10 Paid & Free Woodworking Classes Online with Certification in 2022

Woodworking classes online reveal a wide range of skills depending on your level of experience.  In the free online woodworking lesson Instructables, you will learn the basics, such as straight cuts and perfect holes, as well as mastering the router and making gloves, all with the help of hand power tools. 


Woodworking workshops and Taunton workshops will cover more expert techniques at the expert level, as well as ways to design timeless furniture.  If you are not so interested in furniture or large projects, you can also learn to create works of art and make wooden objects.

Woodworking is a skill that allows you to work on various wooden projects, such as doors and tables.  In particular, this is one of those skills with which you are not born, but they can be mastered in practice.  Anyone who is passionate enough can easily learn how to handle wood.

What can I expect to learn in woodworking classes online?

You get to learn the basics of woodworking with simple practical projects to strengthen your confidence and skills.  Each lesson in the class explores the field of woodworking, which will be the basis of all future woodworking projects that you will do.

Woodworking involves cutting, smoothing, assembling, forming, and preserving wood.  Woodworkers are involved in furniture manufacturing, mobile home manufacturing, and construction, and can be found in roles such as machine adjuster, carpenter, and construction manager. 

If you want to get a job as a woodworker or just make an item such as a closet, box, chair, or even a musical instrument, you will find a course on the Internet that meets your requirements.  Our experts have reviewed several free and paid woodworking resources and prepared this list of the best woodworking courses available on the Internet.

Should I attend woodworking classes online?

Yes, you should attend woodworking classes online in fact, non-traditional students enjoy two significant benefits of online careers.  First, a certificate or degree may qualify an employee for promotion. 

Second, some companies limit management positions to employees with a bachelor’s or master’s degree.  Obtaining a degree can lead to a promotion, which can also involve a salary increase. 

In addition to tangible career benefits, most woodworking classes online also allow students to continue working while studying.  Students can work during the day and do term papers in the evening or on weekends.  In addition, working students can immediately apply new knowledge and skills to their work.

Many prospective students do not notice the economic benefits of woodworking classes online.  Although online students may pay a lower tuition rate on credit than those seeking a degree and certificate on campus, they do not pay for housing or a meal plan on campus.  Students also save time and money by eliminating commuting.

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Other cost savings include cheaper textbooks, especially if online students can purchase digital versions.  As long as online students take out enough credit to become part-time students, they can apply for federal financial aid programs such as grants and loans. 

Most colleges also allow online applicants for diplomas and certificates to apply for institutional assistance, including need-based grants and merit-based scholarships.

Should I go to school for woodworking?

Woodworking is everything from making buildings and decorating the house, to heavy construction and decorative woodworking.  And there are all kinds of trade programs and colleges that can teach you everything you need to know about how to be a master carpenter.

The good news is that if you want to get started today, you can.  This is because there are many carpentry courses on the Internet.  With the ability to study anywhere, online students can do term papers at home, in a coffee shop, or in a library. 

This advantage of online learning allows students to work in the environment that suits them best.

As new applicants for diplomas and certificates explore different places online, they should focus on those that offer a reliable Internet connection and are a little distracting. 

Another factor to consider is space requirements, as the tables in some rooms may not have enough space for a computer and reference materials.

Top 10 Paid & Free Woodworking classes online in 2022

#1. All about the wood (Udemy)

This is a great course that gives you a deep understanding of what material to use for different projects.  This course covers everything from telling how trees turn into lumber to explaining the difference between chipboard, MDF, and plywood. 

Take this course to learn where to buy quality materials, learn how to mill lumber, calculate a support board, understand what hardwood and softwood mean, and know-how to pay for machining.  Hardwood sorting, veneering, imported / exotic wood, and wood defects are some more topics you will learn.

The course contains some tips to help you choose the right material for your project.  You will learn how and why to include defects in your project.  You can use devices such as a computer, mobile phone, tablet, and TV with an Internet connection to access this course.

What you’ll learn

  • This woodworking course provides many important tips & to help you choose the right material for your project.
  • The difference between various woods to help you understand what you are working with.
  • How to incorporate wood defects into your project.

#2. Instructables Free Online Woodworking

Instructables is another platform that offers a variety of courses.  Instead of sharing all your woodworking courses with you, we wanted to highlight this free online woodworking course.  Nearly 50,000 students have already signed up for the course, and all you need is a free membership on the site to access the material. 

