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  I have compiled a list of the best free online SQL certificates and courses which cover a wide range of concepts, such as building tables, querying, using aggregate functions, and more!

  If you are looking for a job quickly, you will realize that more companies are looking for SQL skills than knowledge of Python or R. There is no denying the importance of learning SQL in the age of big data and business intelligence.  All storage work requires professionals with knowledge of SQL.  With SQL, you can work in data science, business intelligence (BI), database administration, or server-side web development.

What does SQL stand for?

  SQL stands for Standard Query Language for Relational Database Management Systems.  This is an area that can offer countless opportunities to work as a programmer or data scientist.  To take advantage of these features, it’s a good idea to explore the SQL certificates and tutorials available online to explore this topic.  There are many options for learning SQL for free, while others require payment, which is usually not large.

Is it hard to learn SQL?

 No, in fact, learning SQL is much easier than you think, and the benefits far outweigh the time and expense.  SQL increases your value and marketability in your organization and in the market as a whole.  There are many online resources for learning SQL.  So, whether you are a graduate looking for your first job, a professional looking to go into data analysis, or an experienced data practitioner, you are sure to find an online SQL course at your technical level.

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Best Free SQL certificates in 2022

·         Go from Zero to Hero (Udemy)

  This is Udemy’s bestseller for beginner SQL learning, created by Jose Portilla.  It will teach you how to use SQL to interact with the database and analyze your data.  You will learn to read and write complex database queries and everything else you need to become an SQL professional.  The course works with the most popular and popular rdbms – PostgreSQL.  But the syntax and skills you’ll learn here can be applied to any large database or software that uses SQL, such as Amazon Redshift, MySQL, Oracle, and Microsoft SQL Server.

  Along with video lectures, there is a wide range of coding tasks that students need to complete in real databases.  It also includes fairly comprehensive assessment tests to confirm students’ understanding of the material.  This SQL course is designed to take you from beginner to mastery in SQL.


·         Ultimate MySQL Bootcamp: From Beginner to Expert (Udemy)

  If you have no idea about the basics of MySQL or how to get an idea from the data, then this comprehensive course can introduce you to all the concepts of MySQL.  This Bootcamp course will introduce you to a strong database foundation in an informative and engaging way.

 You will learn about SQL syntax input and output, how to analyze data using aggregate functions, how to generate reports with sales and user data, and more.  You will not just watch the instructor write the code and explain it to you; instead you will be able to write your own code.  After completing this course, you will be able to interact with any SQL database.


·         SQL certificates for data science from UCDavis (Coursera)

  This SQL certificate for data science is offered by the University of California, Davis on the Coursera platform.  It is one of the best SQL courses on Coursera.  This is a 4-part course that provides students with basic knowledge of the basics of SQL and working with data, as well as how to use SQL to analyze data for data science purposes.

 It provides the ability to interpret the structure, values ​​and relationships in the source data and use SQL as a professional to generate data for the purposes of targeted analysis.  Because this is a course for SQL beginners, it does not provide any prior knowledge or skills in SQL.   It starts with the basics and then builds on that foundation so you can write complex and advanced queries by the time you complete the course.


·         Excel to MySQL: Analytic Techniques for Business by Duke University (Coursera)

   If you are passionate about data and would like to make informed business decisions, drawing knowledge from large data sets, then this specialization will attract your attention.  During the lessons you will use powerful tools and methods such as Excel, Tableau and MySQL for data analysis, forecasting and modeling, design visualization and much more.  Complete the journey by working on a final project that will give you the opportunity to learn and apply the methods covered in class.


·         Introduction to the Structured Query Language (SQL) from the University of Michigan (Coursera)

   If you are new to SQL or want to start over, this SQL certification course from the University of Michigan is a great option.  This is part of the specialization of web applications for everyone on Coursera.  With a star rating of 4.8 out of 5 and over 106,000 enrolled students, this is definitely one of the best SQL courses for learning SQL online.   The course is structured as 4 weekly modules that teach the basics of SQL and database design and even guide students through the installation of PHP and SQL.


·         Coursera SQL Certification

   If you want to learn to understand the vast amount of data available in the world, and get some idea of ​​it, then the programs available on this platform can be a great place to start.  Lessons for beginners promise to help you build a solid foundation, and more advanced ones give you the opportunity to learn some of the more complex topics and apply them to real projects.  Work with a database and various software and understand how they can be used in different fields, such as data science, big data, analytics, and more.


·         Foundation of Big Data Analysis with SQL (Coursera)

  This course will give you a broad understanding of the use of SQL for big data.  You will begin learning by looking at data, database systems, and a common query language, and then move on to learning the characteristics of big data and SQL tools for working on big data platforms.

  This course is offered by Cloudera, which is a well-known e-learning platform for individuals.  It includes video lectures, downloadable resources, practical exercises and more to help you better understand the topics.  In addition, upon successful completion of the course with the specified projects, you will receive a certificate of completion.


·         Modern big data analysis with SQL specialization from Cloudera (Coursera)

In this SQL big data analysis tutorial, you will learn how to manage large data sets, how to load them into clusters and cloud storage, and how to query them using distributed SQL engines such as Apache Hive and Apache Impala.

  This is a 4-year beginner’s program that is great for those who want to learn how to query big data with modern distributed SQL engines, whether or not they have experience with SQL.  The SQL SELECT statement and its main provisions are discussed in detail in one of the program courses.  Although the focus is on the SQL engines for big data Apache Hive and Apache Impala, most of the information is also applicable to SQL with traditional RDBM.  The differences between MySQL and PostgreSQL are also clearly considered.


Free SQL certificates Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Will getting SQL certificates boost my career?

Of course, experience and technical knowledge are important, but SQL certificates become a decisive factor when candidates with similar profiles need to be filtered out. There are different certificates, and based on the position you are applying for and the experience you have, you should receive certificates one by one.

Is SQL certificate valued?

As you can see, SQL is the most popular skill among all vacancies in the data jobs, appearing in 42.7% of all vacancy announcements. Interestingly, the share of tasks with SQL data enumeration is actually increasing! When I did the same analysis in 2017, SQL was also the most popular skill, but it was in 35.7% of ads.

What is covered or taught in SQL Courses?

used for data science. You will learn Introduction, selecting, and fetching data using SQL.Filtering, Sorting, and Calculating Data with SQL, Subqueries and Joins in SQL.