
  • card making
  • scrapbooking
  • paper crafts
  • gardening
  • weaving and spinning
  • mixed media
  • wood making
  • cooking
  • bread making
  • cake making and decorating
  • pattern making
  • tailoring
  • serging

Based on its creative courses, Craftsy is one of the sites like Udemy to learn the above-mentioned course categories.

I would recommend Craftsy to you than Udemy as they are more focused on this area.

With $60 and above, you can get yourself a good course that will set your skillset on fire. You can choose to pay for the monthly subscription of $7.99 or the yearly $79.99 which gives you a bargain.

With the subscription model, you have access to all the courses.

Nevertheless, Craftsy has about 59 courses for free.

So, jump on them and start learning if you have no money for the premium courses yet.

#27. SkillSuccess

Skillsuccess is another Udemy alternative for those who look out for many options.

I would say that they look a bit like Skillshare not only do they sound alike both in the payment model.

For quality, Skillsuccess courses, I would have to say they are very in-depth and easy to follow.

One of the major advantages of using SkillSuccess would definitely have to be their pricing which is $49/mo which gives access to all courses, modules, and classes.

When compared to their competitors like Skillshare, SkillSuccess does provide certificates of completion for all of its courses, which is a huge advantage.

With over 1,000 video courses revolving around the categories of business, fashion, creativity, food, health, wellness, language, media production, music, personal development, and technology.

This is why the platform made my list of sites like Udemy. They actually new in the business but making waves.

So, if you plan to print a certificate after completing a job interview or adding it to a resume, this is a great advantage. But the platform is not yet accredited.

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As you have seen this list of sites like Udemy, it shows you also the udemy competitors you have no idea of.

The reason for this blog post is to give you a comprehensive list of the Udemy alternatives in case you want a different approach to that topic or subject.

Every of the MOOC platforms on this list has one thing in common with Udemy. There are quite many sites like Udemy, but for the sake of “BEST”, we made it 27.

Moreover, this list proves to be the most comprehensive list so far. Notwithstanding, I hope you enjoyed the ride?

Just check the most popular courses on udemy here.

Am I missing a good platform here? Please use the comment section to tell us and also how your experience has been with any of the listed platforms.

Overall, Udemy is a good platform, but you can see its alternatives if you want more out of the online experience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Udemy an accredited MOOC platform?

No, they are not. But the certification can be of little value to you for your CV.

How to pronounce udemy

Udemy is pronounced like this; You-dey-mee

What is the meaning of MOOC?

MOOC simply means Massive Open Online Course.

These are the most popular Udemy competitors currently.
1. Coursera
2. Skillshare
3. LinkedIn Learning
4. Alison
5. MasterClass
6. Udacity
7. Khan Academy
8. Codeacademy
9. Pluralsight
10. edX

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