There are a total of nine lessons for beginner woodworkers.  Each section will help you build your confidence with extensive instructions.

At the end of each course, you will also find some common questions to help explain the lesson in more detail.  The main disadvantage of this class is the lack of any video content.  If you are a visual learner, a video course can be a more effective first step. 

However, if you enjoy reading and just want to see what woodworking is, check out this free course first.  The fact that this useful information is available for free is the best part of this class.

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#3. The Weekend Woodworker

  The creator of the popular YouTube channel, Woodworking For Mere Mortals, Steve Ramsey offers an exclusive, comprehensive course called The Weekend Woodworker.  Instead of teaching you to create one solo project, this class will teach you to build six specific projects.

  These projects are intentional: they give you the skills you need to create anything.  The course contains plans and diagrams for printing, video demonstrations, comprehensive tool manuals, and lists of materials.

  This offer is not the most budget, as it costs about $ 150, but reviews say that it is well worth it if you want to study.  One student says that this course “gave [them] such confidence in building wooden projects and has the side advantage of adding beautiful furniture to our home.”

  If you do not like the course, money-back guarantee within 30 days of purchase.  And if you’re looking for something else, Woodworkers for Mortals has two more classes for more advanced woodworkers: Weekend Workshop and Power.

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#4. Woodworking for mere mortals

If you are new to woodworking, Mere Mortals introduces you to woodworking and gives you the skills to build anything. 

For intermediate and advanced woodworkers, there are courses to take your skills to the next level.  In the section “How to make simple joints from a rabe” you will learn how to make seams from a rabe with the help of a dado blade.

In 5 professional tips and tricks for gluing wood, you will learn how important glue is for wood processing and some techniques that should be considered in your next project. 

How to use SketchUp A step-by-step guide will give you an overview of how SketchUp works.  You may want to get acquainted with our curation of the best architecture courses.

Course material includes video demonstrations, tool functions, project plans, and tool manuals.  You can join the private Facebook community and learn more from your peers.

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#5. Woodworking Masterclasses

Masterclasses in woodworking – is an archive of master courses Paul Sellers.  These lessons focus on more complex woodworking projects, such as furniture making and learning specific techniques. 

To access its full library of knowledge, participants must pay a monthly subscription fee of approximately $ 15 per month.  The website has an attractive layout and is easy to navigate.  However, it lacks a review function. 

To work around this, there is a comment section on the website that you can read before joining.

Here you will find opinions about the course, as well as a community of woodworkers who ask and answer each other’s questions.  If you want to experience the whole project, check out some of the project offers that are available with a free membership.

As for reviews, people love this woodworker.  One participant said that they like that you do not need to have a bunch of expensive equipment to make beautiful furniture. 

Another mentioned that his methods were similar to the master of the 19th century.  Salespeople are professionals, and they are sure to teach other experts to take their business to the next level for some reason.

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#6. Taunton Workshops

Founded in 1975, Tanton’s workshop was built out of one man’s passion for woodworking.  This experience is manifested as work on the site. 

These courses stood out as the best for furniture because the finished product is simply breathtaking. 

They will teach you the incredible and timeless skills of making furniture if you have the patience and tools.

There aren’t hundreds of projects to choose from, but the ones that are included are some of the best on the web. 

Each section of this program is divided into chapters with several high-quality videos, and you can preview several sections before making a purchase. 

You will have to buy each one separately, and the cost is about $20 a piece.  However, sometimes they go on sale.

The only thing we would like to see on this website is the review feature, so previous students can add their two cents.  However, given the quality of the content, it is not surprising that this site has been running for decades.

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#7. Woodworkers Guild of America

The American Woodworkers Guild offers one of a wide variety of woodworking courses.  Unfortunately, there are no membership or subscription options for these courses, so you will have to pay for each a la carte or buy them in packs.

Some classes have a streaming and DVD option, which can be useful for people with poor Internet connections or those who have a DVD player in their workshop.

Each class has a comprehensive description of what you can expect, along with some images or video previews.  This website does not have a browsing function, so it is difficult to understand what people think of the course. 

However, the program’s presence on social media has many positive sentiments, and some other bloggers and sites have also recommended the website as an integral part of the woodworking community.

