SQL & Database Design A-Z™: Learn MS SQL Server + PostgreSQL 2021

Are you interested in a career in data science or data analysis? In this case, you will inevitably come across databases during your work. But how do you interact with the databases? The answer is simple: SQL. This SQL & Database Design course will teach you all you need to learn on data analysis, and structures.

Learn both SQL Server and PostgreSQL. Enhance your data analysis career with real-world data science exercises.

What is the meaning of SQL?

SQL stands for Structured Query Language and is one of the main tools with which databases are organized, data is entered and extracted on demand.

In this course, you will learn how to create queries in a popular SQL variant called PostgreSQL.

And even if you use a different variant in your workplace (eg Oracle, SQL Server or MySQL), you will find that the skills learned in this course are easily transferable.

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But there are many SQL courses out there, so the question is:

What makes this course stand out?

Certainly, the unique advantage of this course is that, in addition to learning SQL, you also master the concepts of database design.

We will cover off topics such as:

  • OLAP and OLTP (Online Analysis Processing and Online Transaction Processing) databases – You will understand exactly how and why the designs of these two types of databases differ
  • Database normalization: we show you the theory behind normalization AND we practice together step by step how to normalize a database

Why is that important in this SQL and database course?

Knowing how to design databases is not a mandatory skill for a data scientist/analyst. However, it is a HUGE added benefit.

With these skills, you can better interact with databases, get results, and get information from your data faster.

This course is intended for scientists and data analysts. So if you want to advance your data science career, this course is for you!

We hope to see you in the house – Kirill & Ilya

Benefits of this SQL and database design

SQL & Database Design
  • You’ll create basic SQL Queries
  • you will create advanced SQL Queries
  • Create Left, Right, Inner and Full Outer Joins
  • Create new tables, alter existing tables in Databases
  • Normalize Databases
  • Understand database design
  • Understand first, second and third normal form schemas

The requirements for the SQL and database design course

  • Basic knowledge of computers

Who this course is for

  • Anybody who wants to learn PostgreSQL
  • Someone who wants to better understand how databases work
  • Anyone who wants to enhance their Data Science career

How to Download the File

First, install the latest uTorent Version. The Size of the file is quite heavy. You’re downloading the torrent file which helps you get the full version.

A Torrent file is a mirror file that gives you access to the main file. Here is the Official Link to download a torrent file

After installation, upload the file and start downloading the file. The file is up to 2.28 GB worth of videos. Start a full school


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