In addition to the courses, you can purchase, the site has a lot of other woodworking content to which you can get a free, premium (about $ 6 per month or $ 55 per year) or a gold subscription (about $ 129).  If you don’t need a step-by-step course, you can find inspiration in the video library instead.

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#8.Wordworking Classes Online (Skillshare)

Not all woodworking involves making furniture – some people focus on small wood projects such as artwork, spoons, and even jewelry. 

At Skillshare, there are several courses for beginners and artists who want to add a little wood to their events.  For example, we fell in love with this mini barn made of wood on the site. 

The best thing about Skillshare is that it contains some features that other online course platforms lack.  You can see how many people have taken the course, read reviews and read the teacher’s profile.

You can also review the first section of the course before unlocking it.  Skillshare is a budget way to immerse yourself in a variety of online classes because it is based on membership.

For $ 19 a month, you can check the entire contents of woodworking and decide which projects to do without paying for the menu.  The most popular woodworking courses will teach you how to make a wooden spoon and build a simple table.

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#9. Woodworking: Fundamentals of Cabinet Making (Udemy)

This course will help you master cabinet making, and you open the door to many projects. You will get the knowledge of making cabinets for your shop or kitchen, bathroom vanities, bookcases, dressers, and more.

The construction methods used on all of these projects are very similar. This Udemy woodworking course provides every detail you need to build quality cabinets in your shop.

Cabinet-making projects may appear daunting but are easy if you break them down into manageable steps, using a logical approach for the building process.

This video instruction, produced in conjunction with the Woodworkers Guild of America, teaches you how to do that, and provides the following key information:

  • Designing attractive cabinets
  • Choosing the best material
  • Managing large sheets
  • Dado and rabbet joinery
  • Dimensioning a face frame, perfectly
  • Face frame joinery techniques
  • Calculating door dimensions
  • Cope and stile joints on cabinet doors
  • Accenting cabinets with caps and moulding

It’s the small things that make Fundamentals of Cabinet Making beneficial, with detailed attention paid to each step of the process.

You’ll learn to accurately (and easily) set up a stackable dado head, the best table saw blade for cutting sheet goods, face frame tricks, how to make doors on a router table, and more. All core skills that you need to take on cabinet-making projects in your shop.

Woodworkers Guild of America Instructor George Vondriska brings many years of residential and commercial cabinet-making experience to your Fundamentals of Cabinet Making course.

He has, over the years, developed many tips and techniques that streamline the cabinet-making process, and he’s ready to teach you all his tricks.

From shop-made jigs to measuring without using a ruler, George has lots of great experiences that he’ll share with you in this course.

#10. Learning About Wood: how to become a successful woodworker. (Udemy)

This course is designed to give you, a grasp of wood characteristics which will result in more attractiveness and structural integrity in all your future projects. 

It is worth knowing that your knowledge about what you are into or the tools you need for a particular job is vital to your success.

Hence, below is a good number of things to look out for in this great Udemy woodwork course.

You will learn:

  • The five parts of a tree trunk and the two that are most serviceable
  • How wood structure makes end grain gluing worthless
  • How to read wood grain and why its important
  • How wood grain relates to wood movement
  • Why reading wood grain is critical to proper planing direction
  • About wood strength and how heavy loads are handled with wood in compression
  • How to avoid boards with uncorrectable defects
  • How to select good boards
  • What species and types of wood are suitable for your projects
  • To do a “cut list” to figure out how much wood to buy for a project
  • Characteristics of veneers, plywood, and marine plywood
  • When it is necessary to use dimensionally stable material

Who this course is for:

  • Beginners interested in becoming woodworkers
  • Intermediate and more experienced woodworkers

Conclusion on woodworking classes online

The woodwork profession is one that is on the increase because of the need for furniture, cabinets, wardrobes, bedroom interior, and the whole lot which you may not have the idea.

So, it’s my suggestion that you lay your hands on any of the courses listed above for a deep knowledge of woodworking generally.

Also, I recommend taking certification courses online as it would be an upgrade to your career CV or resume. There are some Udemy Woodworking certification courses on the list, you may choose any of them.

Finally, what other thing(s) do you think an intending woodworker needs? Let’s get your thought on this.